Modern Bedroom Ideas for the Couple Who Wants to Keep it Cozy

Part of getting married is creating a home that perfectly suits you both, especially when it comes to romantic master bedroom ideas. Having your room be warm and cozy really helps to create a retreat for you both. Whether you are searching for large master bedroom ideas or have a tiny space and are in need of small bedroom ideas, these tips apply to rooms of all shapes and sizes! And if you need to know how to decorate a bedroom with no money…never fear. These modern bedroom ideas apply to all budgets.

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This article offers tips on romantic bedroom ideas for couples and is in partnership with Crave.

You’ve registered for items for your kitchen and bathroom. Congrats! But, when it comes to your own room, you are at a loss for romantic bedroom ideas. For decorating on a budget, you can apply all of these principles. Of course, registering for a few of the more costly items is smart. Don’t abandon your lofty bedroom ideas. For couples on a budget, you deserve a fabulous space, too!

Modern Bedroom Ideas to Keep Cozy

Incorporating cozy bedroom colors can impact how your space feels, and romantic bedroom decor can help keep your space a retreat. Take a peek at these romantic bedroom ideas for couples to incorporate into any space – large or small.

Consider Cozy Bedroom Colors

It may not seem like the most logical place to start, but working with a color palette from the start can set the tone for your entire room. Creating a color scheme will help you choose relaxing bedroom paint colors and don’t be afraid of having dark bedroom walls. A dark green bedroom is known to be very relaxing as are deeper hues such as brown, plum, charcoal, and navy. The best color for bedroom walls really is determined by your taste.

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If you want a dark bedroom, choose relaxing bedroom paint colors in deep hues.

Have an already established room? Do a DIY bedroom makeover by choosing a palette of cozy bedroom colors. Ideas like this really can help those who are looking for romantic bedroom decorating ideas. Cheap as paint is, it doesn’t take much to create a good foundation of color. Have a small bedroom? Ideas for colors that would make your space appear larger would include lighter tones, such as white and pale hues of blue, green, and gray.

Once you choose your palette, you can incorporate other modern bedroom ideas. This includes choosing pillows, artwork, and decor items for your space. So go for those cozy bedroom colors, and have a light – or dark – bedroom if you dare.

Vow to Sleep Softly

One of my favorite cozy bedroom ideas – for small rooms or large – is to make sure everything to do with sleeping is plush and soft. This goes beyond romantic decorations. For hotel rooms, beds tend to be so comfortable, and mimicking that at home can be fairly simple. When it comes to your actual sleeping surface, having the foundation of a quality mattress is extremely important. Add high count thread sheets (or jersey knit ones, which are super comfy, too!) and a fluffy comforter. You can enjoy feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud, and invest in pillows that support your head.

Large Master Bedroom Ideas | Romantic Bedroom Decor | Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas | How to Decorate a Bedroom with No Money | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

One of the simple bedroom decorating ideas is to keep things plush and soft to the touch.

The goal is to create a retreat and a bed that you can’t wait to jump into at night and keep warm and cozy. Bedroom ideas abound, yet none will impact your night’s sleep as much as having a comfortable place to rest. If you’re in need of a mattress, I suggest trying out Crave. It’s what I sleep on, and it’s such a comfy choice! Test one out for 100 nights, and just click here to receive a $30 discount!

Create Ambience in Your Bedroom

Whether you live in a place where there are streetlights or are easily awakened by the rising sun, having a dark bedroom can aid in a good night’s sleep. It also helps to create the overall feeling of a retreat. Invest in room darkening shades or curtains to limit the amount of light that can creep in through windows. This is one of the simple bedroom decorating ideas for couples, but it can enhance rest.

Small Bedroom Ideas | Romantic Bedroom Decor | DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

Want a modern bedroom? Ideas include using low light as one of the cozy bedroom ideas.

Unless you are reading, keep the light in the room soft with low wattage bulbs and lamps that offer a glow instead of glaring in your romantic bedroom. Ideas for lighting could include a string of globe lights and carefully placed floor and table lamps that are within easy reach. Low light combined with relaxing bedroom paint colors can create a restful atmosphere for the couple looking for romantic master bedroom ideas.

Layer a Variety of Textures on Your Bed

As far as romantic bedroom ideas for married couples, this is one that can really help to enhance the feel of a space. For those looking for small bedroom ideas, the use of layering can really help add depth to a room. When you view your bed, think of it in layers. The mattress, sheets, and comforter are all must-haves. Then add layers of blankets and pillows in varying hues, textures, and patterns.

The same goes for romantic decorations for the bedroom walls. Have artwork in a variety of shapes, sizes, and subject matter to add an eclectic vibe. Even those who want romantic bedroom ideas for decorating on a budget can head to thrift stores, estate sales, and consignment shops to find interesting pieces. Part of putting a room together is searching for the perfect items. This is one area where you don’t necessarily need to splurge.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Romantic Bedroom Ideas | Romantic Bedroom Decor | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

One of the best warm and cozy bedroom ideas is to use layers in your romantic bedroom.

Ideas are simple! Are you ready to use these modern bedroom ideas?

Whether you choose to incorporate cozy bedroom colors or test out other DIY bedroom makeover ideas, the fact remains that there are plenty of modern bedroom ideas for the couple on a budget (or not!). One main factor is having a good foundation both with your marriage and your bed (don’t forget a quality mattress!).

To find out more about Crave, just head here.

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