What to Expect at a Bridal Expo – 15 Bridal Show Tips

Ah! You’re engaged! Or maybe you know you that ring is coming soon, and you just want to scope things out as far as wedding planning and organizing. A bridal expo is a fabulous place to meet wedding expo vendors and get ideas all in one place, but sometimes they can be overwhelming! Having a few bridal show tips in hand will help you have a great day of planning and scoping out various bridal expo vendors.

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo | Bridal Show Tips | Lynchburg Virginia | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Navigation is a term normally referred to on the high seas, but when a bride enters a bridal show, it can seem like uncharted waters. Wedding expos are a great way to sample catering and see floral arrangements, but they can make for a long day and information overload if you are not adequately prepared.

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo

If you are wondering what to expect at a bridal expo, be sure to read the bridal show tips below to set yourself up for a great day! And if you are wondering, “When is the bridal expo near me?” that is a great question! The next Lynchburg Bridal Expo is on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

Bridal Show Tips to Think About Ahead of Time

  • Preregister if the show offers that option.
  • Create labels with your name, address, email, phone number, and wedding date to save time. If you encounter a bridal show booth setup that has a giveaway to enter, having labels makes it so much easier.
  • Have a date and number of people in mind before you go.
  • Bring a manila envelope. Place information from vendors you are serious about in an envelope. This will ensure they aren’t forgotten about. You could also snap a photo with your phone of the business card or bridal show booth setup of the vendors that are “must-haves”.

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo Bridal Show Tips | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

photo by Annie Gray

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo that Day

  • Dress comfortably. If you are wondering what to wear to a bridal expo, you definitely want to look nice, but you may want to forgo the heels.
  • Keep your purse light. Normally you will receive a bridal bag (if not, you may want to just bring an empty tote for collecting information). You will save your arm and shoulder by only worrying about carrying minimal things that you may have to keep organizing.
  • A bridal expo can be overwhelming, so have a friend tag along (but not an entourage). They can help you with ideas and gracefully guide your timetable with vendors at each bridal show booth setup.
  • Bring water or at least scope out the water fountains so you can stay hydrated. So many wedding expo vendors offer food, but sometimes beverages are few and far between.

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo Bridal Show Tips | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Black Bride

photo by Gift Habeshaw

  • Go hungry (but bring a snack!). Shows have caterers and cake artists who are waiting to tempt your taste buds. If there are fewer sampling stations than expected, a snack will offer sustenance.
  • Don’t get sidetracked by non-food vendors offering food. Save the eating for the caterers and bakers. This is one of the best bridal show tips as many people will eat before they get to the caterers, which can make you too full to sample.
  • Have an open mind. Services that may not top your list could make your life easier. Also look for trends, color combinations, unique flowers, and other things you can view in person.
  • Interview the vendor. Sometimes the talent of the wedding professional will not only impress you but you could really click with them.
  • Be honest with vendors. If you are not interested, let them know politely. This allows them to expend their energy on brides that are considering booking.

What to Expect at a Bridal Expo Bridal Show Tips | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Post-Bridal and Wedding Expo – What to Expect

  • At a bridal expo, it is a good idea to take information and regroup at home. Take brochures from each booth. Once home, you can spread out the information from various wedding expo vendors.
  • Be prepared for emails and follow-ups after a bridal and wedding expo. Expect bridal expo vendors to do a follow-up with you after the show via email or phone call.

I hope these bridal show tips help you prepare for what to expect at a bridal expo.

Don’t forget you no longer have to wonder, “When is the next bridal expo near me?” Get ready to plan a beautiful wedding.

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