How to Have the Most Romantic Trip to Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada. Personally, it’s one of my absolute favorite destinations! Beyond the amazing things to do in Niagara Falls, honeymoon history is alive and well. Couples have been heading there for decades, and there are lots of honeymoon ideas to include for a utopian trip.

What to Do in Niagara Falls

My daughter and I visited in partnership with Niagara Falls Tourism. All opinions are mine (and hers!). This post also contains affiliate links.

TL;DR ~ Niaraga Falls’s honeymoon history is centuries old; therefore, heading to Niagara Falls, Canada, is romantic, exciting, and memorable for newlyweds.

Niagara Falls Honeymoon History

Niagara Falls Canada has long been hailed as one of the best honeymoon destinations. It all started in 1801 when honeymooners Joseph and Theodosia Alston visited the falls (with their servants and nine horses!) on their bridal tour.

In order to be fashionable, others followed suit, and in 1804 Napoleon’s younger brother, Jerome, visited with his bride. The destination became so popular that in 1841 a song entitled My Niagara Falls Honeymoon debuted.

View of Niagara Falls Canada Attractions

The vast views of Niagara Falls Canada are stunning and romantic. Photo: Danny Hoang

The falls are indeed powerful, and there is an energy that draws people from all over. It’s no wonder that couples continue to pay homage to the beauty of nature while taking a romantic trip to Niagara Falls.

So, if you are looking for romantic honeymoon ideas, Niagara should top your list. Not convinced? Take a peek at the fun list of Niagara Falls Canada attractions to spark the fun and keep the romance alive!

Must-See Niagara Falls Canada Attractions

Wondering about things to do in Niagara Falls beyond seeing the falls themselves? There is SO much to do, and there is a lot of adventure in store for the couple who is willing to partake. It truly is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world!

1. Take the Hornblower into the falls.

The falls are mesmerizing. In fact, 3160 tons of water go over each second. That’s a massive amount of water, which creates a thunderous sound and blows mist into the air. Experience all of it up close from the safety of a sturdy ship.

Take the funicular down to the cruise platform and don your red poncho before boarding the Hornblower. Then get ready for a thrilling ride as you and your new spouse get an up-close look at the beauty and strength of the falls. Cuddle close together as you ride and try to stay dry!

Quick Tip: You can actually get married on the Hornblower for a truly memorable micro-wedding or elopement.

Niagara Falls Canada Hornblower Cruises

A romantic trip to Niagara Falls should include a ride into the falls. Photo: Bianca Ackermann

2. Journey behind the falls.

Only those with yellow ponchos get to experience the thrill of heading behind the falls on the Canadian side. An elevator takes you down 125 feet to explore 130-year-old tunnels that are behind the fast-flowing water.

The area has several viewing portals where you can look straight through the rock at the water. However, there is also an observation deck where your biodegradable poncho will come in handy. Be sure to snap a few photos of yourselves together as this is as close as you can get to the power of Niagara Falls.

Quick Tip: Having a waterproof camera or covering for your phone will help protect your gear.

Journey Behind the Falls Niagara Canada

The power of Niagara’s waterfalls can be experienced up close! Photo: Adam Spruijt via Niagara Falls Tourism.

3. Explore the Clifton Hill area.

If visiting fun houses and oddity museums isn’t your thing, it totally should be! There are so many things to do in Clifton Hill that are both quirky and fun. Play dinosaur mini-golf, ride go-karts, and go high up in the enclosed Ferris Wheel.

The area is also filled with restaurants and souvenir shops that are worth visiting, too. See if you can recognize the celebrities at the wax museum and experience adventure both indoors and out.

One good thing is that the area is just up from the falls and open late, so you can enjoy some fun nightlife. Challenge each other to the g0-karts and mini-golf, but be sure to sit close as you overlook the area in the Niagara Skywheel. Such fun memories!

Quick Tip: Purchase passes that will get you into several attractions to save a bit of money.

Things to Do in Niagara Falls Canada | Clifton Hill

The Clifton Hill area is filled with quirky things to do in Niagara Falls. Photo: Bianca Ackermann

4. Explore the Niagara on the Lake Wineries.

Love wine? Niagara has one of the best regions around. It’s filled with lovely wineries that you can use either a traditional or electric bike to get to. What a romantic way to spend the day among the vines.

Head to local wineries, and be sure to try ice wine while you are there. Take a tasting, and then grab a few bottles for souvenirs. The town of Niagara on the Lake is lovely, and it’s a fabulous place to grab lunch or spend a few hours reminiscing about your wedding day.

Quick Tip: If wine isn’t your thing, there are plenty of breweries and distilleries in the area, too!

Niaraga on the Lake Wine Region | Short Honeymoon Ideas

Be sure to try ice wine while you are in Niagara’s wine region. Photo: Kym Ellis

5. Fly high in a helicopter over Niagara Falls Canada.

Ah! There truly is no experience like seeing Niagara Falls from above in a helicopter. Although it’s a short ride, seeing the falls from a skyward perspective is truly memorable and romantic.

