6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

Over the past few years, many couples have had to make some pretty tough decisions when it comes to their big day. Some have chosen smaller micro weddings, eloping, or throwing virtual weddings. However, others have long been rescheduling their wedding day so they can celebrate with their friends and family on a later day. If you are moving your wedding date or rescheduling your wedding day, here are mistakes most couples make.

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

1. Avoid picking a new wedding date too soon.

It’s okay to postpone your wedding date without having a firm date in mind just yet. It’s more important to let your guests know so they can make changes to their travel arrangements.

However, see how things go before you announce your new date. You don’t want to have to continue to reschedule it because things keep popping up.

2. Account for extra fees for rescheduling your wedding.

If you need to reschedule your wedding, most vendors and venues have a fee associated with moving dates. It could be a flat rate or increase based on the upcoming year’s booking fees.

Make sure that if you move your wedding date, you are prepared for the fees associated with it and that you budget accordingly.

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3. Check if your wedding vendors are free on your new date.

Before you move your big day, make sure that your venue and vendors are free on the new date. You don’t want to lose the photographer or band you were set on just because you changed the date. If your vendors aren’t free on your new date, you may have to pay cancelation fees or find a new wedding vendor to replace them.

4. See if your wedding party is available on your rescheduled date.

Confirm your rescheduled wedding date with your wedding party and important family members to make sure they can attend. If you can’t picture your wedding day without them attending, you need to make sure they can make it BEFORE you move your date.

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5. Think about the change in season for your big day.

Did you plan on a beach wedding in the summer? Well, in the fall and winter, the beach may be cold and windy, depending on the location. If you have to move your wedding date to a different season, you need to adjust your plans for different weather.

Having an outdoor wedding in the summer or early fall is nice, but in November, it can be a bit cold.

6. Update your wedding website when rescheduling your wedding day.

Your wedding website might be the last thing on your mind when rescheduling your wedding day. However, this is how most guests will get information and updates.

If anything from the location to the time changes, make sure you update your website, so you don’t confuse your guests. Don’t expect a phone call to each of them to suffice as a reminder.


Rescheduling your day? Save it!

There are many things to think about when rescheduling your wedding day. These mistakes can help you make adjustments to your plans before you reschedule your day, so you don’t make them yourself.

Mistakes to Avoid When Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

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