Using Social Media for Your Wedding

Ok, let’s admit it. We all spend a good deal of time on social media, right? After all, it contains news, pics and updates from friends…not to mention a whole host of memes and kitten videos. But when it comes to your wedding and the socialsphere, tools – especially Instagram – can help you plan, curate and relay information.

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Before you start putting information out there about your own wedding details, be sure to think about what you are communicating and how you are getting that information across.

  • Consider who is seeing your posts. From savvy grandparents to friends who are also getting married, be sure to think about who comprises your social media following.
  • Realize you may be offending people. Yes, there are those who won’t be invited, so try to be sensitive when you can.
  • Maintain a little bit of mystery. Planning is exciting, but be sure to leave some surprises for the big day!
  • Don’t be negative. Keep things positive and upbeat if you can.
  • Be sure you and your fiancé are on the same page. What you think may be perfect to share may be TMI for your fiancé (or vice versa).

Using Social Media for Your Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Blog - instagram, facebook, snapchat, hashtag, selfie, groom

Now the fun part! When it comes to planning, searching for ideas via your device can be done anywhere at any time.

  • Search hashtags to find vendors, styles and ideas. Looking for #weddingflowers or #bridalmakeup? There’s a hashtag for that! Also search for localized ones like #virginiaweddings and our favorite #hillcitybride. Even your wedding professionals may have a unique hashtag like #sorellafarms.
  • Utilize group messaging. Let’s face it. Group texts (oh my!) and email chains can be impossible to navigate, but if you formulate a group message on Instagram or Facebook, it gives everyone an easy way to catch up on the conversation. This is perfect for sharing ideas privately via social media with your bridesmaids or mom who lives out of town.
  • Create a group Pinterest board. To alleviate the gazillion “look what I found” texts that you can’t keep track of, why not create a group Pinterest board? Share it with your wedding planner, attendants and family so everyone can share ideas and comment on what they love.
  • Save images on Instagram. Have a phone filled with screenshots of Instagram ideas? If you’re not familiar with the “save” feature, you need to start using it right away! Click the tiny banner to the bottom right of the image to keep your favorites. Convenient! You can also use the save feature on Facebook to revisit pertinent articles, links and images.
  • Join local groups for brides-to-be. Check your area to see if there is a social media group for like minded brides (hint – search Hill City Brides to request to join ours). It’s a great way to ask questions, find out the local scoop and also offload a few items post-wedding.
  • Follow those whose work you love. A particular vendor overseas or on the opposite coast may have stellar ideas that you can translate into your own wedding scheme.

Using Social Media for Your Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Blog - instagram, facebook, snapchat, hashtag

Once your wedding day hits, the social media doesn’t stop. You know you’ll have friends and family who want to share images. It’s an exciting day!

  • Have a unique hashtag. The creativity of some wedding hashtags is amazing. Think about combinations revolving around your names or even time of year to come up with a unique way for guests to tag your images on social media. It’s also fun for those who can’t make it to catch up on what’s going on.
  • Communicate expectations to your guests. Ok, let’s chat a moment about all of those smartphones that distract others at weddings (heaven forbid if it’s a view-blocking tablet!). Have a creative sign at your wedding entrance to clarify if you are having a phone free “unplugged” ceremony, or if you’re game for all the snapshots everyone can muster. A great hybrid is to say no photos until you’re pronounced as a couple. That way you can face your guests while they cheer and take pictures as you walk together back down the aisle.
  • Take it live! Facebook Live and Instagram Stories give you the opportunity for a shoutout here and there. If you don’t have time (well, you probably won’t!) to do this yourself, designate a friend to document and post segments of your day on social media for those who can not attend or for you to view later.

Using Social Media for Your Wedding as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Blog - instagram, facebook, snapchat, hashtag

Aren’t those ideas helpful! From start to finish you can utilize social media to plan and document a lovely wedding. Thank you again to Visions by Heather for the use of her beautiful images throughout this post. To see more of her work, click here.

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