11 Surprising Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding Day Bliss

Want to save a bit of money on your big day? Borrow, don’t buy! We’ll cover some basic things you can rent for your wedding and then surprise you with unexpected things you can borrow.

11 Surprising Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding Day Bliss

Wedding expenses can add up quickly, especially if you have a large wedding. However, your big day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’ll never use or wear many of those must-have items on your list again!

To help you save some money, or save yourself some future wedding clutter, here are a few surprising things you can rent for your wedding day.

Standard Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding

There are a few things that you can rent that might seem a bit obvious, but many people forget about these items!

1. Wedding Venue

It should come as no surprise that you won’t be purchasing the place you are holding your wedding. Unless you’re using your backyard as the venue, you will probably rent the space you get married to for a few hours. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

Pharsalia Wedding Venue Virginia Floral Farm

2. Wedding Party Tuxedos

Tuxedos are not cheap. Therefore, instead of buying them, have the groom and groomsmen rent wedding attire instead. They’ll have the perfect suit for the wedding day at a fraction of the cost. Of course, if the guys have a need for formal attire, it would be cheaper in the long run to buy. You could also use traditional suiting instead of a tuxedo if necessary.

Red and Pink Wedding Theme Bridal Party

3. Reception Furniture

Many venues will have reception tables and chairs you can rent. If your venue doesn’t offer it, you can find a third party that can. Your hometown should have a party rental store that rents wedding supplies. Some places will even set them up and take them down for you.

Lynchburg Virginia Tropical Wedding Reception Decor

4. Catering Supplies

Catering doesn’t just include the food. Consequently, many places also provide china, flatware, serving pieces, and glasses. You can even rent a cake knife through some companies. Since this is a bit unexpected, check with your caterer to see if there’s an extra rental charge for these items. Surprise wedding expenses are never welcomed.

White Wedding Cake Ideas

Extra Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding

You would be shocked at how many things you can get for your wedding day through renting! Here are some other inspiring ideas.

5. Wedding Gown

Don’t let your wedding dress collect dust in your closet after your wedding day. Instead, find a bridal shop that can rent you the perfect dress instead. There are also several online places where you can rent your wedding dress, saving thousands. Borrowing your bridal gown is a great idea, but it may not be the best idea if you’re sentimental.

Wedding Day Questions Bride Twirl

6. Bridal Jewelry

If you don’t wear fancy jewelry, this is a much better option for nice wedding day accessories. You could even do the same thing for your clutch and shoes. Again, there are several places online that let you rent bridal jewelry.

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Lynchburg Virginia Tropical Wedding Smiling Bride

7. Vintage Furniture

Whether you’re looking for beautiful lounge seating, an accent bar, or heirloom china, there are rental options for your big day. You can use these as accent pieces or incorporate them into your wedding day seating options.

Wedding in the Woods of Virginia | Woods Wedding Venue

8. Decorative Rugs

If you are using a runner or rug for your ceremony, consider looking into places that can rent one. After all, if you buy one, you’ll walk down it a handful of times — then you’ll be stuck with a rug. You can often find decorative rugs at places that rent vintage furniture.

Virginia Backyard Wedding with a Fall Color Palette Ring Bearer

9. Wedding Flowers

Flowers can decorate a space and make even the most simple venue look elegant. They’re like the icing on a perfect cake. This includes your bouquets too. Don’t waste money on wilting flowers if you’re using real florals. Outside of blooms, things like candle holders and vases can add up quickly. Instead, ask your florist about renting everything from the flowers to the essentials.

Bridgerton Wedding Dress Blue

10. Ceremony and Photo Backdrops

Do you want a backdrop or photo booth on your wedding day? There are plenty of rental companies you can look into to provide the perfect backdrop for your big day. Consequently, if you hire a photo booth company, they should have options. Check with your florist or vintage rental company if you’re looking for one for your ceremony.

Virginia Backyard Wedding with a Fall Color Palette Just Married

11. Custom Signs

If you need generic signs that help guests navigate the venue, consider renting them instead. Unless it’s something that you plan to hang in your home forever, don’t waste their money buying a sign to tell people what table to eat at. Signage that says “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Bride and Groom” won’t come in handy after the special day.

Lynchburg Virginia Tropical Wedding Vows

Save things you can rent for your wedding day!

Surprising Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding DayThings You Can Rent for Your Wedding Day

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