5 Reasons Wedding Videography Is a Must for Your Big Day

On the wedding day, you experience emotion and make memories, both of which need to be preserved. Capturing a tear as it rolls down your mother’s cheek, really seeing how long that first kiss was, or being able to laugh at Uncle Bob’s crazy dance moves is something wedding videography can document for you.

5 Reasons to Have Wedding Videography | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

This is an updated repost of an article by Devin Olson.

The Case for Beautiful Wedding Videos

It’s what some couples consider the single most important part of the wedding. Others overlook it entirely. It is one of the most unnoticeable aspects of the day-of. Yet it is perhaps the single most perceptible remnant of your wedding. When the vows are said, the cake is cut, and the honeymoon is over – you have your video.

Why are couples 50/50 with having wedding videography?

Maybe it is because it was almost unheard-of just a couple of decades back. When it did arise as a recognized facet of the modern wedding, the results were not always that great.

After all, who wants to pay someone to film their wedding when the result looks like a stray dog set loose with the home movie camera?

However, with the rise of new equipment and new software, more skilled local businesses can afford to provide couples with a keepsake. Thankfully, it looks more like a Hollywood-produced TV special than the old stray-dog cam wedding video.

Beautiful Wedding Videos | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Bridal Shoes

Wedding videography can help capture the details of your big day.

Why do some couples question beautiful wedding videos?

Another preconception I hear a lot is that couples don’t think wedding videography is necessary. One couple I worked with told me that they asked their recently-married friends what their biggest regret was.

The answers they heard surprised them. Their friends regretted not having a wedding video. Why? Because most of what happened the day of was lost to the unsung bowels of the past.

Some couples rely solely on having a wedding photographer to capture the memories they crave. Photos are definitely irreplaceable memories, but they fail to capture what emotional wedding videos can.

Beautiful Wedding Videos Bouquet| Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Some couples question videography but don’t rely on photos alone.

5 Reasons to Have Wedding Videography

Wedding videography makes the perfect gift.

What better way is there to thank everyone who sacrificed their time, money, and talents to contribute to your day than to give them something meaningful? A wedding videography trailer is something that is custom to your style and something that they are a part of.

A wedding video on DVD or Blu-ray fits that criteria to a “T”.  It can follow a couple of months after your written thank-yous and timed to commemorate your 6-month, 1-year, or whatever anniversary you want it to once it has been produced.

Beautiful wedding videos are a form of inclusivity.

If you are planning your wedding right now, you may be starting to realize that there is no way to invite everyone that you wanted to, unless of course a generous donor comes forth at the last minute.

The other scenario is when the highest-priority guests, like family and best friends, can not make it, which almost always happens. One recent groom’s grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia on the wedding day, but he got to feel like he had a front-seat for the entire day through their DVD when they sent him a copy.

Beautiful Wedding Videos | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Bridesmaids Bouquet

Guests who can’t make it can watch your wedding video.

The photographer can’t capture it all.

Photographers have a split second to capture exactly what they need to, but a modern videographer can capture the equivalent of 60 pictures a second.

Of course, even full HD video is only about a tenth of the quality of a higher-end photographer’s camera. But it is still about the perfect quality needed for a 5×7 print and almost 3 times greater than social media picture quality. Let’s face it, that is where most wedding pictures end up nowadays!

By no means will wedding photography ever be replaced by the wedding videography, but video brings completely different elements to the table: audio, motion, synchronization.

How else will you remember the exact conversation that the groomsmen had with the groom right before he marched into the ceremony? Or how the bride broke down crying during the vows? Or the beautiful rhythm of the first dance?

Beautiful Wedding Videos | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Mountain Winter Cake

Emotional wedding videos are meaningful to watch on anniversaries.

Video captures the full experience.

Ironically, when you are one of the two tying the knot, you have the most limited point of view out of anyone. You need to be in a certain place at a certain time doing a certain thing. You don’t have much downtime until the reception to even begin trying to soak it all up.

However, wedding videography introduces an entirely new point of view. Or two, or three, or however many camera operators you have at your wedding. Each camera operator brings a new eye and a slightly different style to the table.

When you’re putting a good chunk of your life’s savings into this day, why wouldn’t you invest in it actually being remembered, especially by you and your significant other?

Beautiful Wedding Videos | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog Groom

Beautiful wedding videos will help you remember the special moments.

Think about how the world will remember your story.

One of the most overlooked aspects of wedding videography is its ability to so powerfully tell the story of your wedding and your relationship to the world. What better opportunity could you possibly have to share the story of your love and how you expressed it?

For the first time in history, most people will have the opportunity for their lives to be documented and passed on into the future audiovisually. Now, anyone in any part of the world can get to know you through your wedding video. It is the ultimate storytelling tool.

Final Thoughts on Videography

If you are on the fence about wedding videography, it might be time to talk with your fiancé about whether you can afford not to have it. You will never get the chance to do your wedding day over again. With it captured right, you will have the chance to relive it as many times as you want!

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