12 Creative Ways to Include Something Blue into Your Big Day

It’s tradition on your wedding day to have something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. These fun ideas are a unique and creative way to incorporate this tradition and do something a little different on your big day!

12 Creative Ways to Include Something Blue into Your Big Day

12 Ways to Include Something Blue on Your Big Day

1. Wear blue wedding shoes.

Why not look at blue wedding shoes if you’re looking to incorporate the tone? Either can have an accent of color, or they can be a fully blue pair of shoes.

2. Add sapphire-colored charms to your wedding veil or hair.

You can buy metal charms that will sit on the base of the comb on your veil. Additionally, these elegant charms can be a great way to add a lovely and subtle hint of color to your veil.

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3. Place blue-toned flowers into your wedding bouquets.

A traditional option is to add it to your wedding bouquet to help accent your gorgeous wedding dress. However, you could also add some colorful metal variations to the flowers if you don’t want blue flowers to take the focus of your bouquet.

4. Wear sapphire jewelry.

There are many ways you can incorporate this tradition into your wedding day that are elegant and beautiful. Consequently, choosing jewelry pieces with pops of color can make your blue something you’ll never forget.

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5. Have your wedding party wear the hue.

What better way to add interest to your big day than with the ladies who mean so much to you? Blue dresses can make your something blue even more vibrant. Additionally, it’s an excellent option for a colorful twist on your big day.

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6. Schedule a manicure or pedicure and pick a sky or sea tone.

Get a manicure right before your big day, and let the blue nail polish sparkle! This is a great way to involve your wedding party and have an accent that will last beyond your special day.

7. Add a sash or belt to your wedding gown.

Have your flower girls or even your own dress include a blue sash to make that something blue stand out for everyone to see.

8. Change into a colored dress for your wedding reception,

If a traditional white dress just isn’t something you want to do, why not do a colored wedding dress? But, of course, you could also do a white dress with tonal accents on it as well.

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9. Add colored charms or ribbons to your bridal bouquet.

If you’re looking for another subtle touch of the hue to your big day, consider adding some bouquet charms to give your flowers a small pop of blue.

10. Keep it private with your undergarments.

While it’s true that only one person will see up your wedding dress, this can be a fun and playful way to check off something blue on your list.

11. Have the groom and groomsmen wear blue bow ties or suiting.

Have the groom, the bride’s father, or even the whole bridal party wear blue bow ties. As a result, doing so will give your wedding tradition something everyone can participate in.

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12. Add a small, colored detail to your wedding dress or shoes.

Have your new monogram on the bottom of your shoes or sewn into the dress! This can be an excellent way to include color and commemorate a very special day in your life.

Save our ideas for something blue!

Hopefully, from classic to traditional and everything in between, one of these options will help you feel special with a traditional tone on your wedding day.

Something Blue Wedding IdeasWedding Ideas for Something Blue

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