Wedding Advice for Grooms (it’s their day, too!)

Dear brides, as much as I love you, today’s topic is actually on wedding advice for grooms. So, be sure to pass this along to your future hubby. He’s not alone if he’s been feeling a bit of the groom-to-be-blues. Maybe he is wondering what is the groom responsible for in a wedding or maybe he’s the groom too involved in wedding planning (is there such a thing?). Either way, it’s important to consider him, too.

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Brides and grooms are wired differently.

Long before there is even a ring, many future brides already have a pretty good idea of what their wedding should look like. They are ready to dive right into the process with their event planner. Guys, not so much. We all experience wedding day nerves. Grooms may feel it a bit differently.

So here’s the part I want to emphasize: while your future groom may not be chomping at the bit to start picking out flower arrangements, chances are deep down he really does want to be a part of this process. After all, it is going to be the biggest day of his life – he’s the groom! Wedding day checklists are naturally easy for brides. They get caught up in making all of the decisions – sometimes unintentionally dismissing the groom from playing an important role. This can result in the groom feeling a little left out.

And guys, just because you put a lot of time and energy into your proposal doesn’t mean you can just “check out” and show up on the wedding day as the groom. Preparation for wedding day plans is important! It’s an exciting time in your lives. Enjoy it to the fullest. Sharing your ideas and plans – and most of all, your support – with each other can make this time even more meaningful to your relationship.

Groom Preparation for Wedding | Wedding Advice for Groom on Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Is there such a thing as a groom too involved in wedding planning?

Wedding Advice for Grooms

Here are a few suggestions and practical tips on how you as the groom-to-be can best support the love of your life and get involved (without feeling in over your head) in the wedding planning process. I hope this wedding advice for grooms is helpful!

Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on wedding decisions.

Chances are grooms aren’t going to care whether the centerpieces have fruit or flowers. But, you may really care about what food and beverages are on the menu or what the evening entertainment will be like. While it can be easy to feel (unintentionally) left out as planning kicks into high gear, don’t assume your bride doesn’t care what you think.

It’s important that your wedding day reflect who you both are as a couple. Write down your ideas as you have them and talk them over together. Your brilliant ideas may just be the ones to make your reception a smash hit, so don’t be afraid to verbalize your wedding advice.

Groom Preparation for Wedding | Wedding Advice for Groom on Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Give your opinion on wedding planning decisions, but be a good listener, too.

Listen to your bride.

It pretty much goes without saying that a woman needs to talk. As the main squeeze in her life, you are the first person she wants to go to when she has something on her heart.

Want to go the extra mile? Take some initiative! Set your bride down and ask her how she’s doing, what’s on her mind, and how you can make things better. What a great way to score brownie points as the groom. On wedding days and beyond!

Be available.

You have no idea how much it means to your bride to just know that you’re there when she needs you. That can mean making phone calls to scope out the band for your reception or simply being there to offer a hug and an encouraging word when she’s feeling stressed. She needs you for her wedding day nerves. Grooms need their brides, too!

Groom Preparation for Wedding | Wedding Advice for Groom on Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Advice for groom on wedding day? Be supportive!

Show your support.

So your expertise may not be floral arrangements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. Express support and provide encouraging feedback to your bride on the choices she’s making.

Tell her she’s doing a great job and that you’re proud of how beautiful things are coming together. Trust me on this: your uplifting words, and show of support, go a long way.

Best wedding advice for grooms? Be romantic!

Amidst the busyness of planning your wedding, don’t forget to take time out for some one-on-one, non-wedding-related, time together. For example, plan dates! The whole reason you’re getting married is that you’re crazy about each other. Don’t let the wedding take over and lose sight of the importance of building your relationship during this time.

Groom Preparation for Wedding | Wedding Advice for Groom on Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Wedding advice for grooms? Don’t forget the romance!

Have any wedding advice for grooms?

It’s a big day, and sometimes guys want advice for groom on wedding day, too! Is your groom too involved in wedding planning? Or is he wondering what is the groom responsible for in a wedding? Feel free to ask – or answer – questions below.

Oh, and if you have a stylish groom, be sure to take a peek at a few unique boutonniere ideas here. Happy planning!

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