10 Cheap but Classy Wedding Reception Ideas You’ll Love

When you’re planning a wedding, why not think outside the box? As a result, there are a lot of cheap but classy wedding reception ideas to include that will add an element of fun. We gave 10 fun ideas for your ceremony and reception to get you started!

10 Cheap but Classy Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Love

Why consider using cheap but classy wedding reception ideas?

It’s no secret that most weddings tend to be a bit more formal. However, there are so many ways that you can quickly make your wedding reception fun and a bit more laid back. Not all of these wedding reception ideas will be up your alley. Although they are an excellent place to start think-tanking and get your brain working.

10 Cheap But Classy Wedding Reception Ideas

Our ideas are just the fun your special day needs! You can put all of these wedding ideas together quickly. Plus, they won’t break the bank. You can easily add a touch of class to each wedding reception idea.

1. Gather in the garden.

Using a beautiful garden space is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage. The flowers and plants provide the perfect decor! All you need to do is set up tables and chairs for the guests.

Lavender Field Wedding

2. Focus on having cake and punch.

If you’re getting married in a church, use one of their spaces as a cost-effective way to have a wonderful celebration following your wedding. Doing so will keep it classy and focused on just the two of you. Plus, if you get married mid-afternoon, you can have a simple cake and punch reception if funds are tight.

3. Use a family property for your venue.

Who says that your backyard can’t be a great place to have a wedding reception? Mow the space, make it inviting, hang up some fun globe lights, and have fun dancing the night away at home.

4. Get married by a lake.

A fun bonfire with the moon shining off the lake sounds like a wonderful and romantic idea for a wedding reception. As a result and depending on the time of the year, fireflies might even show off their beautiful glow as well. 

Lake Wedding

5. Turn a barn into a venue.

Host a more casual event, and head to the barn. Therefore, clear out the barn and add some rustic farmhouse decorations to add to the festivities!

6. Have a karaoke reception.

Save money and have your guests be the entertainment. A karaoke machine provides an excellent and unique wedding reception that no one will forget anytime soon. Conversely, you could hire a karaoke expert instead of a DJ.

7. Host an intimate wedding on the beach.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm and near a beach, find out how you can have a reception by the water. What better way to spend the hours following your wedding than by soaking up the sun or seeing the sunset on the ocean?

Beach Wedding Elopement

8. Rent a tent for your venue.

Talk to the local party rental place in town and see about using one of their big white party tents. It can be set up in your yard, and you can beautifully decorate the inside as well.

9. DIY many of your wedding elements ahead of time.

If you have a crafty side, use your wedding reception to show off those skills. Make a homemade reception, including everything from the decorations to the food. Just be sure to work on things well in advance so that you’re not overloaded in the days leading up to your wedding (or on the day of!).

10. Invite just family and close friends.

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Throwing a family and friends celebration with a limited guest list is a great way to keep costs down. Additionally, you can keep that intimate feeling all throughout your big day.

Save our cheap but classy wedding reception ideas!

Cheap But Classy Wedding Ideas

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