Real Brides Share Their Wedding Day Tips

When it comes to wedding advice, why not ask the experts? Former brides, that is! Check out our wedding day tips from local newlyweds.

Wedding Day Tips from Real Brides | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Advice

I love it when former brides share their wedding day tips with those who are in the midst of planning. Take a peek at their sage advice.

Planning Ahead

My mom and I purchased the same wedding planning book from Barnes and Noble. Since she’s helping me the most it is so great for both of us to have a checklist to go over even though we’re 4 hours away from each other. This makes planning so much easier, and a book will let you know about things you didn’t even think of! ~ Stacey

Don’t be afraid to buck tradition- it’s your day! Also, be willing to compromise with your groom on the little details because it’s his day just as much as it’s yours, and compromise is definitely needed in marriage! ~ Anne-Marie

During the Wedding

Definitely have someone pack a to go meal for the getaway! During the reception many of the guests will be talking to you, leaving hardly any time to eat. You won’t regret it! ~ Valorie

My advice was actually given to me by my photographer, she said “if you’re crying while you walk down the aisle, smile, don’t try to stop the tears”. She said she did when she walked down the aisle and all her pictures she looks mad. I took her advice and those are some of my favorite pictures–raw, honest emotion. ~ Meagan

Interact with your guests! They may be standoffish thinking you’re too busy approach, so you go to them! Don’t get too caught up in “being on display” that you feel like you can’t be a part of the party that’s going on to celebrate you. ~ Carla

Concerning your Honeymoon

Choose a honeymoon perfume and wear it on the day of your wedding and everyday of your honeymoon. When you return from your honeymoon only wear that scent on special occasions. It will bring sweet memories back to you and your hubby of those special days. We traveled to Cancun for our honeymoon and every time I wear my honeymoon scent my hubby says “you smell like Cancun!” ~ Sarah

Be careful with your hotel reservations if your wedding is around a holiday! They may be hosting events/parties late into the night. Our wedding was 2 days before halloween and there were about 500 costumed drunks when we walked into the lobby. Yikes. ~ Kimberly

Your Life Ahead

The day is about your love and commitment. Not about the details of your wedding. Your wedding is probably not going to be what you see on TV or what society thinks it should be. And that’s ok. Don’t obsess about those details, just make it special for you and your soon-to-be husband. ~ Hannah

Don’t forget to plan for your marriage in the midst of planning for the wedding. The wedding is one day, your marriage is for life. ~ Danielle

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