How to Make Adorable DIY Fall Pillow Covers

Once you’re married, you’ll have your new home to concentrate on. And these DIY fall pillow covers are the perfect accent for autumn. As a result, they’re the perfect way to add whimsy to your fall decor.

How to Make Adorable DIY Fall Pillow Covers for Your New Home

Supplies for DIY Fall Pillow Covers

  • Cricut machine
  • Iron or heat press
  • Infusible ink
  • Sublimation pillow cover or infusible ink pillow cover
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Weeding tool
  • Crafting tweezers
  • Cricut mat (blue or green)
  • Brayer from Cricut
  • Lint roller
  • Pillow form insert

Supplies for Fall DIY Project

Cricut Gives Your Ultimate Cutting Precision

Autumn Pillow Cover Instructions

Step 1: Design the Space

  • Download the SVG file here, and you can also see it below.
  • Upload the file to the design space, and change the sizing accordingly. This will depend on the size of your pillow cover. Consequently, the largest cut is 11.5” x 11.5”, so plan beforehand.
  • Hit “make it” to continue designing your pillow cover.
  • Once you see it on the preview screen (also known as the grid screen), turn on the “mirror” feature.
  • Press “continue.”
  • Adjust the material dial to the “infusible ink” setting.
  • Use “more pressure” to ensure a clean print.

Fall Cricut Pillow SVG File

Fall DIY Project Pumpkin Pillow_0001

Step 2: Add infusible ink to mat.

  • Carefully remove the infusible ink sheet from the packaging.
  • Next, use the brayer tool, and add the infusible ink sheet to the Cricut mat.
  • Try not to over-touch the sheet to prevent any natural oils from your hands from interfering with ink transfer.

Fall DIY Project Pumpkin Pillow_0002

Step 3: Cut and weed the transfer.

  • Load the mat into the Cricut machine.
  • Push the flashing “go” button to cut.
  • Once cut, leave the sheet on the mat, and then begin to weed between and around the letters of the design.
  • The infusible ink is thick and may possibly make a cracking sound when removed. Additionally, completely remove it from the mat to fully separate it.
  • Use your judgment and apply the tweezers and weeder as necessary to get the small details.

Fall DIY Project Pumpkin Pillow

Step 4: Add the infusible ink transfer to the pillow cover.

  • Use a lint roller to try and remove any fuzz, pills, or debris from the pillow cover.
  • Next, use a measuring tape to center the design.
  • Ink face down, place the heat-resistant tape all around the design to hold it in place when you press it.
  • Add a sheet of the included butcher paper (it should be in the box) to the pillow’s inside and on top of the design before pressing.

Fall DIY Project Pumpkin Pillow

Step 5: Heat press the pillow to transfer the ink.

  • Next, as recommended by Cricut, heat the ink at 380 degrees for 60 seconds.
  • Press or iron — carefully and slowly — the surface while you lift the transfer straight off and on the design to keep it from moving.

Fall Cricut Pillow Cover

Step 6: Remove the transfer paper and add the pillow.

  • After the pillow’s surface is completely cooled, remove the tape and transfer.
  • Lastly, place your pillow form or poly-fil inside the pillow cover.
  • Enjoy!

Autumn Cricut Project DIY Pillow

DIY Fall Pillow Covers Final Result

Cricut DIY Fall Pillow CoversCricut DIY Fall Pillow CoversCricut DIY Fall Pillow CoversCricut DIY Fall Pillow Covers

Save our Cricut DIY fall pillow covers and get crafting!

How to Make DIY Fall Pillow Covers

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