Sharing a Bathroom with Your New Spouse

Sharing a bathroom can be difficult, especially if you and your spouse are completely different. One may be super organized while the other leaves hair and razors everywhere. You know what I’m talking about! Here are some tips on how to blissfully share such a small space. 

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Sharing a Bathroom with Your New Spouse | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

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The longer we live in our home, the more things we seem to acquire. When it comes time to move, that’s when we realize how much we’ve accumulated throughout the years. There are many things that we can do to declutter our bathrooms, and if you’re looking for your tweezers or contact solution time after time, grab that trashcan and start organizing! Here are some tips for sharing a bathroom and getting it in tip-top shape for the two of you.

Tips for Sharing a Bathroom

Sharing a Bathroom | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog Virginia

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Take Everything Out

If you don’t need it, set it aside for either trash, donation, or recycling. Be realistic. If you haven’t used that hair product sample you purchased a few years ago, that tube of lipstick you got last year, or that hair clip since the early 1980s, you probably aren’t going to use them. In the meantime, they are cluttering up your space! You’ll be able to find stuff a lot easier and enjoy what you do have, even if it’s less.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Once you have everything taken out of the drawers, give the drawers, cabinets, and countertops a good wipe down. So many broken pieces of makeup, loose hairs from your brush, or that toothpaste stain need to be cleaned up. Take either a damp paper towel or household cleaner and get scrubbing, wiping, and making it sparkle and shine again.

Separate Your Items

Separate the remaining items you do want to keep into sectioned piles. One for daily use, weekly use, and another for the occasional use. You’ll want to keep your daily routine products together within easy reach. Weekly and occasionally used products can be stored further away either in a cabinet or under the sink. During this process, you may want to reduce your stash even further. And when you’re sharing a bathroom, don’t forget to have your spouse take inventory of their items, too! 

Have a Home

When looking at your counter, this can be a real advantage to keeping things organized. You could simply place them on the shelves and in the drawers for a logical manner, but I have a few other ways to place them on your countertops too. If they’re on your countertops, they are actually easier to find and use when you have a ‘home’ for them. This helps to eliminate time looking for them in the morning. It also helps you see how much of one thing you may have or if you are out of another so you won’t make duplicate purchases. It is also a bit more visually appealing to have a streamlined look.

Use Dividers

This is always something that helps me keep everything in one location. I use these not just in my master bathroom but in all bathrooms. Dividers are really great at keeping everything in order. I suggest organizing your medicine cabinet according to the items you use. When you don’t feel good, you don’t have to think much about finding what you need. Get see-through containers to get a quick visual of what you’re getting low on. Also, keep your children and adults medicines separate.


Once you have everything organized the way you want, now comes the hard part; keeping it organized! Once you see them become disheveled, simply take a few minutes to spruce them up. You may need to update your system, which is totally normal as our lives and preferences evolve over time.

Sharing a Bathroom with Spouse Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Image: Premier Surfaces

So how can you keep your own bathroom organized? What tips and tricks do you have to keep it operating for both you and your spouse when you are sharing a bathroom?

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