Choosing Wedding Colors for Your Big Day

Let’s talk choosing wedding colors! It’s definitely safe to say that whether we realize it or not, color has a big role in our lives. I’m glad! After all, playing with hues is fun – especially when you are wedding planning, and this is a time when you can definitely use some wedding color advice.

Choosing Wedding Colors for Your Big Day | How to Choose Your Wedding Colors | Picking Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride | Wedding Color Palette

Choosing Wedding Colors for Your Big Day

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of talking about elegant wedding colors, I want to stress one thing. This is YOUR wedding! I want to give you suggestions and guide you along the way. But, the one thing I love about today’s bride is that she gets to use her creativity and stay true to herself.

I’ve seen soft, lovely monochromatic weddings, yet there are also stunning events that use a whole rainbow’s worth of colors. So, keep in mind that this is your special day. Ok, let’s chat about the “lovely” and other things to consider when you are choosing a wedding color palette for your day.

Think About the Season

Some hues lend themselves to a season more easily than others. When I think of fall wedding colors, browns, burnt orange, yellows, and rusty reds come to mind. That is contrasted with spring wedding colors, where soft pastels are more useful. The season – and flowers that may be in season at the time of your wedding – play a big part in your color scheme. Look at how lovely the summer wedding colors are below!

Summer Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride

Summer wedding colors can really pop! Photo: Alina Thomas Photography

Assess Your Location

When you are getting married outdoors, pretty much any color palette can come into play. Move things inside, and you need to assess your location. If your ballroom is dark or small, you may want to consider a lighter, brighter color palette to make the room seem larger and more spacious – especially when it comes to reception linens.

Determine the Personality of Your Event

Looking for a regal, upscale feel with elegant wedding colors? Choose jewel tones, metallics, or a monochromatic palette. Want a vintage vibe? Pastels and lighter colors will evoke a sense of nostalgia. Personality and tone are important when choosing wedding colors.

Fall Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride

Fall wedding ideas can include lovely color palettes. Photo: Zachary Taylor Photography

Be Thoughtful

Afraid of color? Use bold colors selectively. If you love magenta yet are afraid to utilize it full force, then use it as an accent. For example, the writing on your invitations, the boutonnieres, floral ribbons, and the like may be where you want to utilize those fun pops. If your bridesmaids are bold, have them wear a bright hue, which will look stunning!

Placement is Key

Your colors evoke a feeling, yet so does how you utilize them. If you are bold enough to go for orange, there is a big difference between having your bridesmaids decked out in the hue and having it in your bouquet vs. utilizing it for the main table linen color and uplighting. You can do it all, but careful color placement has a higher impact than overuse.

Winter Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride

Winter wedding colors can be holiday-centric. Lovely! Photo: Liz Cook Photography

Feel Free to Forsake Trends

Don’t be afraid to buck the trends. There I said it! If I’m seeing a ton of a certain color wedding palette on Pinterest, my personal tendency would be to stay away. You shouldn’t feel pressured to utilize certain colors just because they happen to be en vogue at the time. Again, this goes back to being true to yourself. If the hot hue is blush, then by all means don’t be afraid to deck your groomsmen out in red. We all love a great surprise.

Maximize the Color Wheel

We all took art classes, but you don’t have to be an expert! A friendly glance at the color wheel can also help to blend colors. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of complementary colors, which are opposite on the wheel. Supposedly they go together well, but I’m not sure I’d want to have a bright purple and yellow wedding. Softening the colors to a more pastel hue would work nicely.

Spring Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride

Spring wedding colors are stunning! Photo: Visions by Heather Photography

Expect the Unexpected

Look in unexpected places for inspiration. When you are undecided, finding cues in your every day may be the best thing. Does the floral pattern on your yearly planner bring you joy? Take note of the hues on the cover. Maybe they could be translated into a wedding scheme.

Going for a walk may even help. A budding flower garden may inspire you to combine colors that you didn’t even dream of! Perusing a local art gallery will provide ideas, too. Look at what pieces speak to you and draw inspiration from the artist’s color choices.

Pick Neutrals for the Win

When in doubt go neutral or monochromatic. If you truly are unsure of yourself, going with a neutral, natural palette won’t steer you wrong. Neutrals include whites, browns, grays, and greens. Yes, green is a neutral – after all have you ever seen a flower that didn’t match its stem?

I dare say that blue – powder, denim, navy – is also neutral. Think about the sky and your favorite pair of jeans. It’s hard to find something that doesn’t compliment blue! Play around with different neutrals. If that doesn’t work, a monochromatic palette of your favorite color is also a lovely choice.

Bridesmaids by Debbie Ringle as seen on Hill City Bride

Neutral and monochromatic color palettes are elegant wedding colors. Photo: Debbie Ringle Photography

Choosing Wedding Colors Can Be Fun!

No matter your choice, your event will be a day to remember. In the end, you get to marry the love of your life. I’d be tickled pink over that. After all, that’s what the day is all about. Happy wedding planning!

Craving more wedding advice and inspiration for choosing wedding colors? Find out what pairs well with pink here!

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