15 of the Best Winter Wedding Bouquets to Enhance Your Big Day

Winter is such a beautiful time of year to get married and say, “I do.” There’s a chill in the air, everyone gets cozy, and you have the possibility of snow. Plus, having a cold-weather big day gives you a reason to have gorgeous winter wedding bouquets. From minimalistic beauties to Christmas wedding bouquet ideas, we have you covered with our choices.

Best Winter Wedding Bouquets to Enhance Your Big Day

What are the best flowers for a winter wedding?

Of course, before we delve into simple winter wedding bouquets, you may have a few questions. Asking, “What are the best flowers for a winter wedding,” is a smart thing to wonder. Choosing blooms that are in season will help your budget as you choose winter wedding flowers to go into your bridal bouquet.

Here are some of the best flowers to include in winter wedding bouquets. However, if none of these strike you as being a perfect fit, don’t be afraid to pick other blooms. Chat with your floral designer about what flowers are suitable for your winter bouquet.

Flowers to Include in Winter Wedding Bouquets

  • Roses – Combine white and red roses for traditional winter wedding colors.
  • Anenome – Anenomes are lovely with their dark centers surrounded by soft waves of petals.
  • Stephanotis – Add a bit of the tropics to your wedding with stephanotis, which has structured—yet delicate—flowers.
  • Hypericum Berries – Hypericum is not a flower, yet berries add a lovely flair to winter wedding bouquets.
  • Camellias – If you love layers and layers of soft petals, then camellias can add beauty to your bridal bouquet.
Anenome Flower for Winter Weddings
Anemones are beautiful accent blooms in winter wedding bouquets with their statement centers.

Traditional Winter Wedding Flowers and Greens for a Christmas Bouquet

  • Poinsettia – Poinsettias may seem like an unusual choice. However, nothing says “Christmas” quite like carrying a poinsettia wedding bouquet down the aisle. Have your florist design a bouquet solely of poinsettias or create a winter bouquet that includes them as a focal point.
  • Evergreens – There is a whole world of evergreens out there. From fir to balsam to pine, these greens add beauty and texture to a bouquet. One of the best things about these is that they are always in season and can be easily foraged, which saves on cost. Some may even have berries, which can add an extra element of charm to Christmas wedding bouquets.
  • Holly – Oh by gosh, by golly, don’t we all love holly? Although holly is adorable—especially when it has red berries—it truly is a sign of the winter season. Do be careful of how you place it into your Christmas bouquet as some species have sharp leaves. You want to be safe and comfortable on your wedding day. Don’t add the worry about getting poked by sharp leaves.
  • Amaryllis – The amaryllis grows from a bulb, which produces a stately flower on a long stem. These blooms are quite a statement piece within a bouquet of other species of flowers.
  • Paperwhite Narcissus – Paperwhites are another winter flower that springs from a bulb. They make fabulous gifts that bloom around the holidays. The delicate flowers of the narcissus add a beautiful dimension to a holiday wedding bouquet.
  • Pine Cones – Of course, these aren’t flowers or greens, but winter wedding bouquets with pine cones are gorgeous! Both the texture and color of pine cones add a beautiful contrast to soft, velvety blooms.

Amaryllis Christmas Wedding Bouquets Winter Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis is a lovely flower to include in Christmas wedding bouquets.

15 Winter Wedding Bouquets to Enhance Your Big Day

1. Gorgeous Winter Bouquet with Berries and Greens

Use traditional holiday colors while incorporating similar tones. This winter wedding bouquet incorporates various tones of red—such as peach, burgundy, and pink. Greenery also adds various hues of green, which all blend together with gorgeous results.

Christmas Wedding Holiday Berries Winter Styled Shoot as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - flowers, bouquet

2. Christmas Wedding Bouquet Ideas with Pine Cones and Berries

Winter wedding bouquets with pine cones are lovely This is true, especially when they are combined with other seasonal elements, such as evergreen springs and hypericum berries. These additions create a beautiful arrangement. However, other flora, such as ferns and roses add dimension to lovely Christmas wedding bouquets.

Winter Wedding Bouquets with Pine Cones

3. Bridal Bouquet with Contrasting Winter Wedding Colors

Just because you are having a cold-weather wedding, doesn’t mean you have to use seasonal elements. Blending white roses with deep-toned blooms and greenery, such as eucalyptus, can be equally as lovely.

Steel Blue and Burgundy Virginia Wedding | Hill City Bride Wedding Ideas Blog Bridal Bouquet

4. Perfect Christmas Bouquet with Seasonal Elements

Obsessed with pine cones? Well, have your floral designer use them in varying sizes for a gorgeous effect. In fact, winter wedding bouquets with pine cones have so much texture and dimension. Also, note the beauty of the thistle and orchids. What a stunning combination!

