10 Tips on What Every Wedding Needs to Be a Perfect Day

Stressing out while figuring out what every wedding needs? Don’t! Focus on the basics and keep it simple with our list of ten things.

Things That Every Wedding Needs to Have

There are a lot of things to think about while wedding planning! Perhaps you’re wondering if you should have a photo booth, mobile bar, or floral ceremony backdrop.

Although those things are great to have, sometimes thinking about the basics can help you feel calmer as you begin planning. Here is a list of ten things necessary at weddings to help get you started.

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Remembering What Every Wedding Needs

When it comes to figuring out what you need at your wedding, remember that bigger isn’t always better! It’s ok to include wedding basics for a scaled-back ceremony and reception to have a perfect event.

While some weddings have a ton of “extras” tossed in and added, it doesn’t have to be an expectation or the norm.

If you’re looking for basic ideas on what any wedding should include, this list will help accomplish just that. Forget about the stress of trying to think of “all the things” and put your focus on the key components that will make every wedding truly remarkable.

10 Ideas on What Every Wedding Needs

Below you’ll find ideas for wedding must-haves that literally work with all types of weddings. From a full luxe event to an elopement, the following list of wedding needs stays the same no matter the type of wedding or the venue.

1. The Couple

This is what your wedding day is truly about, right? Without the two of you, the day wouldn’t exist.

Couple Getting Married by Lake

2. Wedding Venue

This is where some weddings go all out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many options on where to hold your wedding: a small park, a backyard, and a church.

3. Wedding Date

Pick a wedding date that has a special meaning to you and your fiance. Another option is to choose a random date that will forever have a special place in your heart from that day on.

4. Wedding Attire

You may want to purchase a wedding gown for your big day. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars. It can be a homemade wedding dress or a bridal gown passed down in the family. Of course, both partners will have to choose something to wear.

Also, think about your attendants and what they will wear. Even if you just pick a color scheme and let them wear what they have, give advice so there is a sense of matching.

Black Bride with Veil

5. Officiant

If you don’t have someone legally able to marry you, your marriage isn’t going to be legal. It’s as simple as that.

6. Marriage License

Don’t forget this key to the puzzle. You have to have a marriage license to get married. Period.

7. Bridal Party

Have as many in your bridal party, or as few, as you want. You could even just have one person at your wedding as a witness, really.

8. Wedding Cake

Let there be cake! Or if the cake isn’t preferred, cupcakes or other sweets are fine, too. You don’t have to stress out and plan a whole dinner for your guests but a little sweet treat is always a good idea.

Peach Wedding Cake Two Tier

9. Bridal Bouquet

Having a wedding bouquet and flowers may not be 100% necessary, but it’s still a nice option. It will give your hands something to do and looks lovely in photos, too.

10. Wedding Invitations

If you’re extending your wedding day for others to join, getting invitations is necessary. You can order them online or use the internet to send some out for a super low-key invite.

Bonus: Wedding Photographer

Although it can seem like a luxury, you should document your big day for yourself and future generations. You’ve probably enjoyed seeing photos of your parents and grandparents as they got married. Leave a legacy and hire a photographer to take pictures of your wedding — even if you elope!

Save what every wedding needs!

As you can see, planning a wedding can actually be a relatively simple process to make sure that you have the basics.

Weddings can get complicated and stressful the more and more layers you add. Therefore, do your best to avoid that and focus on what you really need to have.

What Every Wedding Needs


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