5 Best Kitchen Hacks and Tips to Simplify Your New Home Routine

The kitchen is the heart of your home, but cleaning it can be a tireless taskThe moment it is all done, it seems like the sink or microwave needs tidying all over again. Never fear! We’ve got five simple kitchen hacks and tips to make your new home together shine!

5 of the Best Kitchen Hacks and Tips to Simplify Your New Home Routine

With all of the food prep, snacking, and fridge-raiding, the kitchen is one of those rooms that just gets messy so quickly. It’s no wonder because it’s a busy place where you cook and congregate when you have company. Our DIY hacks for cleaning the kitchen quickly and effectively will have things spotless in a jiffy! 

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5 Kitchen Hacks and Tips to Keep Things Clean

1. Clean hidden spaces, like the oven, to make things sparkle and shine.

Face it. Cleaning your oven can be one of the worst chores you have to do in your kitchen. How does it get so greasy and disgusting so quickly? Well, we’ve got a recipe so that you can create a great homemade solution to clean things off without a glitch!

It’s as simple as using bi-carbonate soda, white wine vinegar, and some dishwashing liquid. This solution eats into the grease and will have your oven sparkling.

However, it isn’t the most pleasant job to do, so it might be worth contacting someone who offers oven cleaning services. No one would blame you for getting this done, but — honestly — it’s super easy to DIY without using harsh chemicals. 

Woman Pulling Food Out of Oven

2. Pay attention to another enclosed space — your microwave.

A microwave is quite often a kitchen tool that gets forgotten when it comes to cleaning chores. From splattering sauces to overflowing drinks, microwaves tend to get incredibly messy. It can be one of the grubbiest places.

There is a great solution to cleaning your microwave that takes very little effort. All you need to do is fill a microwave-safe bowl with two cups of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil.

Place the microwave on for five minutes, and let the steam work its magic.

Microwave in Colorful Kitchen

3. Get your stainless steel sink to shine.

Baking soda will become your go-to cupboard item when it comes to cleaning. Especially your stainless steel sink, refrigerator, and drain.

Sprinkle some onto the surface or on an old rag. Apply baking soda to the stainless surface, and then use an old toothbrush to scrub the sink. Rinse and watch your sink sparkle.

Woman Stainless Steel Sink Kitchen Coffee

4. Realize that lemon and vinegar are the best kitchen hack duo.

You will find that the combination of lemon and vinegar will go far in cleaning many things in your kitchen. Not only will it remove grease from your skin, but it can even unclog your garbage disposal.

Another great use of these two ingredients is to combine them and place them in the fridge. Lemon and vinegar can magically get rid of the foul smell that can develop in your fridge.

Lemon Vinegar Kitchen Cleaning Solution

5. Disinfect your wooden cutting boards.

Unfortunately, cutting boards are a place where bacteria can thrive, so taking the time to clean them properly is essential. And the list of what you’ll need to clean them properly is minimal. You probably already have them on hand.

Two special ingredients are all you need to disinfect and degrease your wooden cutting boards. Sprinkle salt onto the wood board along with rubbing the lemon and some water. Get yourself a sponge and scrub.

Once you have cleaned them, rinse them off, and you are all set once they are thoroughly dry. For added natural disinfecting, place them in the path of sunlight to bake extra germs away.

Man Cutting Peppers on Wooden Board

Save these kitchen hacks and tips!

These DIY kitchen hacks and tips will help you get your kitchen sparkling. Sometimes all you need is a few cupboard ingredients, and you are well on your way to clean appliances. What a great, fresh start in your new home together.

Best Kitchen Hacks and Tips

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