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Once that ring gets slipped onto your finger, you get to pick out a dress, search for a venue, find a florist, and secure a photographer. Although some couples thrive on their wedding to-do list, others can find it daunting. After all, just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you’re automatically equipped to plan a party. However, when it comes to finding photographers in VA and DC, one company can take care of narrowing down the fieldWedMatch.

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This post in is partnership with WedMatch because I believe in the services provided.

Why use WedMatch to find photographers in VA & DC?

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

A Virginia photographer started WedMatch to fill a void. 

As a full-time wedding photographer, Steven Inge founded WedMatch to serve both couples and photographers. Although he paid for a few national services, in his experience, they weren’t a good resource for couples or photographers.

“It was super overwhelming for couples,” offers Inge. For couples that don’t know much about wedding photography or what style they love, finding a quality photographer can be a stab in the dark. Inge built WedMatch to connect couples with photographers in VA that suit both their style and budget.

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

Finding Virginia photographers is efficient using WedMatch. 

“WedMatch is all about being efficient and giving couples an easy way to reach out to photographers,” advises Inge. “It’s easy, user-friendly, fast, and also really accurate.” So, in addition to being a time-saver, WedMatch can give couples the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

All couples have to do is answer a few questions and determine the photo selections that resonate with them. Then they’re presented with five photographers in VA that match their style, price range and are available on their preferred wedding date. Voila! It really is that simple!

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

Trust your Virginia wedding photography to vetted professionals. 

Of course, you could search Google or trust a national site for your photography needs. However, couples need to realize that someone isn’t a true professional simply because they are on the web or pay for a national listing.

Each photographer on WedMatch is prequalified to ensure that they have a legitimate business and provide fabulous photos from real weddings. Not only are the photographers vetted, but there are 110 and counting on WedMatch in a variety of price ranges.

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

You can get ultra-specific with your wedding day photography needs. 

By answering a series of questions, couples can hone in on who suits their needs. However, the truly fun and unique part is the photo-matching process. Couples look at a series of images and click on the one in each pair that resonates with them. All of this serves to further narrow down which photographer is right for you.

And the photos you are choosing from are real wedding photos from actual photographers that are a part of WedMatch. What a fabulous way to get the ideal match to suit your needs!

Of course, things like price, availability, and geographic coverage are factors. However, other qualifiers, such as experience with photographing Indian weddings or being LGBTQ+ friendly, also allow couples to precisely match the right photographer in VA.

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

Finding photographers in VA is free with WedMatch.

There is no cost to couples to utilize the service. No gimmicks, no unwanted solicitations. Just a list of five photographers that are a perfect match.

How do I use WedMatch to look for a photographer in VA?

The process is simple! Start by taking the quiz online. Next, couples enter their city and input their budget and date. Then the fun begins! Make selections as far as the parts of your day you want to be captured, what you like to do as a couple, and how involved you want your photographer to be in your big day. 

Couples are then presented with a series of real wedding photos where they click on their favorites and narrow down their ideal Virginia photographers. When it’s all said and done, couples receive a list of five photographers. As a result, it’s up to you whether you contact them or they contact you.

Yes, it really is that easy! “The result is couples finding a photographer to suit their style in a process that is actually fun, instead of overwhelming and inefficient,” says Inge. 

Don’t like your results? You can make tweaks to both your location and budget to get new results without having to start from the beginning. So simple!

WedMatch Find Photographers in VA and DC

A Quick Note for Virginia Photographers

Of course, our information is geared towards couples, but if you’re interested in joining WedMatch, there may be room for you! There is no cost unless you book a couple using WedMatch. Although it’s up to you to keep your pricing, photos, and availability up to date, WedMatch can pair you with couples who are a fabulous fit for you and already love your style. 

Find a Photographer in Virginia or DC

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