7 Simple Camping Organization Hacks for a Fabulous Outdoor Honeymoon

More and more folks are trading cruise and resort honeymoons for outdoor adventures. Road trips, RV rentals, and camping are on the rise. If that sounds like your ideal honeymoon, we have simple camping organization hacks to keep everything tidy.

7 Simple Camping Organization Hacks for a Fabulous Outdoor Honeymoon

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Why do I need camping organization hacks?

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there for making your camping experience more fun. But what about making your camping trip less messy, and how to manage all of your stuff?

Camping organization hacks are necessary to make your honeymoon run smoothly. It’s essential to take a few extra steps to organize and manage all of your belongings. That way you’ll be prepared for your trip and feel better keeping tabs on everything at your campsite.


7 Camping Organization Hacks

1. Store things in see-through bins and containers while camping.

Use bins and containers that you can see through. Doing so will help you keep things secure while you’re traveling and at your campsite. You can easily see what’s inside each bin, so you know you have the right one when you open it. An added bonus is that a clear camping organization tote limits the number of bugs and nature that end up inside.

Stay Organized While Camping

2. Use mini containers to bring camping spices.

Camping meals don’t just have to consist of plain hot dogs. You can add some much-needed flavor to your camping dishes by using spices. Keep them in small containers, such as for tic tacs or other small ones, for easy use and storage. Additionally, you could use small snack-sized baggies. Of course, it is your honeymoon, so elevate your meals a bit!

3. Make room for your food and kitchen items.

The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” is great for campers, too. Make sure that everything you bring has a spot and that your spouse also knows where all the camping stuff goes. Use plastic shoe organizers to keep your utensils and everything you need to prepare a meal together. Additionally, meal prep and cooking over the campfire can make for a really romantic honeymoon

4. Keep your food and drinks separate while camping.

When prepping for your camping honeymoon, pack two coolers. As a result, designate one for food and one for drinks. Doing so will ensure that your food doesn’t defrost too quickly and that the ice in your cooler lasts as long as it can. If you have the space, add cooler racks to create a barrier between the ice and the food. 

Camping Honeymoon

5. Have a designated laundry bag for your dirty camping clothes.

Sometimes camping can be extra dirty, which is hard on your clothes. When you’re traveling, you might typically keep everything on the floor or off to the side until it’s time to pack up. However, if you are camping, this definitely won’t work. To make things easier, have a bag just for laundry to not mix your clean and dirty clothes.

6. Purchase a camping shower caddy for your toiletries.

Unless you’re in an RV, you’ll have to use the showers and bathroom at the campsite. A shower caddy filled with your bathroom and shower items is really handy. As a result, you can quickly take items to the campsite’s bathroom whenever it’s time to shower or brush your teeth.

Enchanted Collection

7. Correctly pack your car for your honeymoon camping trip.

Thoughtful packing for your honeymoon will ensure that you can unload and load your car easily. Here are a few tips on how to pack your car for camping.

  • Start by organizing all of your items by like item. Doing so will make sure that they stay together.
  • Pack the things you’ll need as soon as you get to your campsite last so you can get to them first.
  • Use soft items, such as pillows, air mattresses, and life jackets, to fill in the cracks.

Unorganized campsites can make more work and add stress. Start your camping honeymoon—and your marriage—out right by staying on top of the clutter while on the go. Happy camping!

Save our camping organization hacks!

Honeymoon Camping Organization Hacks

Photos: Pavel Danilyuk and Domenika Roseclay

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