Staycation at Home: Honeymoon Ideas in the Virginia Blue Ridge

Recent brides have postponed their weddings, and are curious if—and when—honeymoon destinations will open up. Couples are trading faraway places for simple honeymoon ideas and staycation weekends. If you choose to staycation at home, here are a few tradeoffs fun-loving couples can make in and around Roanoke.

Staycation at Home | Honeymoon Ideas in the Virginia Blue Ridge | Hill City Bride

Mind you, this post is all in fun, but we could all use a bit of merriment now and then. In fact, one of the best staycation tips is to escape close to your own area. This post will not only have you outdoors but all over the inside of your home. So, get ready for a bit of tongue-in-cheek playfulness with these staycation ideas for couples!

What is a staycation vs. vacation?

Great question, and it’s one that needs to be answered before we head off on our adventure in and around Roanoke, VA. A vacation is a getaway where you “vacate” your hometown and go somewhere interesting (not that your city isn’t, but you catch the drift!). When you plan a staycation weekend, you’re “staying” in or near your home. It’s interesting to be a hometown explorer!

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas | Staycation Tips | Hill City Bride

Need staycation tips? A great one is to keep it romantic! Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

How do I find romantic staycation ideas near me?

Well, it all depends on what you want to do. If you want to stay at home, there are a TON of things that you can do virtually. Another option is to see what there is to do within 20-30 minutes from home. Check with your local tourism board to see what there is to do. There are probably lots of things you haven’t thought of before.

Common areas of interest are the outdoors, history, and art, but you could also check out local shops and explore restaurants you haven’t tried. Book a hotel room downtown or a glamping style Airbnb.

Staycation Ideas for Couples | Honeymoon Ideas | Virginia Wedding Blog

Having a staycation weekend? Make it filled with simple honeymoon ideas. Photo by Ketue Subiyanto.

A staycation is one of the best short honeymoon ideas. If you live near the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is so much to do in the great outdoors! In fact, in and around Roanoke, Virginia has some of the loveliest mountains around (if you live the area, and are thinking, “There are mountains near me?!” the answer is – yes!)

Why staycation at home?

Well, beyond any safety concerns, a staycation at home can be enjoyable. It forces you to get creative, and a staycation weekend at home is also economical. Think of how much you’ll save! It also allows you to explore other areas without having to go out and worry about weather, travel, or a pandemic. Besides, an at-home staycation can be one of the most romantic honeymoon ideas ever.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in USA | Simple Honeymoon Ideas | Staycation Weekend

Staycation vs. vacation? Staying home is one of the most romantic honeymoon ideas! Photo by Cottonbro.

Honeymoon Ideas in the Virginia Blue Ridge

If you love the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia is the place to go. In fact, it’s one of the best honeymoon destinations in USA for cycling and hiking. There are lots of other things to do like visiting Mill Mountain Zoo, going to museums, and riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia is full of beauty!

Get ready to be inspired—and use your sense of humor—to check out some of Virginia Blue Ridge’s finest swaps. When you want to explore, yet staycation at home, this is the way to do it.

Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia | Roanoke, VA | Hill City Bride Mountains Near Me

Asking “where are mountains near me?” is a great question in Roanoke, VA. Photo by Joshua Williams.

Love cycling? Try cyclocross.

Fallon Park in Roanoke, VA is home to an all-season cyclocross park. The course has obstacles, such as sandpits and run-ups in addition to single track and grass riding. A bonus is that it connects with the Roanoke Greenway, which is ideal for flat trail riding.

Cyclocross Substitute

When you can’t head out to cyclocross, you can have a bit of an obstacle course at home. Find a bike, trike, or anything with wheels, and toss obstacles out in your yard. Ride around while your spouse heckles you (bonus points for making extra noise!).

Your neighbors may think you’re crazy during your staycation weekend, but you can practice as you make plans to participate in a future cyclocross race. Away from your front yard, of course!

Cyclocross Bicyling | Roanoke Virginia | Staycation Ideas for Couples

Biking is a great way to explore the Virginia Blue Ridge. Photo by Quenten Janssen.

Want to explore caves? Head to Dixie Caverns.

Normally Dixie Caverns is open 364 days a year. Plus, they have camping hookups, an antique mall, and one of the best mineral and rock shops you can find. Visitors are treated to a 45 minute guided tour of this underground wonderland.

DIY Dixie Caverns

One of the most romantic honeymoon ideas is to explore underground caves. However, when you can’t, head to your basement—or another dark spot in your house. Hang a few carrots or holiday icicles (the clear plastic ones) from the ceiling like stalactites.

Turn off the lights, and use a flashlight to navigate around. Voila! Makeshift caves, but it’s probably best to make plans to visit the real caverns sometime in the future.

