5 Fabulous Tips on How to Make Home Decor on a Budget

Whether you’re moving into a new home with your sweetie or want to give your home a new fresh look, decor can be pricey! You might be shocked to find out how expensive even the smallest pieces of home decor are. From furniture to paint and accent decorations, you could spend hundreds of dollars on your next home makeover. But, if you’re thrifty and want to save, here is how to make home decor on a budget.

5 Fabulous Tips on How to Make Home Decor on a Budget

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5 Tips on Making Home Decor on a Budget

1. Pick up a paintbrush to add colorful home decor on a small budget.

Paint is relatively inexpensive. That means adding a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to make a big impact in your home decor.

Simply repainting the trim of a room or creating accent walls are great ways to makeover a room of your home. However, repainting a dresser or giving a chipped chair leg a fresh coat of paint can make it look brand new.

Couple Painting the Walls of a Room Together

2. Make DIY wall art if you’re on a home decorating budget.

Adding a new piece of art to your walls can make a space really come together. If you’re looking for a thrifty way to get that pop of color in a room or pull together the rest of your decor, try making your own hanging art.

Discover Unique Items

There are dozens of tutorials out there. Do research, and you’ll find things from creating your own wall paintings to free canvas art that you can print inexpensively.

Make Your Own Wall Art for Thrifty Home Decor

3. Upcycle home decor items you already have or are willing to thrift.

Every item in your home is an opportunity to make something beautiful. Use your old soda cans to make mini planters, use old books as decorative storage, and even use those vintage-looking glasses to hold faux flowers.

Before you donate something to Goodwill or think about throwing it out, look online to see how you can upcycle it. As a result, you may be shocked how much you can repurpose. You and your partner can also thrift to find items you want to flip. So fun! 

Upcycle Soda Cans into Planters for Cacti

4. Pictures speak 1000 words—so get them off of your devices and into your home decor.

Guilty as charged? Me too! Look through your phone and see what pictures you have that you love. Is it a quote you found online, or perhaps a photo from the cruise you just went on? You can get them printed on canvas inexpensively and then use them to decorate your home.

They will look like they were painted right on the canvas and will wow your houseguests. Consequently, don’t worry; I won’t share your secret. And—get those treasured photos off of your phone, finally!

5. Don’t be afraid to make your place your own by including home decor on a budget.

You might not be a crafty person. And after looking around on Pinterest all day, you might be feeling uninspired by your lack of creativity. However, part of the fun of crafting your own home decor is to have something unique.

Instead of going out to buy new paints or the perfect vase to paint, see what you can upcycle. Use what you already have to add beauty to your home together. Make it your own and something that is personal to you and your significant other.

How to Make Home Decor on a Budget for Walls

As you can see, making your own home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. It might take a little creativity and some time, but you can create a space full of homemade creations if you’d like. Have fun together and thrift, upcycle, and get creative about your interior decor.

Make home decor on a budget, and save it!

Tips on How to Make Home Decor on a Budget

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