How to Deal With Wedding Stress in a Hurry

Ah! Your big day is quickly approaching. You’re second-guessing, last-minute planning, and overall getting pre-wedding nerves. Yikes! Knowing how to deal with wedding stress is essential to having the best day of your life. Is it normal to be stressed before wedding days? In short, yes—but you don’t have to be with our tips.

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4 Tips on How to Deal with Wedding Stress

This is it! All of the months of planning and coordinating are behind you. Now you have finally made it to the night before your big day. Within a few precious hours, you’ll be aisle-bound. So it is natural to feel some pre-wedding nerves.

However, there is no reason to get worked up when you should be winding down. Keep those wedding stress symptoms at bay! It’s essential to relax and be anxiety-free—even the night before your special day. Here are a few tips on how to avoid wedding stress.

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1. Reflect on what lies ahead on your big day.

After the busyness of the rehearsal dinner, be sure to set aside some solo time. Reflect on the major step you are about to embark on. Allow yourself to feel excited! However, really take a step back and bask in the momentous occasion that is ahead of you.

Is it normal to be stressed before wedding days? In short, yes. The wedding day itself will be a whirlwind of energy and emotions. Therefore it can be grounding to take a moment for yourself before it all starts.

How to Avoid Wedding Stress Woman Meditating with Dog

Pausing to reflect can help you destress before your wedding day. 

2. Let your bridesmaids help calm your pre-wedding nerves.

Netflix and chill…with your ‘maids! Chances are this is one of the last times you will get to have a full-on sleepover with your besties. So, take advantage of it!

It may be tempting to pop out a bottle of bubbly and chat into the wee hours. However, play it safe and opt for pajamas and movies so you and your gang will wake up ready and refreshed in the morning. Your wedding party can help you keep that wedding stress in check.

Bridesmaids Blowing Bubbles to Calm Wedding Stress

Hanging out with your bridesmaids can help ground your thoughts and calm nerves.

3. Disconnect to alleviate wedding stress.

By the night before your wedding, everything should already be in place. That means that there is no need to anxiously text your caterer in the middle of the night. Don’t second-guess your choice of centerpieces while browsing Pinterest.

What’s done is done (and perfect!). Now it is time to assign someone as your main point of contact and surrender your phone to your maid of honor. Of course, you can still send a goodnight text to your sweetheart!

Why Are Weddings So Stressful | Woman Looking at Phone

Assign someone to keep your devices away so you can relax.

4. Sleep those wedding stress symptoms away.

Although sleep may be the last thing on your mind, it is also the one thing that you need! Make a quick sweep to ensure that everything is in the right place and ready for the morning.

Then take your planner’s cap off and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. Trust me—your morning self will thank you. (Under-eye circles are not the latest bridal look.)

Pre Wedding Nerves | Is It Normal to Be Stressed Before Wedding

Getting enough sleep is essential to calm those pre-wedding nerves before the big day.

Final Thoughts on How to Avoid Wedding Stress

No matter your big plans for the night before your big day, just be sure to relax and destress before your wedding. You have surely spent months and months wrapped up in details.

Now is your chance to let go of everything and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All that is left is the big ‘I do,’ so it is time to simply sit back and enjoy!

Save our tips on dealing with planning stress!

How to Deal with the Stress of Planning a Wedding

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