20 Absolutely Amazing Things to Do in St. Augustine

If you haven’t heard of St. Augustine, Florida, you’ll hopefully fall in love with it by the end. Filled with history, culture, and amazing food, there are plenty of things to do in St. Augustine that you need to add to your list STAT. Whether you head there for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, this US city has plenty to offer.

Things to Do in St Augustine Florida Weather

I adore St. Augustine! This was my second trip, and I was a guest invited by St. Francis Inn. Opinions are mine.

St. Augustine News

St. Augustine Florida Weather

Of course, before you plan to head anywhere, it’s good to check the forecast. Knowing what the seasonal weather patterns are can help you determine the best time of year to go to St. Augustine, Florida. Weather varies throughout the year, although the temperatures stay fairly moderate.

The St. Augustine weather averages highs up to 91 degrees in July. However, the temperatures get to lows of 46 degrees in January. Although, the daytime weather—St. Augustine radar says—in January gets up to the high 60s.

Even if you decide to go in the winter, the area is temperate. However, you need to take a jacket for the cooler nights. Since it’s close to Jacksonville, weather is very similar in St. Augustine.

It’s in northern Florida, so St. Augustine is a fabulous year-round destination. The area doesn’t get stifling hot or unbearably cold. So, plan that honeymoon or a romantic getaway with confidence.

Map of Florida St Augustine to Orlando Airport

St. Augustine is conveniently located in northern Florida between Jacksonville and Daytona.

Distance from St. Augustine to Florida Cities

For those not familiar with the location of St. Augustine, it’s helpful to know its proximity to other places. There is no airport in the town, but there are others close by.

  • Distance from St. Augustine to Daytona – 53 miles, 1 hour 4 minutes south
  • Range from St. Augustine to Tampa – 190 miles, 3 hours southwest
  • Drive from St. Augustine to Jacksonville – 40 miles, 45 minutes north
  • Distance from St. Augustine to Orlando Airport – 125 miles, 2 hours southwest

Finding St. Augustine, Florida Upcoming Events

Checking out the St. Augustine, Florida upcoming events before you plan your trip can enhance your getaway. Build your trip around a historic reenactment, festival, or special event. Since the St. Augustine weather is lovely all year, there are always interesting things going on.

Even if you want to plan an impromptu trip, you can find things to do in St. Augustine this weekend. So, hurry and plan your getaway! There’s bound to be something of interest on the community calendar.

St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast

Forego the chain St. Augustine, Florida hotels, and stay in the quaint, older area instead. The historic area is within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and the waterfront. Plus, if you use a bike (the St. Francis Inn has loaners!), you can ride to other attractions in the area.

The St. Francis Inn is a St. Augustine bed and breakfast that is conveniently located. It’s in the heart of the quaint area near museums, a park, and within walking distance to restaurants and attractions. The rooms are ultra-cozy, and the property is a little respite within the city.

For those who want to fully immerse themselves, St. Augustine hotels—historic district locations—are the way to go. The St. Francis is rumored to be a bit haunted, which is no wonder with all of the heritage the area offers.

Just take a peek at a bit of what the St. Francis Inn has to offer!

St Augustine Bed and Breakfast | St Augustine Hotels Historic DistrictSt Augustine Bed and Breakfast | St Augustine Hotels Historic DistrictSt Augustine Bed and Breakfast | St Augustine Hotels Historic DistrictSt Augustine Bed and Breakfast | St Augustine Hotels Historic DistrictSt Augustine Bed and Breakfast | St Augustine Hotels Historic DistrictThe St. Francis Inn is a quaint St Augustine bed and breakfast in the historic district. 

Things to Do in St. Augustine

Itinerary – Day 1 Suggested Things to Do in St. Augustine

1. Experience a St. Augustine sunrise over the water.

If you’re an early riser, take a walk or bike ride down to the waterfront. The town is just waking up, and people are getting ready for their day. Folks are running, biking, fishing, and exercising.

It’s a quiet time, which is a fabulous way to slowly wake up and get the day started. Plus, the sunrise is gorgeous on the water. Truly, there is no better way to begin a Florida day.

After your morning stroll, head back to the St. Francis Inn. Have some of their delicious breakfast for the perfect start to nourish your day.

St. Augustine Florida Lion at SunriseSt. Augustine Florida Sunrise on the WaterOne of the best things to do in St. Augustine is to see the sunrise.

