Everything You Need to Know About Summer Wedding Flowers

Whether you choose to get married indoors or dare to brave the outdoors, adding colorful, fragrant blooms is appropriate no matter the season. And summer is one of the best seasons to have the biggest selection of blossoms. From creative ideas to floral suggestions, here’s everything you need to know about summer wedding flowers.

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Wedding Flowers

TLDR for Choosing Summer Wedding Florals

  • Summer is one of the best and most economical times to get married if you use in-season blooms.
  • Roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, dahlias, and gardenias are some of the most popular summer wedding flowers. 
  • From bright summer wedding flowers to a pure white palette, there is a complete range of colors to include in your big day.
  • From hanging installations to edible flowers, get creative with how you incorporate summer wedding flowers in your wedding.

The word summer brings about recollections of school breaks, time spent by the water, and annual family vacations. It’s no wonder that folks look forward to the lingering days of the warmer months. Add on a summertime wedding, and it almost can’t get any better! If you’re someone who loves flowers, warm weather means that more types are in season, making things easier on the budget.

  • Section 1: Summer Wedding Flowers in Season
  • Part 2: Best Summer Wedding Flowers for Your Budget
  • Section 3: Ideas for Summer Wedding Flowers by Color
  • Part 4: Summer Wedding Decorations With Flowers

Green Summer Wedding Bouquet

Do I need to include summer wedding flowers on my big day? 

In short, yes! When everything is in bloom, there is a fabulous selection of flowers at your fingertips. Whether you want roses, sunflowers, or hydrangeas, they are all thriving and abundant. Even if you are on a tight budget, your florist can put together a lovely summer wildflower bouquet. Another budget-friendly alternative is to use flowers sparingly.

“It is always going to be easier to access in-season flowers, and it’s going to be considerably more affordable,” states CeCe Todd, owner of Cece Designs in Birmingham, Alabama. “Your best bet is to find in-season flowers—these days especially—as you’ll have a better chance of getting them, period.”

However, spring is the only season that rivals summer in the number of blooms available. Therefore, take a cue from nature and add color and texture to your big day. Even if you want your bridesmaids to carry lanterns instead of summer bridal flowers, your florist can add a few blooms to the top of the lanterns to add interest.

Pink and Coral Flowers for Summer Wedding Table

Summer Wedding Flowers in Season

There is no lack of options of color, texture, and style of blooms during the summertime. From simple, single flowers to heads bursting with petals, the types of wedding flowers in summer will amaze you. This availability equals happy couples as they can find exactly what they want to include in their big day. 

“Roses continue to be one of the most popular flowers, and they are synonymous with love and romance,” offers Todd. “Hydrangeas are often requested in the summer, and I think that’s more because our couples see them at so many weddings, and they feel it’s a ‘wedding flower.’”

GlobalRose Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding flower ideas also abound for couples who wish to incorporate a bit of their region on their big day. “In the South, there is nothing more Southern at a wedding than a magnolia, which symbolizes perseverance and longevity,” says Todd. 

However, you and your significant other can choose blooms that are sentimental for your summer wedding, even if they are out of season. “Many people are also nostalgic and request particular a flower because it’s tied to a loved one’s wedding,” Todd suggests. “So, the flower may not have a universal meaning, but it means something personal to them.” Talk to your partner about what flowers resonate and are special to you both.

Summer Bridal Bouquet

What flowers are in season in June for weddings? 

  • Ranunculus – These blooms are small, yet many couples love them due to their mounds of petals. Ranunculus is rather delicate but lovely. 
  • Hydrangea – Often grown as ornamental plants, hydrangeas have big, full heads composed of many blooms. In season, they are relatively economical to include in summer wedding bridal bouquets.
  • Magnolia – Another flower that is prominent in landscaping, Magnolia trees bear large, stately blooms. 
  • Hellebore – Somewhat of a newcomer on the summer wedding flower scene, hellebores are light and delicate flowers. They usually have five petals and a pronounced, stringy center.
  • Roses – As one of the most popular flowers for summer wedding bouquets, roses add both fragrance and texture to your day.
  • Iris – Sometimes called flags, irises have a unique shape. The blooms have a set of petals that goes upwards and another that faces down. 
  • Lily – Most common lilies have six petals in a starlike pattern, adding depth as a statement flower in wedding bouquets. 