Christmas Wedding Bouquets with Orchid, Thistle, Roses, Pine Cones

5. Simple Winter Wedding Bouquets for Minimalistic Brides

If you crave minimalism, then simple winter wedding bouquets are perfect! Scaled-back arrangements also work well for elopements and micro weddings. The base can be designed with greens in mind, and then add holiday toned blooms for a lovely mini-bouquet.

Intimate White Wedding During Coronavirus | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

6. Winter Wedding Bouquets with Pine Cones and Evergreens

If you adore the holidays and want to go all out with Christmas wedding bouquets for you and your bridal party, go for it! Pine cones can certainly take the place of flowers. In fact, use evergreens and eucalyptus to create even more texture. Feathers can also add an unexpected element to your winter bouquet.

Christmas Wedding Bouquet with Pine Cones Winter

7. Winter Bouquet with Roses and Calla Lilies

Don’t feel like you have to stick with winter flowers and textures to have a stunning bridal bouquet. Calla lilies are unique, and they add structure to an arrangement of velvety roses and leafy greens. Layers of ribbon also add interest to winter wedding bouquets.

Red Pink Winter Wedding Inspiration | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

8. Hot Pink and White Winter Wedding Colors

Not sold on red? Go for a brighter tone, such as hot pink. Pairing pops of bright blooms with stark white and lush green hues is so stunning. The addition of a green velvet ribbon makes the winter wedding bouquet so perfect.

Christmas Wedding Bridal Bouquet Pink Green White

9. Monochromatic Red Textured Bridal Bouquet

There truly is no season like winter to showcase your love for red. Using a single tone in various shades is a stunning way to show off your love for warm tones. Red, burgundy, deep pink, and dark salmon tones blend beautifully when accented with greenery and a few white blooms.

Dusty Blue Wedding Color Palette | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Wedding Blog | Something Blue Bouquet Flowers

10. Moody Bridal Bouquet with Tons of Texture

Considering a winter bouquet with a lot of texture takes a bit of commitment, but the results are wow-worthy. Various sizes and tones of roses pair beautifully with different berries and greens. Therefore, the blend creates the perfect mix of soft petals and firm fruits. Lovely!

Christmas Wedding Bouquet Ideas

11. White Winter Wedding Bouquets with Pine Cones

Seeded eucalyptus makes the perfect addition to winter wedding bouquets. A variety of evergreens, pine cones, roses, and poms all come together to create a beautifully neutral bouquet. In fact, brown, green, and white are all reminiscent of snowy winter scenes. Consequently, you can mimic the look in gorgeous Christmas wedding bouquets.

White Winter Wedding Bouquets with Pine Cones

12. Stunning Cascading Winter Bouquet with Unique Blooms

Winter wedding bouquets that have a cascading shape mimic the fresh-picked feel of garden centerpieces. Consequently, the quality and arrangement of blooms can give a bridal bouquet such interest. It allows the viewer to notice a new flower or element with each glance at the arrangement.

Red Winter Wedding Bouquet

13. Christmas Wedding Bouquets with Natural Holiday Elements

Again, traditional natural elements can take center stage in fabulous Christmas wedding bouquets. Red and white roses and greens can be hand-tied for a stunning arrangement to carry down the aisle for your winter wedding.

Winter Christmas Wedding Bouquet Ideas

14. Statement Winter Wedding Bouquet with Orchids

Orchids are one of the most lovely blooms. Known for their delicate nature and stately flowers, orchids are quite impressive when incorporated into bridal bouquets. Also, a cascading shape allows for large, red roses and wispy greens to add elegance to an already fabulous arrangement.

Christmas Wedding Bouquet Red White Orchid Rose

15. Monochromatic Red Winter Bouquet

Berries and petal filled flowers create a stunning effect, even without greenery. Therefore, if you adore a color but can’t settle on an exact hue, going monochromatic can be your best bet. Especially when it comes to winter wedding bouquets!

Monochromatic Red Wedding Bouquet for Winter

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Wintertime allows for beautiful bouquets that don’t fit into other times of the year. For example, you most likely wouldn’t use holly or pine cones in the heat of the summer. Consequently, the cold-weather season allows for some of the most gorgeous florals.

It’s considered the most wonderful time of the year for a reason, and your winter wedding can be a part of it. Happy planning!

Best Winter Wedding Bouquets to Enhance Your Big Day Christmas

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