Wedding Reception Ideas to Ensure That Guests Have Fun

The focus of wedding ceremonies is all about the couple getting married. That focus doesn’t change much during the reception. All of your guests take part in the after-party,  and you want to make sure that it is enjoyable and memorable for them. Check out these wedding reception ideas to make sure that your guests have tons of fun!

Wedding Reception Ideas to Ensure That Guests Have Fun

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Wedding Reception Ideas to Ensure Guests Have Fun

Know Your Guest List Personalities

To offer your guests maximum opportunities to enjoy themselves at your reception, know their preferences in food and music. Canapes can be great as formal dinner appetizers, but if your crowd likes a more relaxed atmosphere, tailor your menu to things at least most will enjoy.

Pay Attention to Your Reception Music

Vary your music to all age groups within their tastes. If you aren’t sure of their preferences, include the option of telling you when they send the RSVP notes back to you. Keep a master list of them to present to potential disk jockeys you might hire to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of dancing to their preferred type of music. Mix slow and faster songs that allow your guests to dance as much or as little as they would like. Just be sure to mix them reasonably.

Your younger and older guests will probably leave the earliest, so schedule most of the dance tunes they like earlier in the evening. Children will enjoy dancing to almost anything, but they will eventually run out of energy, and the seniors on your guest list probably won’t stay all night.

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Tailor your wedding menu to something your guests will love!

Build Off of a Theme

People love a party, and that’s precisely what a wedding reception is. You can design your theme around your honeymoon location, this gives your guests a peripheral involvement while maintaining the actual privacy of the honeymoon. If you opt for a traditional dress code for your reception, you can still incorporate a theme. Use your preferences in the décor and table decorations.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment

Wedding reception ideas include lots of group games and activities. Don’t forget those for the younger children and those for the older guests. Besides music, you can do things like the shoe game, or have a photo booth or caricature artist for guests to enjoy. This also offers your guests a keepsake.

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One of the best wedding reception ideas is to make sure your guests can see. 

Make Sure They Can See

This may seem like a small point, but make sure that your guests can see the important moments, such as the entry, cake cutting, and first dances. Toasts count, too! When thinking about the arrangement of your wedding reception tables, try to consider a variety of angles so that each of your guests can have a clear view of the special things that are going on. Also, place your centerpieces so that they can view each other from across the table to chat.

Give Them an Experience

No matter your budget, consider your guests and their overall experience. Lovely linens, lush florals, and decor can add to the ambiance. Small touches like carefully placed menu cards, delicately folded napkins, and cute favors are ways to add panache. Things don’t have to be expensive, but sometimes thinking of a unique way to present favors or a new napkin fold can be just the right touch.

Exit Grandly

This is always a fun part of the reception! Not that everyone wants the couple to leave, but having a fun way to send the newlyweds off in style. Wedding reception ideas for exits include a flower toss, sparklers, and birdseed. There are many options depending on the time of day you are getting married.

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas | Hill City Bride Weddings

Making a grand exit leaves you with wonderful memories – and fab photos.

Do you have any other wedding reception ideas?

I’d love to hear if you are planning on doing anything fun or unique. Maybe you attended a wedding and saw something amazing. Let me know! Meanwhile, take a peek at these questions to ask your DJ.

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