Get your camera ready as you head into the sky during a helicopter ride that shows you the area’s beauty. You can also hear a bit of history during the ride. It all gives you an idea of the layout of the land as you see just how big the falls are.

Taking a helicopter ride is truly a must-do attraction for honeymooners. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will greatly enhance your trip!

Quick Tip: Try to sit in front for the best views!

Best Honeymoon Destinations | Helicopter Ride Over Niagara Falls Canada

A helicopter ride over Niagara Falls is exhilarating and exciting as you see the views. Photo: Zachary DeBottis

6. Speed down a zipline to the falls.

For a perfectly thrilling read, take a speedy, exhilarating ride on a zip line straight to the falls. Doing so offers one of the best views around (ok, besides the helicopter mentioned above).

The line itself is 220 feet up in the air, and the ride is 2200 feet long. Many riders reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour! Ride simultaneously—on separate lines—and see who finishes first.

Quick Tip: They give you a backpack to hold loose items like sunglasses and phones on the way down.

WildPlay Zipline to the Falls | Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

Take a wild zipline ride together on a romantic trip to Niagara Falls. Photo: Constante Ken Lim

7. Bond while doing an adventure course.

If you consider yourselves a sporty couple, then the difficulty of completing an adventure course will be completely memorable. Help each other successfully navigate obstacles, traverse swinging bridges, and walk tight ropes high above the ground.

It’s all safe, of course. A bit of training beforehand will ensure that you know safety protocols, and you can do the course at your own pace.

Going through the challenges together is a great metaphor for working through things and sticking together through whatever life throws your way.

Quick Tip: Wear closed-toed shoes with a good grip for a successful adventure.

Niagara Falls Adventure Course Ropes | Honeymoon Ideas

A romantic trip to Niagara Falls Canada should include an adventure course. Photo: Jennifer Prince

8. Get into the history of Niagara Falls Canada.

Of course, we’ve all heard the stories of going over the falls in a barrel. Some actually made it successfully, although it’s not recommended to take your chances. However, other areas also offer glimpses of little-known history.

If you head to the White Water Walk, not only will you witness the surging rush of the river, but there’s a bit of history as well. Stroll together down the boardwalk and stop at several viewing platforms. You can also learn a bit about the geology and history of the area, including stories about the ice bridges that once spanned the river.

Quick Tip: Stop at the placards to read some interesting history and little-known facts.

Things to Do in Niagara Falls Honeymoon History

Niagara Falls honeymoon history is all over with stories of both love and tragedy. Photo: Jack Chen

9. Head to the falls at Night.

As said before, the area of Clifton Hill is alive and well at night, but don’t miss the opportunity to see the falls! Back in 1860 (there’s that history again!), the water was lit in honor of the Prince of Wales’s visit. It was so stunning that they were illuminated on special occasions and for other visitors throughout the years.

Now you and your sweetie can have a romantic view of the area with a nightly show. It’s so stunning to see the water lit in all of its glory. Some of the attractions are also open late to take advantage of the beautiful glow. It’s a great time for a ride on the Skywheel or to take a Journey Behind the Falls.

Quick Tip: If you are there for multiple evenings, head to a different place each night to see the lights from various vantage points.

Niagara Falls at Night Honeymoon Trip Ideas

The falls are beautifully lit at night every day of the year. Photo: James Wheeler

Alvantor Instant Pop Up Screen House

Where to Stay in Niagara Falls

Although there are many Niagara Falls hotels, my favorite is the Old Stone Inn Boutique Hotel. The stone walls were part of a 1904 flour mill that burned in 1912. Although it saw several purposes in its years, it was converted into a boutique inn in 1977.

It’s conveniently located within walking distance of the falls and the Clifton Hill area. Although the location is central, it’s a nice, quiet place to stay. This Niagara Falls hotel is close to—yet far enough away from—the main attractions. For honeymooners, it’s a fabulous place to have a romantic night in Niagara Falls.

Old Stone Inn Boutique Hotel Niagara Falls Canada Hotels

Old Stone Inn Boutique Hotel is one of my favorite Niagara Falls Hotels. Photo: Jennifer Prince

Are you heading to Niagara Falls?

If you live on the east coast of Canada or the United States, this tops the list of short honeymoon ideas! You don’t necessarily need to stay long, although you can spread your adventures out over the course of several days.

Couples have been heading to the falls for centuries. Whether you are looking for simple honeymoon ideas or are up for an adventure, Niagara Falls Canada, just might be the perfect fit. Customize your time to be what you envision as a fabulous time.

Oh, and—sorry, America!—I definitely think that there is more to do on the Canadian side. Also, the US falls are more lovely, and you can see them better from Canada.

It’s all a win-win in my book! A romantic trip to Niagara Falls can be quite a memorable experience. Happy honeymooning!

Header image by Bianca Ackermann

Looking for things to do in Niagara Falls? Save it!

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