Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration

When it comes to treating your guests to something to remember your special day, why not consider something that will flourish and last long after the wedding? Assuming that no black thumbs are involved, that is! Take a peek at our eco-friendly, plantable wedding favors inspiration today – your guests will thank you. Plus, I do have to say that these wedding DIY projects are really budget friendly and easily attainable. I shopped for and made all of these in just about two hours. Not bad I’d say! And all of my supplies – plants, picks and containers – were around $20 in total. Take a peek.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

Before we get into the DIY part of this posting, take a look at the full gamut of plantable wedding favors below. I think they make a cute, eclectic collection for any event – a party, shower or wedding. Also, some of these can do double duty as replacing a centerpiece with all of the color and greenery. So pretty! All of my supplies were purchased locally at Farmer’s Seed and Supply in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

First, it’s the ever-friendly seed packet. I have shown it three ways for you, and each cost around $1.10 with the seeds and packaging. If you are looking for more seed packet ideas other than what you see below, check here.

  • Like a play on words? Survey all of the seed packets to come up with something catchy. Here, I chose “Sweet Peas” and wrote “‘peas’ accept our ‘sweet’ thanks” along with the initials of the couple. So cute!
  • Our local store sells seeds that are store packaged. And by that I mean they aren’t very pretty. Ha! Basically, the seeds are in a clear plastic baggie with a white sticky label, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make good favors! I wrapped the seed packet in newspaper, gave it a ribbon and put the sentiment “sowing the seeds of love” which is so cute. I chose a mix of salad green seeds to put inside.
  • Last – but not least – I adore it when something can do double duty. The seed packet has a sweet, vintage scene, and I utilized it as a place card by writing the guest’s name on it. So fun – and inexpensive!

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

Speaking of place cards. I have three ideas for you below.

  • Again, you will see the seed packet name card.
  • Succulents are also very en vogue, so why not use them as place cards also? I took this little guy out of his pot, and purchased tiny peat pots for a cost of under $2.00 each. Writing the name on with a steady hand before planting the succulent was easy peasy. Do NOT water the succulent afterwards or your text will run. I’d suggest watering any of these plants the day before to keep your reception tables or favor table dry at your wedding. The best thing about a peat pot is that it can be planted directly in the ground. Love that! If you are looking for an online source for succulents if you can’t find them locally in quantity, just check here.
  • The ultimate plantable wedding favor just might be a bulb. Here, I did a little bit more of an involved wedding DIY, yet it was still really simple! I purchased a clear pot to stabilize everything. The bulb is a lily – I actually chose the bulb based on the foliage, not what the flower would look like, although this will become a lovely yellow lily someday! My stellar idea, truly, is the name tag. I was so proud of myself for this one. Ha! The metal stake is actually what you use to pin sod down into the ground, but I added washi tape and a fancy post it note (two so it was double sided) to use it as a place card. Love it! Oh, and the sawdust is what the bulb was resting in at the store, so I used that for decor also. Adding the “lily flower” label helps guests know what it is, and the “watch our love bloom” is just a cute saying. I also put matching washi tape around the bottom of the clear flower pot to add visual interest. Voila! This project was under $3.00.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

The next collection is a little more simple, yet still has high impact when it comes to dressing up your wedding reception tables and treating your guests to an eco-friendly wedding favor. The prices of these varied depending on the plant, but they are all under $3.00 each below.

  • Newspaper adds a cute element, so I actually just left the adorable succulent in it’s tiny pot from the store and surrounded it with newspaper and a ribbon. Choose a ribbon that coordinates with your wedding palette!
  • I’m also slightly obsessed with the look of these peat pots. They are SUPER inexpensive – anywhere from 10 to 30 cents each, and they are so convenient because you can just pop them into the ground with the plant in them. They degrade into the soil and actually provide some nutrients for the growing plant. Stellar! Here I wrote “watch love grow” and also used one for a bulb with a cute, round label. And, of course, our name card one makes another appearance. If you can’t find peat pots locally, here is a good source.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

Our store also had black pots, which I thought would be fun for a chalkboard sign effect. I wrote “thank you” and planted the super cutest flowers in them. I adore how the bottom looks like grass and the top is flowy and free. ONE important point: be sure to include the plant tag and/or instructions with each of these. I cut off the bottom of the instruction tag that came with the plant and tucked it inside so that the recipient could see it, yet it wouldn’t be obtrusive or detract from the favor itself.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

Last, but certainly not least, is a tomato plant. The tag for the plant and its original (unattractive) 4 pack container – split in two – is all hidden and covered by quaint newspaper wrapping and a fun ribbon. Our store had plant markers, so I wrote a quick “love grows” on it to coordinate with the theme of weddings. This was under $2.00. If you are looking for an online source for ribbon inspiration just check here.

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

Aren’t those fun ideas for eco-friendly, plantable wedding favors? Quick, easy, creative and inexpensive. I love them all! Let me know if you try any of them. Also, please remember that these are living things and provide some sort of take home instructions for your attendees. I would also stress to water these the day before your wedding or event and also not water them while they are in the peat pots. Enjoy and happy planting!

Eco-Friendly Plantable Wedding Favors Inspiration as seen on Hill City Bride

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