How to Make an Absolutely Adorable Spring Fake Cake

Spring is here, and that means flipping your decor. And if you love to DIY, I have the perfect project for you today. Make this adorable spring fake cake to add some “aww” to your warm-weather decor. These would also be so cute for a spring wedding. Here goes!

How to Make a Spring Fake Cake

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Supplies for a Spring Fake Cake

  • Floral foam discs – 6 total
  • Lightweight spackling in a light color
  • Paint in your color of choice
  • Disposable container for mixing
  • Disposable tool for mixing or old spatula
  • Plastic knife
  • Floral picks and stems of your choosing
  • Faux greens
  • Hot glue gun and sticks

Supplies for Spring Cake DIY

Steps for Making a Faux Spring Cake

  • Stack your foam discs on top of each other.
  • Hot glue the discs together on the surface of the discs.
  • Place spackling into a disposable bowl using an old spatula or disposable tool.
  • Add 3-4 tablespoons of paint to the spackling.

Spring Decor DIY Project

  • Fold in the paint to mix it, and add more if needed for color depth.
  • Use the plastic knife to transfer the colored spackling onto the spring faux cake.
  • Spread the colored spackling while leaving texture to make it look like real icing.

Spring DIY Projects for the Home

  • Allow drying for 24-48 hours in a space that is warm and dry.
  • In the meantime, create the bunny ears for the spring fake cake.
  • Begin by gluing two 4″ pieces of leafy greenery stems to create a point.
  • Repeat this step to make two ears.

Easter DIY Project

  • While the faux cake is drying, add the ears by puncturing them into the foam.
  • To finish the cake — whether wet or dry — remove the stem of the floral and add it to the cake .
  • Voila! Place your adorable fake cake on a cake stand or somewhere else in your home.

Spring Bunny Ear Cake

Finished Spring Decor DIY Project

Spring DIY Project Faux Bunny CakeSpring DIY Project Faux Bunny CakeSpring DIY Project Faux Bunny CakeSpring DIY Project Faux Bunny CakeSpring DIY Project Faux Bunny CakeSpring DIY Project Faux Bunny Cake

Save our spring decoration DIY project!

Love this? Then save it! It’s an adorable yet easy spring DIY for the home that you can use as a feature. Place it in your kitchen, dining room, or entryway.

I guarantee folks will salivate and be wowed by the fact that it’s a fake cake! It looks really convincing but is something you can use year after year.

Spring Fake Cake DIY How to Project

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