20 Pink Wedding Color Combinations to Consider

Pink has long been a favorite of girls everywhere. Using a pink wedding color palette doesn’t mean that everything has to be in muted tones. Although it certainly can if that’s what you envision for your day! Whether you pair the hue with bold brights or other pastels, your wedding colors can shine with these pink wedding color combinations.

Pink Wedding Color Combinations | Wedding Color Palette | Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Do you adore pink? It’s a beautiful tone to incorporate into your wedding color palette, but knowing what to pair it with can be difficult. Whether you want a hot pink wedding reception or crave a blush and navy wedding, we have some inspiration for your own pink color combinations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Such lovely tones!

Pink Wedding Color Combinations

Dusty Blue Palette With Pink Accents

Even if you have your heart set on blue, you can absolutely add in a splash of pink, as you can see in this wedding. Blue tones take center stage, yet pink blossoms are included in the bouquets for the perfect way to offset the bluish hues.

Pink can be an addition to your big day without having to be the main attraction.

Outdoor Bar Wedding ReceptionDusty Blue Wedding Color Scheme Palette

Monochromatic Red and Pink Wedding Colors

Use both if you can’t decide between red and pink for your color palette! A monochromatic wedding palette is one of the most beautiful ways to use every tone of a color, especially when it comes to pink.

Mauve, burgundy, pink, and red blend beautifully in this Virginia wedding. The addition of blue helps make the monochromatic scheme really pop. Gorgeous!

Red and Pink Wedding Theme TablescapeRed and Pink Wedding Color Palette

Sunny Warm Mauve Color Palette

If you skew more towards mauve tones, this micro wedding is perfect for inspiration. The bride wore a pink hat, which took center stage for quite a few photos. Fun details, such as a gorgeous bouquet incorporated warm, sunny tones.

Sometimes pink can be more muted, such as with mauve wedding colors. Additionally, the hue can take a back seat and let other colors shine. What a gorgeous color combination for this lovely event.

Virginia Micro Wedding Bride Groom KissSunny Warm Wedding Color Palette Farmville Virginia

Pastel Pink and Light Blue Bridgerton-Inspired Palette

Bridgerton offers such amazing inspiration, especially when it comes to weddings. A group of Virginia wedding pros got together and used Bridgerton as the theme for a gorgeous event.

Not only did the styled wedding give off major English vibes, but it features a lovely pink and blue palette, too. Who knew that such gorgeous wedding inspiration could come from a TV show!

Bridgerton Wedding Ideas Invitation SuiteBridgerton Wedding Color Palette

Pink, Blue, and Purple Wedding Color Schemes

If you truly love pastels, then this palette that includes pink with purple and blue wedding decorations is absolutely stunning. From gorgeous gowns to amazing hair and makeup, you can fill your day with all things pink.

Blending pink wedding colors with other pastels can be elegant and sophisticated. A soft wedding color palette can also include a few darker tones of your pastels, too. See this full styled wedding here.

Pastel Wedding Colors | Purple and Blue Wedding Ideas Bridesmaid MakeupIce Blue Wedding Theme Color Palette

Blush Pink and Navy Wedding Color Scheme

Pinks can blend with other colors that can only seem overpowering. Yet used in the right application, the tones can blend in a lovely way. Navy blue was used as an accent in this gorgeous event.

There are hues of blue in the bridal bouquet and also in the stationery. Of course, the groom has on a navy blue suit, but this pastel palette lets its pink and white wedding theme shine through beautifully! See this full event here.

Light Pink Wedding Theme | Hill City Bride | Blush Pink and Navy Blue Wedding BouquetBlush Pink and Navy Blue Wedding Color Palette | Hill City Bride

Blush Pink and Grey Wedding Theme

This blush pink wedding theme incorporates grey and aqua in the most beautiful way! The pink hue is so subtle that it’s hardly noticed. It is a great way to include pink without making it the main highlight.

In fact, blush pink color combinations can be really effective and utilize the hue as a “nearly neutral” tone. So lovely! Check out this full wedding here.

Virginia Vineyard Wedding at King Family Vineyards | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Bride and Groom Looking at Each Other

Aqua and Light Pink Wedding Color Palette Gray White Greenery | Hill City Bride

Gorgeous Pink and Blue Wedding Ideas

Not only is this couple gorgeous, but their pink and blue wedding was stunning, too. They also waited to have their first kiss until they were pronounced husband and wife. It’s such a lovely event.

Take a peek at what this pink Richmond, Virginia wedding has to offer. There are so many sweet, personal details on their big day.

Pink and Blue Wedding Bridal BouquetPink and Blue Wedding Color Scheme

Pastel Pink and Yellow Wedding Color Scheme

A subtle strawberry lemonade-inspired palette can add a gorgeous touch to your big day. Adding lovely pops of blue can be the icing on the wedding cake! Carrying the theme through with wedding invitations, florals, and—yes—cake is lovely and cohesive.

This pastel event showcases pink in a subtle but lovely way. It’s combined with other pastel tones to create a high-impact look with a subtle color palette.

Centerpiece Pastel Charlottesville Virginia Wedding at The Wool FactoryPastel Wedding Color Palette

Moody Boho Wedding Colors

Dark and light pinks can be combined with slight citrusy tones to create a stunning, moody wedding color palette. Add in navy, mustard, and emerald and the hues blend in a stunning way.

