11 Quick Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget. Sometimes it’s not the most exciting topic to talk about when planning, but it is necessary! And just because you set a wedding budget, doesn’t mean you have to have a budget wedding. It’s just smart to know which vendors to prioritize while having some idea of what you want to spend. Whether you have a $10k wedding budget or a $35,000 wedding budget, it’s still vital to personalize your finances.

11 Wedding Budget Tips | Real Wedding Budgets | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Real Wedding Budgets Are Necessary

When envisioning your wedding day, perhaps the least romantic thing to think about is the cost. However, having a wedding budget is an integral part of wedding planning. With much excitement, emotional spending can easily occur. So adhering to a set allocation will help to alleviate overspending and can be a positive step in starting off your marriage without financial stress.

This isn’t a wedding budget calculator, but these are tips on how to prioritize your wedding budget breakdown. It’s easy to just toss a few numbers down, but it takes a bit more time to really consider what you want to invest in total and for each part of your wedding. Hopefully, these ideas will help you curate a financial plan that will be a success from the start!

11 Quick Wedding Budget Tips

One – Prior to considering your finances, it is important to get a realistic idea of what things cost in your geographical area (enter your zip code into www.costofwedding.com to do a quick check of the average). Do research by asking former brides and local wedding vendors. Ask wedding professionals questions, and make sure that you understand all the costs – including any add-ons, fees, and taxes.

Two – Be sure to consider the type of wedding you want to have – for example, outdoor rustic versus formal ballroom. This could impact your budget significantly.

Three – Pinterest does not always equal reality. As much as it is hard to accept, many of the beautiful images on the web are the best of the best – meaning that a bride needs to be prepared that the cake she has been eyeing is well out of her budget. Share images with vendors, and be open to suggestions on creating something reminiscent of the original yet within a more realistic budget.

Wedding Budget Breakdown | Hill City Bride

Four – Some locations and/or certain times of the year can be more cost-effective than others. Many vendors are in demand during the warm months yet experience a lag in the late winter. Also, consider what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding.

Five – A larger guest list usually equals the need for a larger budget. You may need to trim your guest list or spend less in other areas to accommodate more family and friends. When meeting with rental companies, venues and caterers, you will especially need to know your guest count for estimates. A larger wedding party can also impact costs.

Six – It is important to determine upfront who is contributing financially to the wedding. If parents or family members are helping fund the wedding, be sure to have clarity on how much they are contributing. Having financial help from friends and family can be a tremendous relief since a lot of brides-to-be may use personal loans to fund their wedding.

“Just because you set a wedding budget, doesn’t mean you have to have a budget wedding.”

Seven – Divide your overall wedding budget into categories. Although there are various recommendations on what percentages of your budget should go into each category, be sure to look at each area and decide what is important to you. Splurging by having your favorite band play at your reception may be more important to you than spending on large centerpieces.

Eight – Consider elements that will last. How your guests felt at your wedding and the documentation of it will be the only things that last besides the wonderful memories. Be sure to make your guests feel special and have something for your grandchildren to look at someday.

Nine – Utilizing a wedding budget spreadsheet can help keep you on track. There are many online wedding sites that provide budget worksheets. Choose one that best represents your goals or design one that will best fit your needs.

Ten – Add in some buffer room for unexpected expenses or to have the ability to spend a few extra dollars on that wedding dress that makes you look fabulous.

Eleven – Once you have set your budget, try your best to adhere to it.

What are your thoughts?

Have you considered your wedding budget and how you should go about prioritizing vendors? It’s a great conversation to have with your fiance as you plan and implement your big day. Happy planning!

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