2. See the gorgeous architecture of Memorial Presbyterian Church.

The beautiful style of Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine is breathtaking. However, the story behind it is quite tragic. Henry Flagler, of Flagler College, had the sanctuary built in 1890 after his daughter, Jenny, died in childbirth.

Mr. Flagler, his first wife, his daughter Jenny, and his granddaughter Marjorie all rest in the mausoleum at the church.

The construction is stunning, and it was the perfect way for Mr. Flagler to pay tribute to his daughter. Memorial Presbyterian Church still holds services to this day.

Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. AugustineMemorial Presbyterian Church in St. AugustineVisiting the church is one of the must-see things to do in St. Augustine, Florida.

3. Go on a self-guided obelisk tour.

Visitors to the St. Francis Inn may notice the obelisk filled with photos in a small park across the street. It’s one of 25 such installations throughout St. Augustine.

They are part of the Obelisk Art 450 Tour of Compassion, and the purpose is to encourage kindness and empathy.

25 artists were invited to each decorate an obelisk, and the one near the St. Augustine bed and breakfast is filled with photos. Leslie Robinson created the structure in St. Francis Park, and the photos are of people who live in the community.

Obelisk St. Augustine Florida Art 450Obelisk St. Augustine Florida Art 450 St. Francis Park 25 St. Augustine obelisks were erected to encourage compassion.

4. Eat a healthy lunch at The Floridian.

Not only does The Floridian have the cutest decor, but their menu is extremely curated. Sustainability is at the helm of their selections as they work with local farms and source their items from the surrounding area.

If you’re vegetarian, they have a plethora of selections for non-meat eaters. However, dishes like Brisket Tacos and the Shrimp and Sausage Maque Choux will delight carnivores.

This eatery is tucked into the historic district and is the perfect stop for lunch or dinner.

The Floridian St Augustine Florida RestaurantsThe Floridian sources food locally including seafood from the St. Augustine beach areas.

5. Take an eco boat tour near the St. Augustine beach areas.

Heading out on an eco boat tour is a great way to see the area. However, before you go out, check the weather. St. Augustine beach areas house a lot of wildlife. You’ll most likely see a variety of birds, turtles, dolphins, and possibly manatees.

Doing this early in your trip is one of the things to do in St. Augustine that will help you get a lay of the land so that you can get your bearings. Plus, the scenery is beautiful, and there’s just something about being out on the water.

The goal of the St. Augustine Eco Tours is to educate others about conservation and protecting wildlife and its habitat.

Things to Do in St Augustine Florida Eco ToursThings to Do in St Augustine Florida Eco ToursAn eco boat tour is one of the things to do in St. Augustine that will help get your bearings on the water.

6. Shop and explore St. George Street.

St. George Street in St. Augustine is filled with restaurants, history, boutiques, and so much more. It’s a fabulous street for an afternoon stroll. Make time to pop into a few shops and enjoy the historic buildings along the way.

One of the nice things about St. George Street is that it is for pedestrians only. So, there’s no need to worry about traffic as you peruse both sides of the street.

Also, feel free to branch off on the side streets. Although St. George is the main thoroughfare for walking, there are stores and eateries on the side streets, too.

St. George Street St. Augustine FloridaSt. George Street St. Augustine FloridaOne of the best things to do in St. Augustine is to walk down St. George Street.

7. Grab dinner and drinks at Meehan’s Irish Pub.

Head upstairs to Meehan’s Irish Pub to enjoy a view of the Matanzas River while you eat dinner. Located within the historic area of St. Augustine, this restaurant has a fabulous selection of seafood and Irish fare.

The site is three restaurants in one where you can sample Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie, and Corned Beef and Cabbage. You’ll feel like you’re in the heart of the Irish country.

Meehan’s cocktail menu is creative and delicious, so stay afterward and have a drink overlooking the water.

Meehan's Irish Pub Restaurants in St. Augustine FloridaMeehan’s is a St. Augustine restaurant that serves Irish fare and fabulous cocktails.

8. Have a unique ice cream sandwich at Peace Pie.

Peace Pie is a family-owned business that has locations in New Jersey, South Carolina, and Florida. One Thanksgiving, a mishap happened with the grocery list, and the “peace pie” was born. A mistake was turned into a thriving business.

Known for their distinctive cookies with ice cream and pie filling inspired drizzles, these treats are busting with flavor. Selections, such as Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Pecan Pie are on deck as classic varieties.

Take a stroll down St. Augustine’s oldest street, Aviles St., as you eat your delicious, frozen treat.

