This Is the Best Way to Sell Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

What do you do with your wedding dress after the big day? Great question! While many keep it and treasure it as an heirloom, you can actually sell your wedding gown. Although it may seem hard to part with, you can give your dress a new lease on life with someone new. Here’s the best way to sell your wedding gown.

Best Way to Sell Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

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Why sell your wedding gown after your special day?

After the wedding cake is cut and you come back from your honeymoon, life as newlyweds is busy. There are a million things on your to-do list. Maybe you need to finally open the gifts from your wedding registry or donate your old wedding decor. Even just getting your new life started can be overwhelming.

While you may feel like your wedding dress is a no-brainer on the list of stuff to keep, you may be shocked to find that the market for second-hand wedding dresses is bigger than you imagined. If you’re asking, “What do I do with my wedding dress?” selling it is a great option.

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Your bridal gown is sentimental, so parting with it can be a difficult decision.

Why You Might Not Want to Keep Your Wedding Dress

Many keep their wedding dresses for sentimental reasons. They may hang onto the dress in hopes that their future daughter, sister, or another family member may want it. Additionally, it can feel like the cost of buying an expensive dress is wasteful, and they can’t bear to part with it. Still, others like to wear it on their anniversary each year or put it on and take a trip down memory lane.

However, there are just as many reasons a bride might want to let go of her wedding dress. She could decide this because it takes up space she doesn’t have in her closet. Or maybe she wants to recoup some of the money from the sale. Or she could send it off to a good cause. If you’re thinking of any — or all — of these options, it can be confusing.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. Plus, it is completely up to each bride what is the right fit for her. But if you are leaning toward selling your dress, Nearly Newlywed can make that process much easier. Plus, lots of brides ask, “What do I do with my wedding gown after the wedding day?”

Nearly Newlywed can help you sell your wedding dress after you wear it on your big day.

How Brides Can Sell Their Wedding Dress After The Wedding

As a newlywed, you have tons on your plate. You’re most likely setting up your life with joint bank accounts, name changes, and moving in together. Plus, you may have lots of leftovers from your wedding day, such as forgotten wedding favors, handmade wedding reception centerpieces, and your wedding dress.

Nearly Newlywed makes selling your dress online a breeze! Instead of having to do the work of listing it on tons of sites, packaging it up and sending it, and dealing with the money exchanges, Nearly Newlywed does most of the heavy lifting for you!

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Companies like Nearly Newlywed can make selling your wedding gown for cash a breeze!

How the Process to Sell Your Wedding Dress Works

Nearly Newlywed is one of the fastest-growing wedding dress marketplaces that serves thousands of brides-to-be. They work to share the love with a lucky bride-to-be and make some extra room and cash for you.

1. List your wedding gown.

Using their simple step-by-step process, list your dress with Nearly Newlywed. They work with partnerships in the bridal industry and rank on the first page of Google to help your dress get in front of thousands of potential brides.

2. Sell your wedding dress and ship it.

Once your dress has sold, the brides will purchase directly through you using their secure checkout process. Then Nearly Newlywed collects payment. They’ll send you a complimentary pre-paid UPS shipping label with insurance included. All you have to do is package it up and provide the box. Nearly Newlywed contacts you to arrange everything. So simple!

3. Get paid for your used bridal gown.

You get 70% of the paid listing price with your choice of PayPal or check. If they return your dress within the return window, they verify its condition and ship it back with a pre-paid insured label. Voila!

Save our tips on how to sell your wedding dress!

Selling your bridal dress is an easier process when you use a company that sells it for you. Plus, you’ll most likely get more and reach a broader audience than any other way. Give it a try if you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash for your new life together.

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