US Honeymoon Ideas That Only Feel Like a Fabulous European Getaway

A trip to Europe always sounds like a fun idea, but going far away can come with a high price tag. Cost can be prohibitive if you want to whisk your sweetheart off to Europe for a vacation. However, our honeymoon ideas in the US can have you feeling like you’re exploring another country.

6 US Honeymoon Ideas That Only Feel Like a Fabulous European Getaway

6 European Feeling US Honeymoon Ideas

Wondering what is the best place to honeymoon? Our list will inspire you! You don’t have to go far to find European charm and experiences right here in the US.

Many of these getaway destinations are just as fabulous as quaint towns overseas. Here are 6 fabulous US honeymoon ideas that only feel like a fantastic European getaway.

1. Instead of going to Lisbon, Portugal, go to San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a beautiful place to go instead of many European towns. This coastal California city has tons of great seafood, iconic bridge views, and cable cars too.

San Francisco has a welcoming vibe for travelers that you might recognize if you’ve ever been to Lisbon.

San Francisco Honeymoon Destination

2. Instead of going to Madrid, Spain go to St. Augustine, Florida

Did you know that St. Augustine was settled back in the 1500s by the Spanish? Of course, it’s not the 1500s anymore. However, much of the Spanish influence is still present in St. Augustine today.

You’ll find it in the city’s architecture, especially at the Grand Hotel Ponce de Léon. This city definitely fits in with our good honeymoon ideas, even if Spain isn’t your inspiration.

Castillo de San Marcos Fort St. Augustine Florida

3. Instead of going to Cyprus, Greece go to Mount Desert Island, Maine

Mount Desert Island is the second-largest island on the east coast. Therefore, you’ll find Bar Harbor as well as Acadia National Park here.

Mount Desert Island has the same hiking and coastal views that you could find in Cyprus. It also has a plethora of historical sites. Maine might not hold the same Greek appeal, but it does have many of the same experiences.

Maine Honeymoon Destination Lobster

4. Instead of Paris, France, go to New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is famous for its Cajun and creole cuisine, live music, and stunning architecture. However, New Orleans has the same amount of both class and romance that you’ll find in Paris.

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While this place might be missing the Eiffel Tower, you can still see so many sites and enjoy delicious Southern eats here.

5. Instead of Bavaria, Germany go to Leavenworth, Washington

In the Cascade Mountains, you’ll find Leavenworth, Washington, which will remind you of a Bavarian village. This city has a ton of German culture and art. Additionally, you’ll find the architecture in this mountain town as well.

The Alpine-style buildings and food halls serve German beer and brats. Plus, you’ll also find a fun Oktoberfest celebration in the fall.

Leavenworth Washington Honeymoon Destination for Couples

6. Instead of Rome, Italy go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You won’t find a Roman Colosseum here. However, Philly is rich and history as well as some fantastic architecture. Philadelphia has British and German roots.

Although if you’re going to Rome for the landmarks, you’ll find your own U.S. version of this right in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Romantic Getaway

No matter when you are getting married, these U.S. destinations should be at the top of your list! They are way cheaper than a plane ticket to Europe. Additionally, they are sometimes better or just as good.

You’ll find many of the same appeals here in the US that made you think about heading to Europe in the first place.

Love these romantic getaway ideas? Save it!

US Honeymoon Ideas

Photos: Juan Burgos, Brandon Nelson, Daniel Norris, Madison O’Friel, Michael Bennett, Leo Serrat

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