8 Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Big Day Special

One of the most symbolic parts of your wedding day is showcasing your union. If you’re looking for creative wedding unity ceremony ideas, we have eight creative ones for you to consider.

8 Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Big Day Special

Why Use Our Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

A unity ceremony is a great way to add tradition and personality to your wedding celebration. Couples have been lighting candles, combining sand, and finding unique ways to declare their love for one another on their big day.

Uniting two individuals and two families is a big moment for many couples. This memorable and engaging activity for couples and guests is perfect for your special day. Here are a few fabulous wedding unity ceremony ideas to make your big day even more meaningful.

8 Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

1. Put together a unity sandwich.

If you’re looking for a tasty metaphor that celebrates the inner foodie in both of you, why not put together your favorite sandwich? Have each of you prepare a slice of bread and put the sandwich together during your ceremony. Then you can each take a quick bite.

2. Water a tree to keep in your home.

If you are a plant lover, you will adore this horticulturist wedding unity ceremony idea. Nature lovers will love watering a tree during their ceremony and then watching it grow and flourish as a newlywed together.

Bride and Groom Looking at Each Other

3. Light a unity candle to symbolize the two becoming one.

Unity candles are one of the most common unity ideas. Traditionally, it involves the couple lighting one large candle from two smaller family candles. Doing this is a great way to represent the merging of two families.

4. Create an anniversary time capsule.

A simple idea full of meaning, this time capsule is a unique and fun unity ceremony you can do. Write handwritten love letters and add a bottle of wine to your box.

You can even have your guests write notes for the box as well. Lock the box together during your ceremony. As a result, you’ll have a fun and unique wedding time capsule to open on your first anniversary.

5. Blend two colors of water.

This is similar to a sand ceremony, but the idea is to blend together two separate colors of water. Combine them so they will form a single color to symbolize your marriage. Before doing this one, experiment with colors beforehand. That way, you don’t end up with a combined color you hate looking at.

6. Mix a specialty cocktail.

This fun and tasty tradition are perfect for cocktail lovers! Pour two different beers and enjoy your first brew together. Or gather up your favorite ingredients, and mix them together for a custom cocktail you can make with ease.

Bride and Groom at Wedding

7. Set a bonfire ablaze at an outdoor wedding.

If a candle isn’t bold enough for you as a couple, try lighting a bonfire instead! This is great for an outdoor wedding and will certainly make your special day stand out! One bonus is that your guests can gather around the fire and roast marshmallows during the reception.

8. Perform a traditional lasso ceremony.

This is a traditional ceremony in Mexican, Filipino, and Spanish cultures. Consequently, it involves putting a floral garland around the new couple and twisting it into an infinity symbol. At the end of the ceremony, the bestower of the lasso removes it. Next, the couple saves it as a symbol of their love and unity.

Save our wedding unity ceremony ideas!

As you can see, there are several ways you can incorporate a wedding unity ceremony into your special day. Hopefully, these great ideas inspire you to try something unique for your special day.

Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

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