Enchanted Collection

What wedding flowers are in season in July?

  • Phlox – Like hydrangeas (which are also still blooming in July), each phlox head is comprised of small, petaled blooms. 
  • Scabious – Commonly known as a pincushion plant due to its multiple slender parts, scabious adds texture and softness to summer wedding floral arrangements.
  • Delphinium – Tall and slender, delphinium is perfect for sprays and bridal bouquets. 
  • Gladiola – Similar to delphinium, gladiolus have larger flowers set in a vertical column. They often take up residence in gardens and are reasonably easy to grow from bulbs.
  • Poppy – Mostly found in shades of red, poppies also come in white and citrusy tones. It’s a delicate bloom but can add depth to a wedding arrangement with its dark center.
  • Gerbera Daisy – Gerberas are a statement flower composed of a flat arrangement of petals with a prominent center.
  • Carnation – A trendy flower that makes an appearance quite often in centerpieces, carnations come in many colors and are pretty durable.

Purple and Blue Wedding Flowers for Summertime

What wedding flowers are in season in August? 

  • Sunflower – Often a favorite, bright sunflowers offer a burst of sunny yellow. The spray of petals and the noticeable center make sunflowers the perfect rustic summer wedding flowers.
  • Calla Lily – Known for its waxy, single petal, calla lilies are one of the most unique flowers to use in a bouquet. 
  • Dahlia – Although they are a somewhat fragile plant, dahlias are pretty standard in summer wedding flower arrangements. There are several varieties. However, dahlias are known for their presence of many petals.
  • Orchid – Orchids typically bloom in both July and August. These flowers enjoy more tropical climates, which is why it’s a popular choice for the warmer months. 
  • Queen Anne’s Lace – A trip down any roadside will showcase the presence of this flat-topped lacy flower composed of many tiny blooms. Easy to grow and reasonably abundant, Queen Anne’s Lace adds an airiness to summer wedding floral arrangements.
  • Peruvian Lily – Also called alstroemeria, Peruvian lilies are a fabulous filler flower that is one of the most affordable summer wedding flowers.

What are the best choices for late summer wedding flowers? 

  • Chrysanthemum – As one of the most durable flowers, chrysanthemums—or simply called mums—come in various shapes and colors. The large heads feature many petals, which add softness to warm weather arrangements and bouquets. 
  • Gardenia – Gardenias are beautiful and fragrant. The white or off-while blooms are the quintessential wedding flowers. However, they are pricey, so use them in boutonnieres and sparingly in bouquets. 
  • Zinnia – A close relative to daisies, zinnias are also filled with petals in a circular arrangement around a central head.
  • Liatris – Although the stalky, purple blooms can look odd by themselves, Liatris will add pops of color to your wedding arrangements.
  • Bells of Ireland – Couples who love the look of green will adore the bells of Ireland. The unique green flowers grow on a stalk and are a fantastic addition to summer weddings.
  • Stephanotis – The white blooms of this flower give off a light fragrance. It’s classic to include in summer wedding bouquets, although it often takes a back seat as a textured filler flower.

Summer Wedding Centerpiece

Best Summer Wedding Flowers for Your Budget

For some couples, going with locally grown, in-season blooms is the most economical choice. If that sounds like you, don’t worry! Some of the most gorgeous flowers are budget-friendly. However, just because a plant is in season during the summer doesn’t mean it’s inexpensive.

Inexpensive Wedding Flowers for Summer

When budget is a concern, look for flowers that are blooming in your hometown. If they’re abundant in front yards and gardens, the chances are that your florist can get them inexpensively. “When you are seeking a more economical flower, you can never go wrong with a hydrangea,” says Todd.

The fabulous thing about hydrangea is that the large heads cover a lot of surface area in bouquets and centerpieces. Some couples think that pairing hydrangea with a filler flower can be more economical. However, that’s not often the case. 

