11 of the Most Fun Road Trip Activities for Couples on Honeymoons

So you’ve decided on a road trip. Good choice! Not only will you enjoy going from place to place, but we have fun ideas for long road trips. After all, part of the journey is—the journey! Our road trip activities for couples will hopefully give you ideas for things to do while on the go. Think of it as a bucket list for your travels together.

11 of the Most Fun Road Trip Activities for Couples

Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips

A road trip with your significant other might sound like a dream come true. However, the reality is that it can sound more fun in concept than in practice. Yikes!

Be intentional with your road trip plans. Otherwise, your time can turn into a lot of silence and driving instead of jamming and fun. Play road trip games and create a bucket list of things to do. Use our road trip tips for couples to make your next journey more special.

Road Trip Activities for Couples

1. Try a new type of cuisine during your travels.

As you travel, you will eventually have to eat. Instead of going with safe bets, try out some new cuisines. Look up reviews for the best Indian, Thai, or other ethnic foods while you’re driving. Then stop for a new and exciting meal.

2. Take a selfie together as you cross each state line.

Document your trip with a fun selfie as you cross each state line. Planning pictures is great for long road trips where you’ll be driving through multiple states. However, you can even take photos on shorter trips.

Mixed Couple Taking Selfie on Road Trip

3. Go on the road less traveled.

Instead of taking the most direct route down the highway, consider some backroad fun. Backroads often have better views and neat places that are worth stopping to explore. Exploring is one of the best things to do on a road trip.

4. Play road trip games for two.

We all love travel games for adults. Popular games, such as the alphabet game or license plate game, will suffice. However, there are many guessing games and other road trip games you may enjoy.

5. Listen to an audiobook or podcast during the drive.

Grab an audiobook that both you and your significant other will enjoy. Listen to a captivating story on the drive to help keep you both entertained. Another option is to pick a podcast on a subject that interests you both. So fun!

6. Make a list of roadside attractions to stop and see.

Every state has something odd or fun to stop and look at. Whether it’s the largest boot or tallest peach, find what’s on your route. Then make a list to stop and see. Stopping to see those once-in-a-lifetime sites is one of the best road trip activities for couples.

Couple Traveling on a Road Trip Stop

7. Swap the drive-through for a picnic or sit down meal.

Take your food to a picnic table at a rest stop to eat. Additionally, you could choose to sit down at a restaurant instead of doing a drive-thru. Not only is this safer for driving, but it’s a good chance for you to make memories together.

8. Plan exciting date stops on the road.

What kind of activities do you two like to do? Is it hiking? Then find some trails on your route to stop and hike. Is it shopping? Then find some unique shops to do some shopping. Whatever you both like to do, blend it into your travel plans.

9. Find unique rest stops while you’re traveling.

We all know that some rest stops are terrible. However, others can be full of things like free orange juice and cookies. Find the rest stops that are top-notch if you need to stop. Of course, that’s unless you really can’t hold your bladder any longer.

Road Trip Activities for Couples

10. Schedule a longer trip and explore.

Instead of just driving straight to your destination, consider taking a slightly longer trip. Consequently, planning time will allow you to explore the cities along the way. You might find that an interesting small town or a nearby city along your trip. It may be well worth a pitstop for the night.

11. Ask road trip questions for couples.

If you’re looking at a long road trip ahead of you, try some conversation starters to lighten the mood. The answers can help you pass the time and learn more about your significant other at the same time.

Final Thoughts on Road Trip Activities for Couples

Looking for a few ways to make your road trip more romantic and more fun? Our ideas will not disappoint! There is something here for every couple so you can have nothing but fun for miles to come.

Save our road trip activities for couples!

Fun Road Trip Activities for Couples

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