6 Ways the Right Luggage Can Make Traveling a Breeze

Whether packing your honeymoon or just planning a new adventure, packing can be stressful. From choosing the right bag for your trip to ensuring you don’t overpack, there are many things to consider when packing. And we’ve got the scoop on the best luggage!

How to Pick the Best Luggage

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6 Tips for Picking the Best Luggage

Selecting the right accessories and suitcases can help make your next trip easier and make packing for it so simple. Here are a few ways you can make packing a breeze.

1. Look for luggage with shelves.

If you’re like us, you sometimes live out of your suitcase while traveling. Purchasing luggage with shelves is a huge game-changer! A shelf-laden bag means you can easily travel with all your supplies in one bag.

Plus, you don’t have to unpack! You can use the shelves to make an unexpected overnight stay in an airport bearable or make more space in your tiny hotel room. Luggage with laptop compartments and other sections helps you stay organized while on the go.

2. Add a mesh for privacy when traveling.

If you’re traveling with others or just want a little bit of privacy with your bag, you will want to pick up this mesh screen. It creates a little bit of privacy to keep lingerie hidden from kids or to just protect your stuff.

Luggage with Shelves

3. Use a luggage tag to ID your bag

If you’re traveling by train or plane, you must have a way to ID your bag. If your luggage gets lost or you need to identify your bag easily, you’ll be glad you have one.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by attaching an ID tag to your bag. This luggage tag works great for identifying your bag for cruises, baggage returns, and any other situation you might need one!

4. Place everything in packing cubes

Whether you just want to organize all of your outfits or you are looking to keep your suitcase organized, packing cubes are a huge game-changer. These can make finding exactly what you need easier and maximize your limited suitcase space. Packing cubes are designed to be custom-fit to work with Royce and Rocket’s shelves too!

Packing Cubes Suitcase

5. Buy quality luggage.

Even if you take extra care with your luggage, your bag will still get thrown around or roll around, no matter how careful you are of it. The durable polycarbonate shell of the Castle Classic can help you stay organized. However, it’s a sturdy bag that can handle airport terminals and whatever else everything comes your bag’s way.

6. Opt for a suitcase set instead of individual pieces.

If you want to make packing easier, splurge for the luggage sets instead of individual pieces. Luggage sets with packing cubes and shelves will fit perfectly together. Additionally, you won’t have to worry if they will fit or work together. Not only will they be a unified set, but they will also provide you with everything you need to travel.

Burgundy and pink suitcase with two interior shelves for better organization.

If you’re looking for quality luggage sets, we highly recommend checking out Royce and Rocket. These luggage pieces are high quality and will significantly reduce the stress of having to pack your bags. Whether you’re just hunting for packing cubes or it’s time to replace your luggage, you’ll find everything you need to pack for your next trip.

Save these tips on choosing a suitcase!

Best Suitcase for Travel

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