“When brides would come back to me and ask for baby’s breath to save money,” states Todd, “I would do the math with them. It would require ten bunches of baby’s breath to mush it all together to cover the same area of two hydrangeas.” Consequently, this isn’t the most budget-friendly approach. 

Additionally, sometimes color matters. “Economically, you’re going to be better to use a hydrangea,” states Todd. “Specifically, white hydrangeas will be the most budget-friendly.” In-season hydrangeas can be green, pink, purple, or blue, which are a bit more costly. Consequently, if you consider that one hydrangea covers a lot of surface area, the blooms can have a high impact per dollar.

Summer Wedding Bouquet Florals

Luxury Wedding Flowers for Summer

For couples that crave luxury, gardenias are the way to go. “A gardenia is one of the most sought-after luxury flowers in the South,” says Todd. However, sometimes luxury comes with a price tag and strict care instructions. “It’s also one of the most fickle. If you touch them with your bare hands, then the oil from your hand will turn them immediately brown,” says Todd.

Turning from white to brown is obviously a concern for a fresh-looking bouquet. “It’s a lot to get them, and it’s a very short window,” adds Todd, “but they continue to be a favorite in the summer because they are just stunning, and their fragrance is wonderful.”

Another lovely choice is the lily of the valley, which has often been associated with British royalty. “The lily of the valley is reminiscent of the royal weddings of our time. In fact, they’ve been in nearly every royal bouquet for decades,” advises Todd. “Lily of the valley has a way of slipping into the background, but in this time of understated luxury, it needs to make a resurgence. With wholesale, you can expect to pay almost a hundred dollars for 20 small stems, so it will be pricey.” 

However, couples looking for affordable summer wedding flowers don’t need to forsake luxury blooms. Used sparingly, both the gardenia and lily of the valley can make a gorgeous statement when combined with other colors.

Eucalyptus and Rose Summer Bouquet

Ideas for Summer Floral Choices by Color

Once you set your wedding palette, sometimes the bloom species isn’t as important as the color. Plus, some flowers come in various hues, so your favorite bloom may fit into your color scheme after all. However, there may be times when getting particular flowers can be difficult.

“You have to remember that flowers are a natural resource, and I can’t guarantee anything, but I can promise I will do my best,” advises Todd. “If I have a couple that really desires a particular flower, I’ll need to know how important that really is to them. If it’s a top priority to the couple, then they may have to increase their budget to get what they need.”

However, if you simply can’t find something that suits your needs, be open to suggestions from your floral designer. “If the flower isn’t simply available, then we talk about incorporating silk into the arrangements,” says Todd. She also believes that a true professional will be honest with you about availability due to shortages or the flower being out of season. 

For example, peonies are nearly impossible to get in December. Consequently, if they are available, they can be quite cost-prohibitive. Todd reiterates, “The mark of an extremely skilled floral designer is somebody who can say, ‘Let me show you this garden rose that’s in the same exact color, and when it’s blown open, and you pull the center out, it looks like a peony.’” Trusting your florist with both color and flower selections can go a long way in budgeting and building trust.

Blush and Pink Summer Wedding Bouquet

Blush Summer Wedding Flowers

Grouped with peach summer wedding flowers, blush is a tone that is soft yet very en vogue. Those that enjoy muted blush and peach tones should select gerbera daisies, ranunculus, alstroemeria, and one of the many varieties of roses.

White Summer Flowers for Weddings

Blooms in tones of white and cream are the perfect summer wedding flowers. “I typically don’t love an all-white wedding because so many couples come in insisting a wedding has to be all white because it’s a wedding,” reminisces Todd. “But in the summer, a gorgeous crisp white wedding paired with pretty greenery feels clean and very summery.”

Plus, many flower varieties come in white. Roses, hydrangea, ranunculus, magnolia, calla lily, Queen Anne’s lace, carnations, gardenias, stephanotis, and poms are some of the most popular white summer flowers for weddings. 

Pink Summer Wedding Flowers

Pink is one of the most lovely and feminine colors for a summer wedding. Whether you adore deep tones or just a hint of pink, there are lots of flowers available. Consider hydrangeas, roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, orchids, gladiolus, and lilies, to name a few. 

