11 Thoughtful Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Wow Your BFFs

Once you get engaged, there’s a lot on your to-do list, no doubt. However, asking your BFFs to be part of your wedding party can be so fun! Rather than just calling or texting, send them one of our thoughtful will you be my bridesmaid gift ideas. They also work as great bridesmaid gifts for the wedding day, too!

Thoughtful Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Wow Your BFFs

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FAQ About Finding Good Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s natural to have lots of questions about finding cute bridesmaid gift ideas. After all, chances are you’ve never had to purchase them before. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about selecting the best bridesmaid gifts.

Do I need to buy bridesmaid gifts?

That depends. If you are looking for gift ideas for bridesmaid proposal situations, then it’s probably not a must. Giving a present when you pop the question is nice but not necessary. However, you should give your attendants some sort of thank you gift for their involvement in your big day.

What should I get my bridesmaids as gifts?

That’s a fabulous question with almost no specific right answer. First, determine if you want to give each bridesmaid something unique or present each attendant with the same gift. Then decide what would work best.

What do bridesmaids really want as gifts?

Again, you know your friends best. Therefore, the answer is easy if you select a different gift for each bridesmaid. Tailoring your choices to the individual will ensure that they receive something they’ll cherish forever. It’s also the reason behind our will you be my bridesmaid gift ideas!

What to put bridesmaid gifts in?

You can make an ordinary gift seem extraordinary just by using the right wrapping. Elegantly wrap each gift with paper and a bow. However, you could also create bridesmaid gift boxes that open with the lift of a lid. A gift bag is also nice, although those tend to get messy and crushed in transit.

How do I pick bridesmaid gifts that aren’t cheesy?

Shy away from anything that is personalized with the couple’s names or wedding date. Chances are they won’t use it again unless it’s something that’s subtly engraved on the back. Also, choose something useful yet a gift they wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Wedding

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Take a hint from our list of interesting bridesmaid gift ideas. Therefore, select a present based on the personality of each attendant. You may even find a gift or two for yourself in the mix!

NOTE: Love these ideas for your bridesmaids? Click on each image to find out more.

1. Bridesmaid Gift Idea for the Travel Lover

Bracelets from Victoria Emerson are perfect for the girl on the go. Not only are they easy to pack, but each comes with a fabric travel sleeve to ensure that they stay protected.

Select a piece that will remind them of the colors in one of their favorite places. An added bonus for the traveler is that the jewelry gives the appearance of multiple bracelets all in one secure strand.

If you’re wondering, “What should I get my bridesmaids as gifts?” be sure to take a look at Victoria Emerson’s full collection. You may find that a different bracelet for each attendant would be the perfect way to say thank you!

2. Best Gift for Bridesmaid Concerned About Sustainability

Face it. We all need to be a bit more conscious about things like our carbon footprint, recycling and going green. However, we all have that one friend who preaches eco-friendliness from the rooftops. She will adore a versatile, button-down shirt from Ministry of Supply.

Not only are the clothing pieces built to last, but the company also has eco-friendly practices. Using recycled materials, sustainable water repellants, and having zero waste production all put Ministry of Supply above the rest. It’s definitely a feel-good purchase that your BFF will look amazing wearing.

And—cue the cute gift idea alert—this is the perfect will you be my bridesmaid gift idea. Send a button-down along with a note asking her to be your wedding attendant while telling her to wear the shirt to get ready on your wedding day. Brides and bridesmaids often forget to wear a shirt that buttons. However, it’s essential.

They (and you!) can wear one while getting ready. As a result, there are no worries about messing up hair or makeup to get the shirt off. So smart—and what a cute way to honor your friends.

Ministry of Supply Button Down Shirt

3. Interesting Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious

Investing in the health of your bridesmaids may be the most important decision yet. And HUM Nutrition does it in a beautiful, personalized way. Their bottles are vibrant and colorful. Consequently, they make taking supplements enjoyable

Plus, their formulas are designated for specific needs. Whether your BFFs are concerned about aging, proper sleep, gut health, or building lean muscle, there’s a supplement for that!

HUM Nutrition’s Killer Nails formula would be perfect to give along with a manicure gift certificate to be used around the time of your wedding day. Air Patrol helps boost immunity to help your maids stave off sickness before your big day. What a fun way to communicate that you care about them and their health!

HUM Nutrition Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

4. Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for the Self Care Maven

Oh yes. Call it self-care Saturday, self-care Sunday, or self-care any day of the week she so chooses. You know that your bridesmaids love to pamper themselves, and that’s totally possible with Spongelle.

Spongelle is known for its luxurious body wash-infused sponges, which last 14+ washes. They use sea minerals, antioxidants, high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, and anti-aging ingredients in their body buffers. All of that adds up to an amazingly relaxing shower or bath experience.

Beyond infused body buffers, Spongelle also has pedi-buffers to soften feet for the big day. Any of the body products would be beautiful tucked into bridesmaid gift boxes or welcome baskets for guests, too!

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Sponges Gift Ideas for Bridesmaid Proposal

5. Delicious Gifts for a Bridesmaid Who Loves Wine

Wine lovers, unite! A selection of wine from Beringer is perfect for the bridesmaid who always wants to head to tastings and organize winery tours. Not only are the wines delicious, but the vineyard itself has an interesting heritage.

