Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Wedding Venues

Have your heart set on getting married outdoors? It’s no wonder! Nature is beautiful, and so many couples choose to wed outside. However, there are a few considerations before you book. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about outdoor wedding venues.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Wedding Venues

What to Know Before Booking Outdoor Wedding Venues

Whether you want to have your wedding or reception outdoors—or both—you may not have thought about everything. From weather to unexpected costs, being informed can put you ahead of the game when booking outdoor wedding venues.

1. Make a rain plan for your outdoor wedding. 

If you are planning any portion of your wedding outdoors, it’s important to know what the plan is for rain. Some wedding venues will give you up until the start of the ceremony to change your plans. However, others might make you decide that morning.

Know what the rain plan is for the venue, or come up with one yourself if need be. Use an indoor space or rent a tent to keep everyone dry. Talk with your venue to see what is possible for rainy weather. They’ve most likely encountered inclement weather before, so take this into account when choosing your venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Rain Plan

2. Look for inexpensive wedding venue options.

There are many beautiful, inexpensive ways to have an outdoor venue without shelling thousands of dollars for a wedding! State parks are a fabulous option for lovely scenic views.

If you can secure permission, you could get married in the woods or even on a family’s property if available. These are great alternatives to traditional wedding venues. They can also provide a gorgeous backdrop for your special day.

3. Take a tour of your outdoor location during your wedding hours.

When you’re touring outdoor venues, be sure to visit when you would be having your wedding. Doing so can help you get a sense of the lighting situation. Also, make sure you don’t blind your guests with too much or not enough light.

If you cannot take a tour during your wedding hour, talk with the venue. See what options there are and what to expect. Your venue can give you an idea of what kind of lighting you need to add or what they can provide for you.

Bride and Groom Kissing Outside

4. Think about the temperature when your guests are outside.

What will the weather be like? What kind of seating is available for your guests on your wedding day? You want to keep these things in mind. Keeping your guests comfortable will make your special day better for them.

Therefore, consider your guests when planning both your ceremony and reception. Provide blankets in case it’s cold or fans if it’s hot. Doing so can be just what your guests need to stay comfortable.

Evening Outdoor Wedding

5. Factor in other outdoor concerns, such as bugs and wind.

Wind and bugs are two unavoidable parts of having an outdoor wedding. When planning your wedding, make sure that you consider these factors. It may impact what you choose for your flowers and food.

Talk to your outdoor wedding venue about any factors other than the weather. Does the venue spray for bugs? Do you need to add citronella candles or torches to your decor? These are all things you might need to consider when planning out your outdoor experience.

These helpful tips are smart to consider as you start planning your wedding. Keep them in mind as you search for a location for your big day!

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Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Wedding Venues

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