Creative Date Night Ideas When You Are Quarantined

Being quarantined in your house can feel like a drag, but it doesn’t necessarily mean being isolated! If you are looking for creative date night ideas for you and your love – whether you’re near or far – look no further. Below, you will find the romantic date night ideas you need to keep the flame alive!

Creative Date Night Ideas When You're Quarantined | Things to Do When You Are Quarantined

Creative Date Night Ideas When You’re Quarantined

If You’re Together

I know, I know – it seems hard to imagine being romantic when you have to come up with date night ideas at home after you’ve been holed up there for days! And with the Coronavirus – aka COVID-19 – creating a social distancing situation, it can be even more difficult.

But, the home atmosphere can be exactly what you need to create that special spark, providing experiences you’d normally go out for with a new kind of intimacy. So, cozy up on your couch, and try out some of these creative date night ideas from home.

Read Out Loud to Each Other

Reading books out loud to one another can be one of the sweetest and most romantic pastimes. Choose something you both love. Maybe, it’s a childhood favorite that you harken back to for that perfect boost of cozy comfort.

Perhaps a romance or a book about relationships like Alain de Botton’s acclaimed novel, The Course of Love. Make some hot chocolate or pour yourselves a glass of wine, snuggle up under a blanket, and get lost together in between the pages.  

Creative Date Night Ideas Quarantine Social Distancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Take a Trip Around the World

That’s right! You can now travel to several different countries and visit the museums and landmarks you’ve always longed to see while in the comfort of your home. Always wanted to visit Yosemite National Park but just haven’t found the time? Now you can with a virtual tour.

You can also explore the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel, and even take a tour of Jerusalem, Israel. The possibilities are limitless

Enjoy a Concert

Tons of artists are offering free virtual concerts in light of the pandemic, which you can watch right from home! Billboard, NPR, CNN, and several other websites and broadcasting companies are offering comprehensive lists with available virtual concerts.

There are choices from all genres: rock, country, jazz, classical, etc. Grab a few drinks with your significant other, add a few of your favorite snacks, and enjoy a cozy concert experience!

Creative Date Night Ideas Quarantine Social Distancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Dinner and Dancing

Dinner, followed by dancing, is always a classic date night idea. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy meal and get your groove on. Prepare a nice meal together with candlelight and cocktails while playing your favorite tunes.

Then, forget about the dishes, and have a little dance party – club style or smooth jazz, whatever puts you in the mood for romance!

Get Outside

When you’re cooped up in the house, one of the best remedies for cabin fever and for igniting that romantic spark is to spend some time in nature. Take an evening walk together, and watch the sunset from a park bench.

Have a picnic in your backyard with all the special fixin’s and cocktails. Set sleeping bags on your back patio or in the grass and cuddle up to watch the stars. 

Creative Date Night Ideas Quarantine Social Distancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

If You’re Apart

This can be tough, I know. Thank the heavens for technology! With Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and so many other helpful video chat platforms, date ideas for couples are no longer limited to being in person. Don’t worry, long-distance couples. We have some solutions for you, too.

Game Night

More than ever, game night is a breeze with dozens of online options for playing virtual games with the people you love. You can organize a group of your friends to play together or have an exclusive night for just the two of you.

Try video chatting with one device and playing a game on another. Or, you can simply play online games with text chats like Words With Friends. Other fun and exciting options are the new online Settlers of Catan, virtual Clue, Monopoly, and even mobile Mario Kart! 

Get Fit Together

Using the “share screen” option on Zoom and other video chat platforms, you can share an online fitness class together. You can find hundreds of free online yoga and other fitness classes with Youtube.

Working out together in this way can be great for bonding and encouraging one another during this time. After your class, share a smoothie or a coffee together over video and catch up.

Creative Date Night Ideas Quarantine Social Distancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Watch a Movie

Netflix just came out with this great feature called, “Netflix Party”. Now, you and your loved one can watch a movie at the same time together from your devices. There is even a chatbox on the side of the screen so you can laugh and cry and share your thoughts together during the show.

You can even create a video chat with one device while you watch with Netflix Party on a separate screen. Movie night doesn’t have to die with distance.

Do It All

Just because you’re far apart doesn’t mean you can’t do all the things (well, almost all of them) that you’d normally love doing together in person. Share your screen and watch a virtual concert together. Video chat while you take your better half on a walk around the neighborhood, showing them the sites around you.

Read to each other. Take an online class together. Sing songs to each other. Don’t let the limits put on you by stay-at-home orders also limit your boundless creativity for ways to be together-apart.

Creative Date Night Ideas Quarantine Social Distancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Dinner and Dancing

Dinner and dancing don’t need to be exclusive to couples who are in the same space. Use video chat to cook a meal together. Show and tell the tastes and textures and smells. Share cocktails over video chat.

Then, have one person turn on some jams and enjoy a dance party through the screen. Be goofy, be sexy – have fun! Do whatever kind of dance you feel can bring you together with joy and laughter.

Creative Date Night Ideas Are Possible!

This is a difficult and uncertain time for so many of us. But, in reality, the changes we’re being forced to make can actually work to do the opposite of what we might expect and bring us closer together.

Being in an uncertain time can cause stress, and there is no one else like your significant other who can ease your mind through it all. We hope these virtual and home date ideas will help you in just that way. Enjoy!

Laura Jill Stephens is an inspirational freelance blogger and copywriter on a mission to infuse the world with more joy. When she’s not writing, she’s usually hiking, playing music, reading, or snuggling her black lab.

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