4 Vital Things to Do When Your Wedding Is Booked Far in Advance

Sometimes folks get engaged really early and have to wait a while before their big day takes place. If that’s you, resist the urge to procrastinate! Here are five things you can do when your wedding is booked far in advance.

Things to Do When Your Wedding Is Booked Far in Advance

Often times couples book their weddings way ahead of time. Sometimes this is because they need to save money or want to make sure that family and friends can clear their schedules.

Whatever the reason, you might find that it feels so far away that there isn’t much you can do when it comes to wedding planning.  However, resist the urge to put things off!  Here are four things you should check off of your to-do list as soon as you can.

4 Tips if Your Wedding Is Booked Far in Advance

1. Organize your wedding planning schedule.

When it comes to wedding planning, you need to secure your vendors early. Most of what gets booked and finalized all seems to take place around a year to six months before your big day. And the last six months are really busy as the special day approaches.

Therefore, create a schedule to help with that last part of the process. It will help to get things booked and to organize when payments are due. Doing this ahead of time will help you to stay on top of things and enable things to be less stressful.

Bride Wedding Planning

2. Start shopping for your wedding dress.

It is never too early to start dress shopping. Many folks have an idea of what dress they would like, so there is no reason not to book some appointments and try on bridal gowns.

Be sure to try on different styles, even if you are not sure about them. You never know what will look good or what style will suit you until you see it in the flesh.

If you do find one right away, many bridal boutiques will store your wedding gown and steam it for you close to your wedding day. Additionally, having the dress can even help you plan other aspects of your big day. 

The only caveat with getting your dress early is that you can’t fluctuate much with your weight. If you fear that you will gain or lose weight, talk to your seamstress about when the best time would be to book your alterations appointment.

Shopping for Wedding Gown

3. Secure one-of-a-kind vendors.

Some businesses, like florists, can handle more than one wedding in a day. However, other vendors, such as photographers and venues, can only handle so many. Plus, sometimes they can only have one booking per day.

Therefore, book your vendors early. Check out their websites and meet your potential vendors in person. Each one will have a different style and will be able to show you examples of their work. Once they are booked, it’s one less thing to worry about. 

You could also look at getting your wedding transport booked. Most couples know what they want and need based on their venue booking. Whether it is something traditional or a little more modern, getting this organized will ensure that you are covered on your big day. 

Couple with Photographer

4. Book your honeymoon trip early. 

Finally, honeymoons can be expensive. As a result, booking in advance gives you plenty of time to plan and save towards it to ensure you get what you want.

Many couples also take a trip away before the big day as the last holiday before getting married. This can add to the excitement while you are waiting for your special day to arrive.

Another perk is that you can potentially catch travel sales early so that you can save money on your post-wedding vacation.

Couple Planning Honeymoon

Save our tips if your wedding is booked far in advance!

Wedding Is Booked Far in Advance

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