Florals add texture, and mixing hues can be gorgeous! The family estate wedding that incorporated these colors was bold and beautiful in a big way as you can see here.

Upscale Bohemian Wedding Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings FlowersEclectic Boho Wedding Color Palette | Hill City Bride | Bohemian Weddings

Beautiful Fusion Wedding Color Palette

Pink can be a lovely accent in combination with other colors, which is exactly what this fusion wedding showcases. The blending of two cultures resulted in a wedding day filled with tradition and pink accents.

Although pink isn’t a neutral, it blends beautifully with green, blue, purple, and orange for a gorgeous big day.

Colorful Wedding Color Palette

Pink and Blue Color Palette

Pink can always take a back seat to other lovely colors, especially when paired with blue tones. If you adore the hue, but don’t want to completely focus on it, simply add in a few pink flowers to your bouquet.

It’s a subtle way to incorporate one of the most popular wedding colors! See more of this lovely Cape Charles wedding here.

Cape Charles Wedding Venues | Blue Wedding | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog | Rings Flat LayBlue Wedding Color Palette | Cape Charles Wedding Venues Virginia

Soft Pink Wedding Tones

One of the most classic wedding colors is pink. Plus, it looks so lovely when set against other pastel tones, even if they’re neutral. Gray suits, pink bridesmaids’ gowns, and the green outdoors make for a lovely backdrop for the hue.

Pink compliments just about any skin tone, so it’s perfect for your wedding party to wear. Creating a soft, cozy palette in shades of pink can be one of the most beautiful palettes around.

Pink Backyard Wedding in Virginia Bride GroomSoft Pink Wedding Color Palette Scheme

Strawberry Pink and Lemony Yellow Color Palette

Not only does the combination of strawberries and lemons taste great, but it also makes for fabulous inspiration! The color palette of a bridal luncheon focused on both the flavors and colors of the tasty fruit.

Bright and pastel tones of red and yellow can be combined for a fresh, fun color scheme. The palette creates a crisp, fun vibe that is matched by the sweet tartness of the berries and lemons.

Yellow and Pink Bridesmaids Luncheon TablescapePink and Yellow Color Palette Scheme Bridesmaid Luncheon

Hot Pink Wedding Reception Hues

If you are getting married in the fall, why not switch out a hot pink and white wedding for fall tones? By axing white and adding in black, it creates a season-appropriate palette when paired with red and peach tones.

It’s a way to have a hot pink and gold wedding theme while adding in a few extra colors for interest. It really gives the feeling of the autumn season without going too traditional.

Gothic Wedding Dress | Halloween Wedding Ideas on a Budget | Halloween Wedding Flowers

Gothic Wedding Dress Inspiration for Halloween Color Palette | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Blush and Navy Wedding Tones

Navy is a classic color that pairs with just about anything. In fact, it is a true neutral! Utilizing navy in your wedding color palette can lay a strong foundation for other hues.

Rose pink and gold were incorporated into the bridesmaids’ dresses. The gowns were complimented in a lovely way with mustard tones to create a beautifully bold palette. See more of this amazing wedding here.

Navy Blue Wedding Color Schemes | Hill City Bride Virginia Blog Flowers Floral Bridesmaid DressesNavy Blue Wedding Color Palette Weddings | Hill City Bride

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors

Boho seems to be a fabulous aesthetic for including pink! This wedding was truly a feast of color for the eyes as it incorporated tones in a rose gold color scheme with blue, lavender, and burgundy.

It really goes to show that pink wedding color combinations can take on any personality, be it subtle or bold. From mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses to striking bouquets, pink was placed beautifully throughout this lovely day.

Boho Wedding Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog | Bohemian Wedding Bridesmaids

Colorful Rustic Bohemian Wedding Theme Color Palette | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Jewel Toned Pink Wedding Color Palette

Crave truly dark, moody tones? Then jewel tones can be the way to go. By allowing your hot pink wedding reception to skew a bit magenta, you can truly have the pink and gold wedding of your dreams!

This is one of my favorite pink color combination for weddings. If you don’t want to have a pink and green wedding, you can use the hues in an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue - Engagement Party Ideas in Jewel Tones | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog | Jewel Tone Color Palette Pantone | Jewel Tone Wedding Color Palette | Jewel Tones DefinitionEngagement Party Ideas in Jewel Tones | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog | Jewel Tone Color Palette Pantone | Jewel Tone Wedding Color Palette

Warm Pastel Pink Wedding Color Palette

Sometimes pink can be an accent color and take a backseat to other tones. This pink color palette focuses on autumn-inspired hues paired with pastel pink.

Not only did this wedding have a lovely color scheme, but it has three separate first looks. It’s filled with inspiration beyond its pretty palette.

Virginia Wedding at Mountain Ridge Venue Wedding First Look IdeasWarm Pastel Wedding Color Palette

Pink and Green Wedding Color Scheme

All colors pair well with green. However, one of our favorites around here is the color combination of pink and green. It’s fresh and crisp and can make such a high impact as you can see.

The pink-toned bridesmaids’ gowns and subtle pops of pink here and there make this Virginia wedding so classically beautiful. The backdrop of white really makes the tones pop.

VMI Wedding at Virginia Military InstitutePink and Green Wedding Color Palette

Pink Wedding Colors

What are your thoughts? Are you considering any of the above pink wedding color combinations, or are you going to use different wedding colors? No matter what, it’s important to build on a sturdy wedding color palette. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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