How to Make Beautiful Easter Wedding Centerpieces

Spring is here, and that means that you may be in search of Easter wedding ideas. Although you may not want to decorate with Easter eggs and bunnies, there are more subtle ways to add hints of the season to your Easter wedding centerpieces. Our Easter glass cloche is the perfect way to add an element of interest to your reception tables or wedding showers.

How to Make a Lovely Spring Cloche as DIY Easter Wedding Centerpieces

What is a cloche?

Our Easter cloche ideas are cute, but they’re more about having the best Easter decor. However, a true cloche is actually functional and used to help plants grow.

You may see a glass covering cheese in a restaurant or in a home to protect a priceless antique. When it comes to decor ideas for Easter, using a cloche is the perfect accent.

When can you decorate for Easter?

Wondering when to decorate for Easter is common, but the answer is: It’s up to you. Some folks prefer to decorate after St. Patrick’s Day, and others choose to wait until the start of spring.

Feel free to include Easter table decor ideas as soon as you’d like. However, it’s probably appropriate to start decorating after Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for Easter at a wedding?

Instead of going literal by using chicks and bunnies all over, try including subtle nods to the holiday. Plus, Easter decor ideas for the home can often be easily translated into wedding decor.

Our Easter glass cloche can serve as spring decorations in your home. You could also give them away to friends and family as favors if you use this project for Easter wedding centerpieces.

DIY Easter Cloche for Spring

How to Make Spring Cloche Easter Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you’re searching for Easter party decor ideas or are trying to decorate for a wedding, this is such a cute spring DIY idea!

Post-event, these cuties can serve in your home as Easter table decor ideas. Here’s all you need to make one Easter glass cloche. To make more, just gather more supplies as needed.

Supplies for Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Glass Cloche Supplies Spring

Instructions for Easter Decor Ideas DIY

  • Adhere candlestick and plate together by using strong adhesive (such as super glue).
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging, and let cure for 24 hours.
  • Be sure to also do so in proper ventilation.

Easter Glass Cloche DIY InstructionsSpring Cloche DIY

  • Spray paint the candlestick, glass plate, and wooden ball in your color of choice. Also, do so in a well-ventilated area.
  • Allow sufficient drying time (24 hours is also recommended, but follow instructions on the paint canister).

Spring Wedding Decor Ideas

  • Turn the clear, glass candle holder upside down.
  • Use strong adhesive to attach the painted wooden ball to the center of the bottom.
  • Let cure according to the instructions on the glue bottle.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

  • Assemble the decorations on the top of the dry, painted plate.
  • Start with a moss base, and then add decorative details in an arrangement that is pleasing to you. If you are transporting these to a wedding, it may be best to add the moss and then assemble small pieces on-site.
  • Cover your display with the glass cloche.
  • Place in the middle of the wedding reception table, on a mantel, or use as Easter kitchen decor ideas for your home.

Easter Kitchen Decor Ideas

Final Easter Glass Cloche

Easter Wedding Centerpiece IdeasHow to Use a Glass Cloche at HomeEaster Wedding Decor IdeasElegant Easter DIY IdeasSpring Crafts to Make

Save this to make Easter wedding centerpieces!

This spring craft is one of the most elegant Easter decor ideas for your wedding. It’s something that you can pull out year after year to decorate your home for springtime. This glass cloche is also perfect to use as Easter table decor ideas, even if you aren’t planning a big event.

You could even make this DIY project for a friend or neighbor this year. Present them as Easter mantel decor ideas, and folks are sure to enjoy them this year and beyond!

Spring Cloche DIY Easter Wedding Centerpieces

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