5 Romantic Cities for a European Honeymoon

When we think of romantic cities, Paris often comes to mind first, but I’m here to convince you that there are other cities for your European honeymoon that are equally as love inducing. How do I know? Well, I’ve been to them all! From history to art, these cities are full of things to do for a variety of tastes, and many may even already be on your travel bucket list!

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5 Romantic Cities for a European Honeymoon as seen on Hill City Bride Destination Wedding Travel Blog - Athens, London, Venice, Rome, Pisa

Have fun perusing our European honeymoon ideas! Photos flow from left to right as you would read (and don’t include the first photo!).

  1. London, England Ah! I have to say hands down this is my favorite city. Being fairly well traveled, I’ve seen a good bit of the world, but London stands out for so many reasons! Whether you are obsessed with royalty, want to shop the Portobello Road market (so fun!), ooh and ahh over history, love architecture or merely want some genuine fish and chips, this city is for you! With an active river and beautiful buildings, this city has plenty to do. I love the Tower of London because history runs so deep, yet this city also has modernity in the forms of art, culture, and fashion. Be assured that there will be plenty to do on your European honeymoon in this city!
  2. Pisa, Italy – Yes, there is a leaning tower, so why not go? Whether Pisa is your final destination or you make a day trip from Florence, this city is filled with charm, history and yes, tourists. But go with a hearty attitude and join in the fun. Here are some creative photo op ideas here.
  3. Athens, Greece – Not many places say “ancient” like Greece – ok, maybe Rome, but we’ll get there in a minute! From lovely shopping areas (one of my favorite necklaces came from a trip to Athens with my husband) to the Parthenon, this city never lacks for things to do. Be sure to soak in some Grecian food while you’re there – the Greek salad isn’t like it is in the US, and the food overall is a wonderful experience all throughout Greece. Find out about exploring ancient Athens here
  4. Venice, Italy – Ok, you will find that Italy made the list several times, but why not? The whole country is full of diverse beauty. I also can’t think of a better way to spend your European honeymoon other than a romantic gondola ride. Lucky you! My gondola ride was at the age of 14 with my parents, but hey – I can’t complain! Experiencing Venice was definitely a highlight for me, and many day trips can be taken outside of the city, which is a plus.
  5. Rome, Italy – Yes, yes, I know. But have I convinced you to go to Italy yet? Rome is full of food, culture, and history such as the Roman Forums and the very famous Colosseum. Let’s see – there is also The Vatican, The Sistine Chapel and nearby Pompeii (so interesting!). I’d say that this just may be a must-see. What an experience for your European honeymoon for sure!

Craving one more? Ok! How about taking a peek at what there is to do in Bologna, Italy? I mean, if you are going to head the 3 cities I suggested, you may as well add a 4th, right?

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