10 Attractive Stay at Home Date Night Outfits You’ll Love

When you need to relax and simply don’t want to go out, make it special. Plan an activity you’ll both enjoy and dress for the occasion. From dinner date outfits to what to wear for a movie date at home, we have the perfect selection of stay at home date night outfits.

10 Attractive Stay at Home Date Night Outfits

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Why plan stay at home date night outfits?

Nowadays staying home is where it’s at. After a pandemic and living a more laid-back lifestyle, many are planning a staying in date night outfit. Before you toss your hair in a messy bun and grab your PJs, think again!

Dressing up for date night at home is fun, and it makes you feel more confident. Break free from your leggings and joggers, and put together the perfect lockdown date night outfit.

10 Stay at Home Date Night Outfit Ideas

1. Pick a comfortable maxi dress as an at-home dinner date outfit.

Maxi dresses are lightweight and comfortable but still beat pajamas any day. Add a long necklace, and you have the perfect outfit for your next date night at home.

Our Top Picks for Maxi Dress Date Night Outfits

Maxi Dress Date Night at Home

2. Swap your leggings for relaxed jeans as a movie date at home outfit.

While leggings might be ultra-comfy, relaxed jeans look nicer but still provide the comfort of leggings. If you’re wondering what to wear for a movie date at home, relaxed-style jeans are perfect. 

Our Top Picks for Movie Date at Home Outfits with Jeggings

Relaxed Jeans at home Date Night Outfit

3. Add a fun cami top to your staying in date night outfit.

Adding a nice blouse or a top that isn’t a graphic tee shirt can do wonders. It’s a way to dress up your stay at home date night outfits while still being comfortable.

Our Top Picks for Date Night Outfit Tops

Date Night Outfit Lace Tank Top Staying In

4. Wear accessories with your stay at home date night outfits.

Accessories can help you dress up even the most basic of outfits. Use a necklace, bracelet, or even a scarf to add some flare to your date night look.

Our Top Picks for Accessorizing Your Date Night Outfits

Bracelets for Dressing Up for Date Night at Home

5. Choose a maxi skirt instead of jeans.

Perhaps it’s been a few days since you shaved your legs, or you don’t want to put on shorts. A maxi skirt is a much better lockdown date night outfit option than jeans.

Our Top Picks for Maxi Skirt Date Night Outfits

Maxi Skirt At Home Dinner Date Outfit

6. Swap your graphic tee for a plain tee on date night.

A graphic tee can be a great way to make a plain skirt or pair of pants a more complete look. However, for a simple at-home date night look, try to keep your top graphic free for a change. Even if you’re just watching a movie!

Our Top Picks for Tees as a Movie Date at Home Outfit

Woman T Shirt Tee Movie Date at Home Outfit

7. Put a warm sweater on top of date night outfits with jeans.

Do you stay cold-natured, even when you’re indoors? Sweaters will help keep you warm. Plus date night outfits should look a lot better than your regular hoodie or zip-up jacket.

Our Top Picks for Date Night Outfits with Jeans and Sweaters

Woman with Sweater Hat Date Night Outfits

8. Choose sundresses as stay at home date night outfits.

Sundresses are perfect for at-home date nights. They’re slightly more dressy than jeans but still have the same level of comfort. Plus, they’re super cute, too.

Stylish Plus Size Dresses

Our Top Picks for Sundresses for Dressing up for Date Night at Home

Woman in Sundress Outside

9. T-shirt dresses make better date night outfits than t-shirts.

This might sound weird because, ultimately, they are both t-shirts. However, a dress will always look more elegant than a simple shirt. So swap out your favorite shirt for a shirt dress! You’ll still get the same comfort but your staying in date night outfit will look a bit nicer. 

Our Top Picks for T-Shirt Dress Stay at Home Date Night Outfits

Woman in T Shirt Dress for Night In

10. Go all out for a dinner date outfit to wear while you stay in.

If you want to take your date night up a notch, consider dressing up in your fanciest little black dress. It’s not something you have to do on every date night! However, it can make a candlelight dinner a little more romantic.

Our Top Picks for Getting Dressy with It at Home

Woman in Cocktail Dress for Date

Love these date night outfit ideas? Save it!

Cute Stay at Home Date Night Outfits

Stay at Home Date Night Outfits

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