Wedding Day Transportation Ideas to Wow Your Guests

There is nothing quite like a wedding and there are so many ways that you can make it memorable. Attentions are often focused on details such as the venue, the dress, and the decor for the reception. However, getting from here to there can often bring the wow factor. Our wedding day transportation ideas will are practical and impressive, too!

Wedding Day Transportation Ideas to Wow Your Guests

No matter what theme of wedding you are going for, transportation is a big part of your day. You need to consider how you and your spouse will get around. Plus, you may have to move guests from Point A to Point B. 

FAQ About Wedding Day Transportation Ideas

Do you need to provide transportation for wedding guests?

It depends, and in some cases, it’s very thoughtful to do so. Transporting guests from a hotel block to the wedding and back from the reception can save on parking spaces. Plus, if you’re having an open bar, you can ensure that everyone gets back to their rooms safely.

Another time you may want to provide transportation is from the wedding to the reception when they are in different locations.

Bride in Car Leaving Wedding

How much does wedding transportation cost?

Honestly, there are many factors that influence this. Ponder the type of vehicle, how long you will need transportation and the number of people being moved. Where you live can also be a consideration.

Wedding Day Transporation Ideas by Style

Take a peek at a few different types of wedding styles, and pick a transportation option that speaks to you.

Transporation for the DIY Couple

If your wedding will be handmade with love, then it’s possible that budget could be a factor. When making choices on things like transport, play off of the DIY theme.

Do you know someone who has a fancy car or something a little different like a retro vehicle?  Ask to borrow it. You could use ribbon, flowers and decorate it just as you have other areas for the day.

Bikes are also a great option and can work well with the DIY theme. Pedal bikes, motorbikes, or even scooters can be a totally unique way to turn up for your big day.

Bride on Motorcycle in Dress

Wedding Transport for the Glamourous Couple

Many people choose to go all-out glam for their wedding day. Therefore, the transport needs to fit with the theme. Limousines can often work well when it comes to an upscale wedding. Black or white limos are great options, or you could look for other stretch vehicles.

These days people hire stretch Hummers, Lamborghinis, and other sports cars. This could really add the wow factor for your big day and be a major talking point. If you’re getting married near the water, exiting via boat is also a great option.

Limo Wedding Transportation

Getting Around for the Rustic Boho Couple

Your style might be more relaxed for your big day, and that’s ok! So with the wedding transport, you might not want something flashy and out there.

Instead, choose a vintage vehicle or something a little more classic. Perhaps a Ford Cortina or Mustang, an old-style Mini, or even a traditional wedding vehicle would suffice.

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They will give a classic chic feel to the big day but still will give the wow factor. Plus these sorts of vehicles always look incredible in photographs.

Bride in Red Car

Transporation for a Destination Wedding

If you have chosen to get married on vacation or somewhere a little more exotic then wedding transport still needs to be a factor. However, this is where you can go for the extraordinary.

Fly into your wedding location by helicopter or seaplane. You may not have much traveling to do, but you still need to show up in style. Leaving in a golf cart is also a fun idea if you’re at a resort.

Golf Cart Wedding Just Married

Wedding Day Transportation for a Classic Wedding

Lastly, many couples choose to stick with something a little more traditional. While you can get traditional cars that will fit the theme, there is another option.

A horse-drawn carriage is an elegant, sophisticated, and unique option as wedding transport for your big day. If it is is good enough for royal families, then why not for you? Or you could scale it back and just ride a horse.

Bride on Horse Wedding

Save our wedding day transportation ideas!

Wedding Day Transportation Ideas

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