Peace Pie St. Augustine Florida Ice Cream SandwichesPeace Pie St. Augustine Florida Ice Cream SandwichesPeace Pie is located on St. Augustine’s oldest street and has pie-inspired ice cream sandwiches.

Itinerary – Day 2 Suggested Things to Do in St. Augustine

9. Visit the Oldest House in St. Augustine.

Enjoy breakfast at the St. Francis Inn before walking just a few steps to the Oldest House in St. Augustine. The house sits on a museum complex that includes the Oldest House, two museums, gardens, a gallery, and a museum store.

At the Gonzalez-Alvarez House, you can learn some of the history of St. Augustine. Then utilize the Old Town Trolley Tours to get an overview of the town and explore other stops if you’d like.

A trolley ticket allows you to hop on and off. Therefore, you can either ride continuously or get on and off at a variety of stops along the way. It’s a great way to fully explore the things to do in St. Augustine.

Oldest House St. Augustine Gonzalez Alvarez House FloridaOldest House St. Augustine Gonzalez Alvarez House FloridaThe Oldest House is within walking distance of the St. Francis Inn. 

10. Stroll the campus of Flagler College.

It may seem odd to tour a campus, but the history of Flagler College is interesting. The architecture is detailed, and it’s no wonder. In the property’s heyday, it was a luxury resort for the rich and famous.

Opened in 1888, it was once known as the Hotel Ponce de Leon, which closed in 1967. In 1968 it became Flagler College, and the stunning property was saved. And it’s a good thing!

A walk both inside and outside of the buildings affords fantastic architectural details. It really is a must-see when in St. Augustine.

Flagler College Hotel Ponce de Leon St. AugustineFlagler College Hotel Ponce de Leon St. AugustineFlagler College Hotel Ponce de Leon St. AugustineVisiting the Hotel Ponce de Leon is one of the best things to do in St. Augustine if you love history. 

11. Enjoy an early lunch at Cafe Alcazar.

Talk about buildings that used to be something else! Cafe Alcazar is a restaurant that sits where a swimming pool used to be. A large, indoor pool, in fact. See the first photo below (courtesy of Lightner Museum).

Although the pool has been filled in and now serves as a restaurant and event space, the interior’s beauty remains. Cafe Alcazar makes a delightfully unique spot to grab a bite of lunch to fuel up for the rest of the day.

Cafe Alcazar Swimming Pool St. Augustine FloridaThings to Do in St. Augustine Cafe Alcazar Lunch MealCafe Alcazar is part of the Lightner Museum and is located on the former site of the indoor swimming pool.

12. Sample spirits at St. Augustine Distillery.

Located on the site of a former ice plant, the St. Augustine Distillery has perfected their craft. Open seven days a week, the distillery makes a variety of spirits, such as bourbon, rum, vodka, and gin.

They are also famous for their mixers that help patrons craft delicious cocktails at home. Just add your spirit, the mixer, ice, and garnish, and you have a simple—yet tasty—drink.

The distillery also sources as much as it can both locally and regionally. Consequently, a tour allows you to takes Florida’s finest in a different way.

St. Augustine Distillery FloridaSt. Augustine Distillery FloridaSt. Augustine Distillery makes spirits and mixers to help create cocktails with ease at home.

13. Peruse the Castillo de San Marcos fort.

The Castillo de San Marcos fort in St. Augustine is the oldest masonry fort in the continental US. As the oldest structure in St. Augustine, the fortification was erected to protect Spain’s acquisitions in Florida.

Walking the fort allows visitors to see how life was for soldiers back in the 1600s. Weaponry demonstrations and cannon firings are regularly scheduled events.

The walls of the fort are made of coquina, which is comprised of crushed shells. With the structure being right on the river, there are beautiful views, too.

Castillo de San Marcos Fort St. Augustine FloridaCastillo de San Marcos Fort St. Augustine FloridaBe sure to add exploring the fort to your list of things to do in St. Augustine when you visit. 

14. Stop by Magnolia Avenue in St. Augustine to see the majestic trees.

If you head to the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park or ride the trolley, chances are you’ll head down Magnolia Avenue. Be sure to look up and notice the gorgeous trees.

The street is a fabulous spot to take a quick photograph under the canopy. Just be careful of cars passing by. National Geographic named Magnolia Avenue one of the most photographed streets in America. It’s no wonder!

Magnolia Avenue St. Augustine FloridaSt. Augustine’s Magnolia Avenue is one of the most photographed streets in the US. 

