Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples – Resort Edition

When we think of romantic bedroom ideas for couples to keep the bedroom atmosphere spicy and poised for passion, the first image that comes to mind probably isn’t the “great outdoors.”

But, consider this: what is the first thing you think of when you think “romantic getaway”? Your mind probably conjures up a tropical scene with you and your boo wrapped in soft white robes. You sip cocktails from your resort hotel room, watching palm trees sway through open French doors. Warm breezes carry scents of sea and spices as a tangerine sun dips into the ocean. Why not recreate this in your own home?


This article offers tips on romantic bedroom ideas for couples and is in partnership with Crave.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Your bedroom should always feel like a dreamy couples’ getaway. At the end of every day, you should know you get to resign to your private home retreat with your true love. Your space should always encourage rest, relaxation, and passion.  

Are you lamenting the current state of your bedroom? Not to worry. Taking a note from the tropics, where aphrodisia was basically invented, here are seven frisky and fun bedroom ideas for couples that will turn your agony to ardor!

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

First, clean up for romance!

The first rule of the roost: keep it clean! Get rid of clutter. (No dirty laundry, trash, or odds-and-ends floating around!) Simplify your decorating. Incorporate just a few photos of the two of you at your happiest.

And, most importantly, make your bed every day! An unmade bed is a sad bed. Having a made bed and a clean, clutter-free room lays a happy foundation for your restful, romantic retreat.

All play (or sleep); NO work!

Second rule: absolutely no work in the bedroom! During your nightly retreat, it’s best to keep electronics and things not associated with sex or sleep outside the bedroom.

Commit to a set time every evening when you and your partner will ditch the technology and retire to the bedroom for quality connection. Place your cell phones in a designated area outside your room and leave them there until the morning.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Get a good mattress.

Think about it. When you’re on a romantic getaway having the best sleep – and well, you know the other thing – of your life, it isn’t on a crappy mattress. There’s only one thing that should be hard in this case, and it’s not the mattress.

When you’re on a retreat, you want a bed that is soft, comforting, and calming. Investing in the right mattress isn’t a luxury – it’s essential.  

If you’re in need of a mattress, try Crave. It’s such a comfy choice! Test one out for 100 nights, and just click here to receive a $30 discount! Such a great choice for sleep – and other things.

Have soft bedding with lots of pillows.

On that note, make sure you have bedding and pillows to match the quality of your mattress for the same reasons! Resort hotel rooms always have soft, fluffy pillows–and lots of them!

Neutral colors–not busy prints–and softness are optimal for rest and relaxation. A high-quality mattress and bedding improve sleep and encourage more action between the sheets!

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Bring in the plants!

Plants improve air quality, encourage relaxation, and can create even more of that tropical getaway atmosphere. For large master bedroom ideas, potted trees (like dragon trees or the ever-popular fiddle-leaf fig) can be a lovely addition.

If your space is limited, try adding a few smaller plants like a tiny jade tree. Lavender and jasmine are proven to encourage passion in the bedroom, while peace lilies are simple and beautiful.

Mystify your lighting for a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting is vital among romantic master bedroom ideas. Electric lights make it more difficult to wind down and prepare your body for rest. The evening light of sunset or soft candlelight set the mood perfectly.

Make it a nightly routine that you share to turn down all the lights and light candles around your room. Having white pillar candles of different shapes and sizes adds an extra romantic flare.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Scents and sounds.

A fool-proof way to create a romantic atmosphere is with the right music. A Bluetooth or smart speaker is the perfect way to soften the mood with some of your favorite artists and genres. Everyone’s taste is a bit different, so go with what you like. Smooth jazz and soft guitar are always classics.

A final touch might be scented candles or diffusing essential oils which can encourage romance and enhance the feel of a tropical retreat. Choose scents like ylang-ylang, sandalwood, saffron, champaca, and jasmine for an added island, aphrodisiac effect. Lavender, jasmine, and chamomile also encourage relaxation.

Thoughts on Romantic Ideas for Bedrooms

If your drab room has you down in the dumps, don’t be dismayed! With these seven romantic bedroom ideas for couples, every night, you’ll be able to float away on a tropical breeze of romance and relaxation. For more ideas to keep your room cozy, check out other posts here and here

If you’re in need of a mattress, try Crave. It’s such a comfy choice! Test one out for 100 nights, and just click here to receive a $30 discount! They’re shipped straight to your door and easy to put on your bed, too.

Laura Jill Stephens is an inspirational freelance blogger and copywriter on a mission to infuse the world with more joy. When she’s not writing, she’s usually hiking, playing music, reading, or snuggling her black lab.

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