6 Pros and Cons to Honeymooning in Your Destination Wedding Location

Honeymooning where you’re getting married might sound like the perfect ending to your dream wedding. However, there are a few details to consider. There are definitely positives — and negatives — to honeymooning in your destination wedding location. As a result, we have six things to think about before making your final decision.

6 Pros and Cons to Honeymooning in Your Destination Wedding Location

Thinking through having a destination wedding and honeymoon at the exact location is vital. Doing so can be a great way to help you figure out the best way to celebrate your newly stated vows.

Don’t forget to ultimately do what your heart (and future spouse) want to do. Although, it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle in a few of these points for consideration as well.

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Honeymooning in Your Destination Wedding Location

3 Pros to a Destination Wedding Honeymoon Combination

1. It’s less planning to add to the stress.

When you can focus on booking just one location, it means less planning and stressing that you’ll have to coordinate. This can be a great way to focus your efforts on the big day. Then you don’t have to worry about trying to coordinate more flights and travel plans. 

2. The celebration can continue after the wedding.

Having friends and family travel from far away to be a part of your big day is incredible. However, who says it has to stop there? Having joint family fun activities during the honeymoon can be a unique way to keep the party going.

3. There’s no delay or waiting time for the honeymoon to start.

We’ve all heard the stories that people have to wait a few days or weeks to even go on their honeymoon. But there is no need to wait when you’re already there!

Paris Destination Wedding Couple Eiffel Tower

3 Cons to Honeymooning in a Destination Wedding Location

1. There might not be enough separation.

Getting married in one place is great. Although, that doesn’t mean you want to stay there for an entire week or more. Staring at the same views may not be appealing and should be considered. 

2. People who traveled for the wedding might be staying longer.

It’s not a bad thing to have your guests extend their travel plans to have a little vacation of their own. However, it also means that there is a very high probability that you’re going to run into them a lot during the honeymoon as well. This means less privacy and a less intimate honeymoon overall. 

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3. You might feel obligated to help more than anticipated.

The last thing that the bride and groom should have to worry about after their big day is feeling obligated to help out in other ways around the resort. If you stay in one location for your honeymoon, there might be guilt. Additionally, you could have feelings associated with the need to clean up or try to help out in other ways. 

Couple on Honeymoon on Bike Tropical

Honeymooning in your destination wedding location? Save it!

When it comes to planning out where to honeymoon, these pros and cons will help you decide whether you want to stay and honeymoon where you got married or jet set to another romantic location for something new. 

Destination Wedding Honeymoon

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