8 Wedding Candles Centerpieces and Decorations for Your Reception

Wedding candles are lovely and give such an ambiance to your big day! Adding easy and quick candles to your reception offers illumination, and you can use them in such creative ways. Whether you opt for wedding candles centerpieces or make DIY candle wedding favors, here are eight ways to illuminate your big day.

How to Use Wedding Candles at Your Reception | Hill City Bride

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How to Use Wedding Candles at Your Reception

1. Incorporate tall candle holders for wedding centerpieces.

Flowers can still take center stage, but the addition of beautiful, lengthy taper candles can add height and a bit of ambiance at eye level without blocking the line of sight. Use mismatched candle holders if you choose, and incorporating tapers can add a bit of formality to your event.

Tall Candleholders for Wedding Centerpieces | Hill City Bride

Use tall candle holders for wedding centerpieces.

2. Use pillar candle holders to accent tall arrangements.

If you crave wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers, this may be one of the most lovely ways to obtain it. Centerpieces that have a bit of height just beg for pillar candle holders to be set underneath. Not only does this add a soft glow to the bottom of the arrangement, but it helps light the food in a nighttime environment.

Pillar Candle Holders Wedding Candles for Wedding Tables | Hill City Bride

Pillar candle holders can enhance taller arrangements.

3. Generously place wedding votive candle holders.

Wedding votive candle holders are one of the safest ways to add light to your reception tables. Both the wax and flame are contained to avoid any accidents. Plus, you can use the votive candles to add ambiance to your home post-wedding. It’s a win-win when you can have your wedding items do double duty.

Wedding Votive Candle Holders | Hill City Bride

Wedding votive candle holders are one of the safest options for lighting your tables.

4. Place pillar candles for wedding tables near your cake.

The cake is a huge highlight for many wedding guests. After all, it tastes fabulous, but it also serves as an edible art piece at your reception. Give it the praise it deserves in the form of soft illumination, so take those pillar candle holders and shift them to make your dessert shine as a focal point.

Pillar Candle Holders Candles for Wedding Tables | Hill City BrideShift your candles for wedding tables to your dessert station to highlight your cake.

5. Anchor your tables with tall wedding candle holders.

Adding candles that are low to the ground definitely gives an element of surprise, but just be careful where you use them. Also, make sure that you use tall wedding candle holders so that a dress or hem doesn’t accidentally catch on fire. This application is best used far away from where people will be chatting and dancing, but it is a fabulous way to highlight a focal point.

Wedding Candle Holders on the Ground | Hill City Bride

Low wedding candle holders should be tall and away from people.

6. Go high impact with unique candlestick wedding centerpieces.

Sometimes it’s fun to showcase the unexpected, and the glass candlestick wedding centerpieces below are just that. Don’t be afraid to go big and have candelabras lining your long tables to create a formal feel. Just be sure to keep them away from eye level so that your guests can chat about your beautiful wedding day!

Unique Candlestick Wedding Centerpieces | Hill City Bride

Candlestick wedding centerpieces, such as candelabras are high impact.

7. Light up your signature cocktails with votive candles.

First, I don’t mean setting your alcohol on fire (not a good idea unless your bartender is serving them that way), but using votive candles to focus on your signature cocktail table is a great idea! Of course, you can substitute tea lights as shown below. Either way, it adds a bit of sparkle to your beverage station.

Votive Candles | Cocktail Station | Hill City Bride

Ice cubes? Check! Garnish? Check! Votive candles? Double-check, and what a great idea!

8. Consider wedding candles favors for your guests.

The purpose of a favor is to say, “thank you,” but you also want to give your guests something practical to remember your special day. Make DIY candle wedding favors (instructions here), or purchase personalized wedding candles favors (see a great selection here). Either way, you will send your guests home with some of the best wedding favors to add to their dwelling.

DIY Candle Wedding Favors | Hill City Bride | Wedding Candles Favors

DIY candle wedding favors and personalized wedding candles favors are a great choice!

Using Wedding Candles

Incorporating light into your reception can be so beautiful as your guests chat around wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers and take home some of the best wedding favors around! Just be sure that your wedding candles centerpieces and other uses of flames are safe, or choose flameless candles as an option. Happy illuminating!

Images from top to bottom by Nadia Valko, Thomas William, Nick Bondarev, Kelly Jean, Jonathan Borba, Agung Pandit Wiguna, Jonathan Borba, Simona Todorova, and Ellie Elien.

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