Interior Redesign for Two – Using What You Own

Yay! The big day is coming, and there is wedding planning to do. After the big day, there is a lot to think about, too – it’s an exciting time! Moving in together can present its own challenges as you try to settle on interior design. I want to encourage you to take your existing home decor items and blend them into an interior redesign.

Home Interior Redesign Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

This article is by Heather Bonawitz and is an updated republish of an existing post.

What Is Interior Redesign?

That’s a fabulous question! Consider the living room. It’s the process of taking the existing living room decor that both of you have and blending them into a new space. It’s the ultimate form of recycling! Combining two home design styles into one may seem like a hard task, but it’s easier than it may seem.

The Dilemma of Decoration Style

The wedding planner has been paid, the presents have all been opened (a few of them returned), and the once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon is only a photographed memory. You have returned back to work, rested and relaxed after months of wedding planning. Now you find that your new “home” does not feel like a refuge at all. In fact, there is nothing about the interior design that reflects you or your beloved spouse.

The very fact is that it feels more like you are back in a college dorm trying to blend somebody else’s style, stuff, and decorations. Now it stands in vast contrast from your personal preference. You are the type of gal that likes silk drapes, dozens of floral chintz pillows, and beautiful antiques that can become family heirlooms. Contrast that with him. He has a La-Z-Boy recliner, a super modern sofa, and sports memorabilia to decorate for his soon-to-be prized “man cave”.

Interior Redesign Blending Home Design Styles | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Wedding Blog

Contrasting Home Decor Styles

Does any of this sound familiar? You are concentrating heavily on planning a wedding right now. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you are wondering how your two very different home design styles can or ever will mesh together.

You want to create a home that you both love and enjoy, yet one that reflects each of your personalities, tastes, and interests.

Our homes incorporate many components that affect our mood, our lifestyle, and even the way that we interact with those around us. Interior redesign is the artful arrangement of existing furniture, artwork, and accessories that results in a fresh new look using what you already have.

Interior Redesign Blending Home Design Styles | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Wedding Blog

Blend Styles in an Interior Redesign

As newlyweds trying to establish your home, start by finding what elements that you both have in common. Perhaps you have a color that you are both drawn to. Consider using that as the basis to start from and paint that hue on your walls.

Now, what about furniture? Blending antiques with more contemporary elements is a very chic look in the design industry right now.

How about designing a room that is “transitional” in style, incorporating both traditional & modern elements? This is especially easy with bathroom designs.

Interior Redesign Blending Home Design Styles | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Wedding Blog

Accessorize with Contrasting Interests

Perhaps you both have a favorite travel destination. Why not blend your interests by showcasing these passions into the artwork and decorations you display throughout your home?

Just like in a marriage, there will be moments of compromise with our decorating selections. Not every component will be a perfect fit.

However, the beauty of redesigning a space is that sometimes an eclectic array of things can all be used together. It just takes a little creativity, proper space planning, and artful accessorizing.

Interior Redesign Blending Home Design Styles | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Wedding Blog

Every home has a story to tell!

A story is comprised not only by the people involved but also by the surroundings those people find themselves in. The end result of a well-designed room should always reflect you, your family, and the interests and needs of each one living there. This applies to an interior redesign, too!

Use this suggestion of finding common elements rather than things that you differ on as a guide to determine what you want to display as important in your lives together. In so doing, your home will become a beautiful blend of home decor styles that showcase what is truly valued and honored in your lives as a couple!

Do you have blended living room decor ideas, or have you done an interior redesign?

I would love to know! Your home should be a haven, and making it a cozy place for two (or more!) is a fun thing to do. Have fun combining decorations!

All photos are by the talented Daria Shevtsova.

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