5 of the Most Remote National Parks in the US for a Honeymoon

Honeymoons are all about finding a bit of privacy with your partner, so you may not want to head somewhere crowded. Our list of the five most remote national parks will probably surprise you. Hopefully, one interests you for your post-wedding trip.

5 of the Most Remote National Parks in the US for a Fun Honeymoon

About the Most Remote National Parks

From the tip of Alaska to remote islands, beauty and majesty fill many national parks that are way out of the way to most tourists. Many parks are a little out of the way. As a result, they are well worth exploring and discovering on a romantic trip.

If you’re looking for a great new place to adventure, here are the most remote national parks in America that are worth trekking out to.

5 Most Remote National Parks in the US

1. Congaree National Park

Out of all the ones on this list, you may be shocked to find that one of the most secluded national parks is in South Carolina. You’ll find Congaree National Park in the middle of the state, about 30 minutes away from Columbia.

Consequently, this park is full of wilderness with towering white pines and swampland. Congaree is probably the least remote park on the list. However, if you don’t know it’s there, you might miss out on a great national park with low crowds!

Conagree National Park SC USA

2. Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve

This national park is located in Alaska. However, that’s not the only reason this is one of the most remote national parks on this list. Gates of the Arctic is the most northern park in the United States and has just over 12,000 visitors a year.

It contains more than seven million acres of wilderness. As a result, it is home to many Alaskan natives who have lived there for more than 10,000 years.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Alaska USA

3. Great Basin National Park

Located about four and a half hours from Las Vegas, this Nevada treasure is full of national wonders. The low pollution light gives this national park great views of the starry night and beautiful views from Wheeler Peak.

Great Basin is brimming with lovely mountain views, bristlecone pines, and some pretty elaborate cave systems.

Great Basin National Park Nevada USA

4. Isle Royale National Park

While this national park is located in Michigan, it’s still one of the most remote national parks on our list. Isle Royale National Park is located along a 45-mile island. Consequently, while it may be an island, there are more than 165 miles of hiking trails.

This national park comprises 400 smaller islands. Additionally, more than 80% of the park is underwater, making this a fantastic option for ocean exploration.

While this little set of islands might not seem that obscure, it’s one of our list’s top obscure parks.

Isle Royale National Park Michigan USA

5. Virgin Islands National Park

Located on the island of St. John, this resort destination is not what you think of when you think of visiting a park. More than 60% of St. John is dedicated to this rugged national treasure.

There are sandy beaches with coral reefs full of marine life and rainforests with beautiful hiking trails. Virgin Islands National Park is like a tropical playground with a landscape full of history and sightseeing.

Virgin Islands National Park St John USA

Save the most remote national parks!

While there are many lesser-known parks in America, many national parks are just waiting to be visited! Even if you can’t visit one on our list, exploring a park near you is still worth the visit.

Most Remote National ParksMost Remote National Parks in the US Honeymoon

Photos: Jessica Taylor, Alexis Malin, Manny Becerra, Max Bender, Hans Isaacson

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