Romantic Staycation Ideas Near Me | Caverns Cave | Short Honeymoon Ideas

Exploring underground is one of the most romantic honeymoon ideas. Photo by Jed Owen.

Enjoy hiking? Trek up to McAfee Knob.

Quite possibly the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail, McAfee Knob is a must-see for hikers. The unrivaled 270-degree panoramic view has a ledge that is perfect for photographs. The spot is on the bucket list of hikers around the globe.

Makeshift McAfee

Of course, if you’ve planned a staycation at home, you can simulate your hike with a bit of creativity. Just walk up and down your stairs for 2 hours. Then carefully get on your bed and peer over the edge.

At the very end, be sure to snap a photo. Then compare your home-bound image to the one you take when you really get to climb up to McAfee Knob. You can probably already guess which one will be more breathtaking.

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia | Staycation Weekend Virginia Blue Ridge

Hiking is one of the more popular honeymoon ideas in US states. Photo by Ivana Cajina.

Hungry? Grab a bite at Texas Tavern.

If you’re craving a burger, head to Texas Tavern as the ideal way to satiate your appetite. Established in the 1930s and still owned by the original family, this Roanoke, Virginia staple seats 1000 customers. It’s only ten patrons at a time as that’s all their counter holds. However, it’s worth the wait for their award-winning burgers, chili, and hot dogs.

Not Quite Texas Tavern

Make sure your kitchen has seating for ten. No more, no less. Gather ingredients to make a Cheesy Western (yum!)—eggs, hamburger, buns, pickle, mustard, and onions.

Grab the ketchup and have your spouse tell you to put that “sissy sauce” back in the fridge (do so promptly). Attempt to make your own mock-up burger, but a better solution is to order takeout from the Texas Tavern itself.

Cheesy Western Roanoke VA | Simple Honeymoon Ideas | Burger with Egg

Don’t forget about amazing food when considering honeymoon ideas for a staycation weekend. Photo by Dmitry Shkaev.

Like adventure? Slide down Roaring Run.

The Roaring Run Recreational Area is a waterfall hike with a bit of history. Follow the Roaring Run Stream on a romantic walk to see footbridges, cascades of water, and a plethora of rock walls. The Roaring Run Furnace is a pre-Civil War era furnace that you can view along the way. It’s on the National Register of Historic places—what a bonus for history-loving couples. There’s also a picnic area and trout fishing nearby.

Roaring Run Replacement

If you don’t want to get out and hike to see a waterfall, then test out your skills at home! Construct a makeshift slip-n-slide in your yard (on a hill, hopefully!). Run water from your hose to make it slippery. Surround your slide with houseplants and rocks to give it an in-the-woods type of feel.

Put on your bathing suits, and take turns sliding down your staycation at-home version of Roaring Run. Although, be sure to visit the real one someday. It’s well worth the hike!

Waterfall Hike | Romantic Honeymoon Ideas | Staycation Ideas for Couples

Plan an adventure for your next staycation weekend in the Virginia Blue Ridge. Photo by Emilio Machado.

Adore water? Hike to Stiles Falls.

Although it’s another hike/waterfall combo, this trek is a bit different than the last. Located at Camp Alta Mons in Shawsville, Stiles Falls is a 40-foot waterfall that is the highlight of a 3-mile roundtrip hike. If you go in person, wear hiking shoes because you’ll cross over Purgatory Creek and encounter steep inclines.

Simulated Stiles Falls

Ok, two of you will have to head into the falls—well, the shower—for this one. Bathing suits optional if you’re looking for romantic honeymoon ideas. Turn on only the cold water tap, close your eyes, and stand under the showerhead. Feel the chill of water from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virginia couples will definitely want to visit these falls in person someday, but snuggling to stay warm in a cold shower will do for a staycation weekend.

Waterfall Honeymoon Ideas | Staycation Ideas | Honeymoon Places

The Virginia Blue Ridge—Parkway included—has romantic honeymoon places. Photo by Nick Bondarev.

Do you have other ideas for a staycation weekend?

With a bit of creativity, staying in can be just as enjoyable as heading out to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia couples can make a day trip to these spots if they want to visit in person. Those who are out of the area can make a point to do each one of these simple honeymoon ideas during a long weekend.

There is so much beauty in the Old Dominion. Whether you are near or far, you can enjoy one of the best outdoor honeymoon destinations if you’re willing to have a bit of fun.

Romantic Staycation Ideas Near Me | Honeymoon Places | Staycation Weekend

Plan your next staycation weekend to simulate the Virginia Blue Ridge. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

Many thanks to Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge for this fun idea! Photos are free usage and are not necessarily of the places they depict. If you’re looking for more romantic ideas while you’re at home, check out our creative quarantine date night list.

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