15. Fill up with food and drink on The Tasting Tours.

By now that early lunch probably has worn off, and that’s ok. You’ll need extra room in your tummy to enjoy the full scope of what The Tasting Tours has to offer.

From handcrafted cocktails and delectable desserts to main meals and more drinks, a tour is the way to go. Sample cuisine from some of St. Augustine’s most unique restaurants, bars, and eateries.

The motto of The Tasting Tours is “eat, drink, experience” and that perfectly sums up their itineraries. Below is a sampling of what you may find on your personalized tour. It can serve as an early afternoon snack to keep you full for a while.

Food and Drink on The Tasting ToursFood and Drink on The Tasting ToursFood and Drink on The Tasting ToursFood and Drink on The Tasting ToursFood and Drink on The Tasting ToursThe Tasting Tours is a fabulous way to sample the finest cuisine in the city. 

16. Watch a movie at The Corazon Cinema and Cafe.

Whether you schedule a private screening or catch one of their showtimes, The Corazon has a unique film selection. Their schedule allows for both first-run and independent films. However, they also host several film festivals throughout the year.

The building The Corazon is housed in served as many things before it became a theater. Built in 1880, it was a bicycle repair shop, farmer’s supply, plumbing offices, and garage.

Now the space is perfect for a quaint theater that also has a cafe. Whether or not you can fit in a drink and popcorn after the food tour is up to you, but you may want to save room for dinner.

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe Film Festival TheaterThe Corazon showcases both first-run and independent films in St. Augustine.

17. Head to Raintree Restaurant for drinks and bites.

Raintree Restaurant opened in 1981, and has continued to be a Florida restaurant destination for decades. The chefs blend Asian, Mediterranean, and American flavors and concentrate on quality ingredients.

Like many properties in St. Augustine, their building has quite a bit of history. The land once belonged to Florida’s first congressman, then was purchased by a Confederate veteran who developed the area.

The Victorian-style home makes a beautiful backdrop for the fine cuisine that Raintree Restaurant offers. They also have a fabulous drink selection (as you can see from the photo from their Facebook page below).

Raintree Restaurant Florida DiningRaintree Restaurant has long been a destination eatery in Florida.

Itinerary – Day 3 Suggested Things to Do in St. Augustine

18. Take a morning stretch in St. Augustine’s historic district.

Eat breakfast at your St. Augustine bed and breakfast and then burn off calories by wandering the historic district. Head down side streets. Peek down alleys. Look through keyholes (if it’s appropriate!), and enjoy the architecture and old buildings.

You never know what you’ll find, and it’s the perfect way to start your day. There are so many unique gates, doors, and gardens all throughout the historic area. It’s truly beautiful everywhere you look.

St. Augustine Historic DistrictSt. Augustine Historic DistrictTaking a morning stroll in the historic district is one of the most relaxing things to do in St. Augustine. 

19. Cross more things to do in St. Augustine off of your list.

There are a plethora of things to do in St. Augustine! Hop on the trolley and take time to explore. See the 208-foot tall cross overlooking the Matanza River, and head to the Old Jail. Take time to explore the Fountain of Youth and other historic sites in the area.

There are museums, churches, historic sites, and the old city gates on the route. Ride the trolley and get your fill before you head out of town.

Big Cross in St. Augustine Florida on Matanzas RiverThe 208-foot tall cross in St. Augustine can be viewed on land or by eco-tour boat.

20. Go to the lighthouse on your way out of town.

The lighthouse is close to the St. Augustine beach (which is worth visiting with its white sand). Therefore, schedule a visit on your way out of town.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is an interesting site full of history. However, the highlight is a walk up the 219 steps to the observation deck. It affords such gorgeous views!

You can also learn about the port and how vital it was to the formation of what St. Augustine and Florida are today.

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum StepsSt. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum StepsSt. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum StepsSt. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum StepsA walk up the lighthouse steps affords gorgeous views of the port of St. Augustine.

Heading to St. Augustine for a Romantic Getaway

There are definitely lots of things to do in Florida. Although, skip out on the commercialized stuff and head to St. Augustine. The town offers so much, and there truly is something for everyone. Foodies, historians, and shoppers will all adore this fabulous getaway!

It’s also convenient because it’s in the northern part of the state. Therefore, those that want to drive can enjoy Florida’s beauty without having to travel all the way south. Enjoy the St. Francis Inn and all that St. Augustine has in store on a wonderful, romantic retreat.

Want to visit St. Augustine? Save our guide!

20 Things to Do in St. Augustine Florida

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