In 1868 Jacob Beringer left Germany and headed to the US. He eventually started his own business and had his first harvest in 1876. Additionally, the great-great-grandson of Jacob Beringer, Mark Beringer, is involved in the wine-making process today.

Beringer is located in California, and even if that’s far away, you can schedule a virtual tasting for your bachelorette party. With varietals ranging from economical ($20) to luxury ($415), the selection from Beringer can’t be beaten!

6. Bridesmaid Gift Idea for Wedding Day Beauty

We all want to take good care of our skin. Therefore, if ingredients are important to you (they should be!) a few treats from LATHER would fit the bill nicely. The Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Creme and Australian Plum Night Cream are the perfect duo to end the day.

LATHER is a female-owned, US-based company founded on using the right ingredients from the start. The owner, Emilie, suffered intense migraines from the toxic additives in traditional products. So she made it her mission to provide products with natural, healthy ingredients. There’s not a synthetic fragrance or ingredient in sight!

Beyond the two recommended products, LATHER also has a full line of hair, skin, and body products and accessories. Their soaps would make a lovely wedding favor, too! Your bridesmaids would appreciate your gift of quality, clean beauty products for fresh, wedding day ready skin.

Skincare Gifts for Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas

7. Sophisticated Bridesmaid Gifts for the Beach Comber

What are good bridesmaid gift ideas for that bridesmaid who is always beach-bound or poolside? Consider getting her a handmade Turkish towel to elevate their waterside style. These ultra-absorbent towels are a fabulous alternative to traditional terrycloth, which holds sand and fades over time.

However, towels by QuiQuattro can also be used as table runners, throw blankets, shawls, and picnic blankets. Not only are they beautiful and multi-functional, but they are also hand-loomed by women in Turkey. These Turkish women are paid a fair wage.

Additionally, QuiQuattro (a woman-owned company) also donates a portion of its sales towards educating young females in Turkey. Not only will you be giving your BFF something lovely and useful, but it’s a feel-good purchase, too! This is one of the best bridesmaid gift ideas for those who want to give back.

QuiQuattro Handmade Turkish Towel Hand Loomed Bridesmaid Gift

8. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts for the Content Creator

If one of your bridesmaids is always taking photos and making videos, give her something useful. LumeCube is a fabulous way for her to light her dances and DIY segments. It’s lightweight, portable, and will enable her to work from anywhere.

Whether she has a travel vlog or enjoys promoting cuisine, she’ll have the gear to go along with her. All that’s required is a smartphone, and she can get to creating. Even if she just uses the stand for stability to film her child’s soccer games, chat with her long-distance significant other, or catch the antics of her playful puppies, let this answer the question of “What are good bridesmaid gifts for creatives?”

She may even surprise you by filming her “yes” response using the LumeCube Lighting & Audio Kit you send to her. Who knows? Your gift may even inspire her to finally start filming her makeup tutorials. At the very least, she’ll be able to handle Zoom meetings like a pro.

LumeCube Light Stand Content Creator Gift Ideas

9. Gifts for the Interior Design Aficionado

If you’re in Virginia and want to include something locally made in your big day, look no further than Beeswax Candle Company. This family-owned business is in the heart of downtown Lynchburg. It’s been a Virginia staple for decades!

The candles smell lovely and are clean burning. Also, due to the nature of beeswax, they melt slowly, so they last a long time. From honeycomb rolled pillars to stately tapers for dining tables, Beeswax Candle Company has a beautiful selection!

Sending a candle along in a “will you be my bridesmaid” box is a lovely way to ask. Additionally, the tapers and tea lights are perfect to illuminate your wedding reception and rehearsal dinner.

Lynchburg Speakertree Records Vinyl Record Bridal Shower | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

10. Bridesmaids Gifts for the Skincare Lover

Quality skincare with good ingredients feels luxurious and can prep your skin for the big day. Your bridesmaids want to look their best, too, and Kora Organics can help them do just that.

The Noni Radiant Eye Oil is the perfect size to tuck into their “will you be my bridesmaid” gift basket. It hydrates the eye area while smoothing, brightening, and toning the skin.

A fabulous option for the big day is the Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. It comes in a gorgeous, refillable container. All your attendants have to do is purchase a pod to refill the pot. What a beautiful way to incorporate sustainability into your gifts!

Kora Organics Gifts for Bridesmaids

And lastly, if you have a bridesman…

11. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Bridesman

If you have a bridesman, chances are you’re pretty close. You probably share a special relationship filled with inside jokes and funny moments. So, don’t hold back on giving a unique and practical gift to the guy in your life. Coincidentally, The Performance Package 4.0 would also be a great gift for your partner and groomsmen, too!

The kit includes an electric trimmer (that won’t tug at the skin!), an ear and nose hair trimmer, and supplies to keep everything fresh. Need we say more? It’s all the things that he’s wanted to try but won’t purchase on his own. Plus, the benefit of gift ideas for bridesmaid proposals (ok, bridesman!) is that you can mail items or give them privately.

When in doubt, the Refined Cologne by Manscaped is vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. It has a light, masculine fragrance that is also perfect for gift giving.


Love these 10 gift ideas? Save it!

Adore these thoughtful ideas? Going the route of choosing an individual gift for each wedding attendant shows that you know them personally. No matter what you choose from our list, it’s sure to be a winner. Happy planning!

10 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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