6 Tips on How to Organize Wedding Planning in the New Year

Are you an organizing pro or do you struggle a bit to stay on top of things? *timidly raises hand* Either way, tossing Wedding Planning 101 into an already busy schedule can make life complicated. Whether the new year is on the horizon or you’re simply recently engaged, here are six tips on how to organize wedding planning with ease.

6 Tips on How to Organize Wedding Planning in the New Year

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Simple Wedding Checklist to Stay Organized

This time of year is all about getting more organized and setting new goals for yourself in the new year. As a bride, you are juggling a lot of different plates and responsibilities. We feel ya!

You may have visions of wedding planning timelines and detailed wedding checklists dancing in your head! Especially if your wedding date has had to move a few times because of the pandemic.

This year, set a goal for yourself to be more productive and organized with your life and your big day. Here are a few of our best ideas on how to organize wedding planning with our simple wedding checklist tips.

Simple Wedding Checklist To Do

How to Organize Wedding Planning This Year

1. Communicate more clearly during wedding planning.

Bad communication can ruin even the best-laid wedding plans. Keep things professional and focused so that the recipient of your call, text, or email knows precisely what you need. That way they’ll know what you expect from them and whether or not something is urgent.

This is where streamlining your efforts also comes into play. By sending three emails back to back, they are likely to get lost. Instead, send everything in one clear message with deadlines and exactly what you need.

Bride and Wedding Planner Talking Over Coffee

2. Set up automatic payments with your vendors.

Talk with your caterer, photographer, and even your wedding coordinator about setting up automatic payments for your wedding expenses. Many vendors require deposits and payments throughout the planning process. It’s Wedding Planning 101!

However, keeping up with all of these can be a hassle. The last thing you want is your florist to cancel on you because you forgot to pay. Talk with your vendors and see if they offer automatic payments. Then set a reminder on your phone a few days before. Doing so will ensure your finances are ready during the various stages of wedding planning. 

Professional Wedding Planner Checklist

3. Write things down with a simple wedding checklist.

Writing things down may seem like a Wedding Planning for Dummies tip. However, it’s easier said than done at times.  We are all living in a digital era. Consequently, writing things down will help you empty a few things from your head. It will also help you remember things better.

We have all been guilty about setting an appointment, not writing it down, and then forgetting about it. Oops! Don’t let this happen to you. Keep a notepad in your purse.

That way you can quickly jot down notes or just dump ideas from your brain until you can tackle them. Keeping a detailed wedding checklist during all stages of wedding planning will help keep you on track. 

Wedding Planning Timeline Checklist

4. Be prepared with backup plans in case something goes awry.

Weather happens. Illnesses happen (who can forget 2020?). Ensure that you have a good backup plan in place for all the major parts of your event. Knowing how to organize wedding planning in case of emergency can alleviate last-minute scrambling.

While your vendors may have an alternative they can send if they fall ill, it’s important that you know exactly what your backup plans will be for your big day. Stay on top of this now so you can avoid the hassle of running around last minute later. 

Woman With Detailed Wedding Checklist

5. Eat that frog. Just do it!

There will always be one thing on your wedding to-do list that you have been dreading. Your coordinator may even have things that seem daunting from her professional wedding planner checklist.

It might be helping your mother-in-law find the perfect dress that won’t be too revealing. Possibly it’s helping your groom seal envelopes to send out the wedding invitations. Maybe it’s even picking out a dress for your wedding.

Whatever is that big task that you’ve been putting off, do it now! Or, as we like to call it, eating the frog. The old saying goes, if you start your day by eating a frog, your day can only improve from there.  You’ve got the worst task out of the way, so things can only go uphill.

Your wedding planning is no different! Find that stubborn task you have been avoiding and get it done and out of the way. It’s one of the best tips on how to organize wedding planning. Just do it! 

Wedding Planning for Dummies

6. Get a planner that encourages you.

Sure there are detailed wedding planning checklists and other ways of how to organize wedding planning. But what if your calendar could go beyond just housing to-do lists and keeping track of important dates?

Monthly planner journals from Silk + Sonder serve to keep track of daily habits, track sleep, and keep your mood in check. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also have space for goals, prompts to evoke thought, and expense planners.

Using a planner that encourages you to think positively and identify areas where you aren’t can help you in all stages of wedding planning. It’s also a fun way to keep track of your personal history. Silk + Sonder is definitely something you’ll want to keep month after month!

Silk and Sonder Wellness Planning Journal

Last Thoughts on How to Organize Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is stressful. Consequently, there are so many things on your to-do list with new things being added each day. Hopefully, this has helped you come up with a few ways to help you maximize your time and get more organized during your wedding planning.

Have a wonderful year filled with planning the best and biggest day of your life!

Save this simple wedding checklist!

Tips on How to Organize Wedding Planning in the New Year

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