Purple Blue Wedding Bouquet Summer

Red Summer Wedding Flowers

Make a statement by including red in your summer outdoor wedding flowers. Red grabs attention, but it can be toned down with more subtle hues, such as white or light pink. Use blooms, such as poppies, roses, ranunculus, dahlia, and chrysanthemum, to add a pop of red to your big day. 

Blue Summer Flowers for Weddings

When it comes to blue, the selection of flowers dwindles. Consequently, some blue flowers can skew towards purple or green, but there are several that are genuinely blue. Think about incorporating hydrangeas, irises, orchids, or delphinium into your summer bridal flowers. 

Purple Summer Wedding Flowers

You can have a lot of fun with your floral arrangements by adding purple hues. Flowers that will do the trick nicely are hydrangeas, hellebores, irises, Liatris, dahlias, roses, zinnias, orchids, and chrysanthemums. 

Yellowy Bright Summer Wedding Flowers

Going bright with your flowers almost always involves adding a pop of yellow. “You can’t go wrong with a bold watermelon, yellow, and coral wedding if it’s done right,” suggests Todd. “Think about the houses in Seaside at the beach—that’s a great inspiration for your summer wedding color palette.” To add yellow tones, consider sunflowers, roses, gerbera daisies, ranunculus, carnations, and lilies. 

Orange Wedding Flowers Citrus Bridal Bouquet

Summer Wedding Decorations With Flowers

Of course, including summer flowers into your big day is obvious when it comes to centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. However, there are some out-of-the-box and more unique applications where flowers can take center stage. If you want creative ideas, here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Have your florist make wearable floral accessories. 

Yes, we’ve all seen the flower crown, which is beautiful for a boho wedding. However, there are other ways to wear blooms on your big day. Talk to your floral designer about creating a necklace, ring, or hairpiece using flowers that coordinate with your bouquets. Doing so is a fabulous way to add an element of the unexpected. 

2. Tuck blossoms into your place settings.

“One of the things I love is including a flower in a really good napkin fold,” says Todd. “Lavender works well in a napkin fold, as well as really pretty blooms such as a magnolia or hellebore.” Of course, you need to use a flower that won’t wilt quickly, but this application is impactful if done correctly. 

3. Create a flower wall for your photo booth.

The floral backdrop for your photo booth can be as simple as dangling single blooms on strings down the wall. However, full floral installations are also on-trend. Accent a natural or silk greenery wall with fresh flowers that can withstand heat and a bit of time out of water. Your wedding guests will have fun snapping the night away. Just be sure to have your wedding hashtag close by so they can tag your wedding on social media.

Blue Wedding Table Reception Centerpieces

4. Allow your chef to use edible flowers as garnish. 

Many summer flowers, such as orchids and pansies, can be used as a garnish to add color and flavor. Blossoms often make an appearance on salads and are frozen in ice cubes used for cocktails. Edible blooms are also appropriate on plated meals to accent the main dish. Your chef will highly appreciate the opportunity to get a bit creative with the meal.

5. Commission hanging floral installations. 

In place of traditional centerpieces, have hanging floral chandeliers instead. Not only does this open up precious table space, but it elevates arrangements to get them above eye level. It’s a practical yet very high-impact way to add exciting decor elements to a reception. Decorating an unexpected place, such as the ceiling, is a way to get creative with your summer wedding decorations with flowers. 

6. Decorate with summer wedding flowers in unexpected places.

Instead of a bride or groom sign on the back of your chair, opt for a cascade of flowers instead. Trade out pew bows for miniature nosegays of summer flowers. Have your florist decorate your ceremony backdrop with floral sprays. Place tiny arrangements in the bathrooms, by the guest book, and on your sanitization station. Adding small elements of surprise can brighten up your wedding day spaces. 

Determining Your Floral Needs

So, what are the best summer wedding flowers? That’s up to you and your significant other. However, when you’re trying to narrow down your favorites and create a budget, talk to your florist and your partner. You both deserve to have the day you’ve always dreamed about experiencing.

Summer Wedding Flowers 101

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