Wedding Photography Tips to Get the Most From Your Photos

There are so many things to think about before your big day, and choosing a wedding photographer is one. It’s important to get a photographer that has the style you want so that you’ll love your images. Take a cue from these wedding photography tips on how to find a pro that can capture your special day!

Wedding Photography Tips to Get the Most From Your Photos | Hill City Bride

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Consider Your Wedding Photography Ideas

Let’s just say, if I could go back and do it all again, I would change more than just a few things about my own wedding photography experience. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t what I wanted. Here is what I believe should be your first step in getting the most of your wedding photography: knowing what you want.

In my search for a wedding photographer, it didn’t exactly occur to me that the person would be there to capture the memories of the day. I know, that’s kind of embarrassing to admit.

The truth is, all I was thinking about were the beautiful portraits we would have after the day was over. While that was something that was important to me, I completely overlooked all the other memories of the day. I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas | Tips | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

1. Write down your must-have wedding photography ideas.

One of my best wedding photography tips is this. My first piece of advice to you is to sit down with a pencil and paper and brainstorm. Seriously think about what comes to mind when you imagine your wedding pictures.

Make a list of the images you dream of, ask your married friends about their photography experiences, and think about the products you would like to have after all is said and done.

Do you dream of a beautiful storybook album that holds all the memories of your day? Do you want to remember the look on your groom’s face as he catches his first glimpse of you coming down the aisle?

Write it down. Your wedding photography ideas make a difference. After all, you want your final images to reflect your ideal day and capture specific moments.

Wedding Photography Styles for Big Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

2. Check the wedding photography styles of various photographers.

After you have made your list of what is important to you, keep it with you as you start your research on possible wedding photographers. While browsing through online portfolios, look first for the images on your list.

When reading about what the photographer offers, keep in mind the products you want. If you come across a photographer whose portfolio shows images you dream of and products you want, make a note of the photographer’s name and contact information.

Then continue your research. Beyond basic wedding photography poses, your ideal photographer will have a portfolio similar to what you want to be captured on your big day.

Wedding Photography Tips for Great Photos | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

3. Creative wedding photo ideas result in photos that last a lifetime.

The pictures will be one of the only things left when your wedding day is behind you. They are what you—and your future generations—will look back on. So, your choice of wedding photographer is important.

Know what you want before you choose your wedding photographer. Make sure he or she has a shooting style you enjoy, images in their portfolio that you are dreaming of, and offers the type of products you are interested in.

Wedding photography is a huge investment in your wedding day, you will want to do it right the first time!

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