Other People You Can Celebrate on Valentine’s Day Besides Your Partner

February 14th is a day for all kinds of love, especially when it comes to your partner. However, there are other people you can celebrate on this day as well. We’ve got the scoop on other people you can celebrate on Valentine’s Day besides your significant other.

People You Can Celebrate on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a holiday where you celebrate the person you love. Whether you’re newlyweds, dating, or on your way to the altar (congrats!), claiming your partner as your Valentine makes sense.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to send cards of love, share gifts and head out for a romantic evening. However, it doesn’t have only be the day to celebrate someone you are in love with. We have ideas on who else you can honor on February 14th.

Other People You Can Celebrate on Valentine’s Day

Show your friends that you care on Valentine’s Day.

First of all, you can celebrate your friends this Valentine’s Day. Many of us have special friendships with people who may have helped us through tough times or just been there to listen when we needed it the most.

Of course, you don’t need a particular day to tell them how much you love them. However, Valentine’s Day could be the ideal time. It’s a way to show them you care by sending flowers or writing your sentiments in a card. 

Possibly they’re going through a tough time. Or it could be their first Valentine’s Day without someone special in their lives. Sending them a card and a bunch of flowers could be an amazing boost in confidence.

Your friends can easily be just as important as your partner in your life. Therefore, they are definitely worth celebrating on the day of love.

Girls Ladies Galentine's Day Valentine's Friends

Honor older relatives on February 14th.

When you were younger, you may have received Valentine’s Day cards from your grandparents. But as they get older, it may be time to celebrate them instead. Your grandparents and older relatives come from an age of tradition. As a result, showing them that you love and appreciate them will not go unnoticed.

You can also think beyond your own grandparents and older relatives. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor or friend. Take the time to help someone elderly who may not be able to share the day with their loved ones.

They may be separated from their spouse because of hospital stays or one of them being in a care home. Conversely, maybe they lost their partner, so Valentine’s day could be seen as a reminder of a love lost.

Share the day with them by sending a card, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. Older folks are a set that you can celebrate on Valentine’s day, and it could really brighten up their day.

Small things are often appreciated by the older generations. Grandparents and others will enjoy you sharing the love with them on what could be a painful day. 

Another option — with permission, of course — is to reach out to a local nursing home. They may have a need you can fill for residents who may not have visitors around February 14th. You can donate needed items or entertain the residents by reading, singing, or playing games.

Older Couple Cozy Snuggle

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone who lost a loved one.

Although friends and grandparents need to be reminded that they are loved, those who have lost a loved one or partner could be especially hurting when February 14th rolls around. They most certainly would appreciate the gesture.

Losing someone you love is not an easy thing to go through. Whether they are recently divorced, have split from a partner, or have experienced the loss of someone special, Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of what they don’t have. So, a small gesture can go a long way.

Whether it is a card or a gift for a friend, work colleague, or family member, they will appreciate that you kept them in your thoughts. It is good to be kind.

Maybe you could even take them out to lunch or meet them for coffee in the morning. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to communicate that you care.

Man Woman Valentine's Day Flowers

Enjoy time with the kids in your life on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is filled with reasons to celebrate with children. The day itself is a symbol of love, and kids enjoy celebrating just about anything. So, it’s an ideal opportunity to do activities with kids. It could be your own kids or your nieces and nephews.

Make handmade Valentine cards. Cook Valentine’s Day-inspired foods. Incorporate a few fun arts and crafts. They will definitely enjoy the one-on-one time and the opportunity to be creative. 

Valentines Day Flower Special

A little card and some Valentine’s Day chocolate are such a treat. Plus, it’s is a lovely way to share with them how much you care about the child.

Children will love the extra attention. You could even send them mystery cards and gifts if you want to add an element of surprise to the day. Who knows? Your selfless act could provide a lifetime of fond memories.

Adult Child Picnic Valentine's Day

Everyone is an opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, wear a smile, have a good attitude, and wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. You can perk up the day of the checkout clerk at the grocery store or inspire your Uber driver.

Everyone you encounter is a chance to brighten up their February 14th. Plus, this is a great attitude to have each and every day — not just on Valentine’s Day. And, yes, you can do all of these activities with your partner. Don’t forget about them, of course.

Look beyond the obvious choice of celebrating your significant other and really spread the love this year!

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Save our Valentine’s Day ideas!

Of course, you have the love of your life. But working together to celebrate and acknowledge others can be so rewarding. This February 14th resolve to do something new for others!

Other People You Can Celebrate on Valentine's Day Besides Your Partner

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